How to Become a Locksmith in Oklahoma

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How to Become a Locksmith in Oklahoma

Few things in life can satisfy you more than knowing you enjoy your job.

If you do not, maybe you should consider preparing to become a locksmith in Oklahoma.

Steps to Become a Locksmith in Oklahoma

  1. Review Oklahoma educational requirements. The Association Locksmiths of America seems to provide the most accurate resources for Oklahoma professionals. Find information at the ALOA website regarding training requirements or request information from your local municipality.
  2. Enroll in locksmith classes. Courses should cover all you need to know to pass the proficiency exams established by ALOA. Your training must also meet state requirements, which will also establish trust and maintain safety while performing your services for customers.
  3. Explore apprenticeship opportunities. Receiving a paycheck while you learn will provide you an income while also taking classes to complete your locksmithing certifications. You will start by taking instruction from someone who has years of experience serving the community.
  4. Apply for your locksmithing license. ALOA has listed Oklahoma as a state that does require you to have a license to perform locksmithing services. Make sure you acquire the certifications you need to perform the duties your customers expect you to know at your educational level.
  5. Search for permanent career opportunities. You might find a new job as soon as you learn your fundamentals and pass the necessary proficiency testing. Do not wait any longer than you have to. Search for the right position or prepare to run your locksmithing company as soon as possible.
  6. Continue your education. Technology constantly changes, and you must keep up with the competition. Taking new classes periodically will ensure you stay relevant within the locksmithing industry.
  7. Keep perfecting your craft. If you never stop learning and improving your skills, you should have no problem staying employed as an Oklahoma locksmith.

Licensing Requirements to Become a Locksmith

You do need a license to operate as a locksmith in Oklahoma.

This shall cost you no more than $250 as indicated in this state’s legislation drafted in 2006.

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For newer information on how to obtain your locksmithing license, you may find what you need at the Oklahoma Department of Labor website.

For now, know that this state may require you to be at least 21, not 18 years old, to operate as a locksmith.

You will need to pass an FBI background check and make sure your training relates to the license you want to obtain.

You may have to take at least one exam, which could cost you additional fees besides what you would pay for your basic license.

Locksmith Programs

It is sometimes a challenge to find career training as specific as locksmithing in all locations.

You could start by researching programs at local trade schools, such as Moore Norman or Francis Tuttle Technology Centers.

You also can check out the ALOA website or Oklahoma’s own locksmithing association site (OMLA).

The OMLA provides information about upcoming training sessions that take place either online or in person.

Some Preparatory Coursework

Regardless of the state where you live, you can acquire initial training online.

This includes a six-day course offered by ALOA that prepares you for an apprenticeship.

Make sure you study enough to pass your proficiency test to achieve the ALOA Fundamental Locksmith (AFL) standing that precedes official licensing.

First Three “Official” ALOA Certifications

It may only take you six days to learn the basics of keying, duplicating, and safety or security when performing locksmithing duties.

However, you still must acquire one of the following licenses to earn respect in your immediate Oklahoma operating area.

  • Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) – At this level, you will most likely have enough training to take on some locksmithing jobs by yourself. You must pass at least 10 of the testing categories to show your customers or employer that you have the required skills before you obtain your CRL.
  • Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL) – It could take you a while to obtain this certificate. You will learn about various wireless technology and electronic security systems. To earn the CPL, you must pass 12 additional elective testing categories beyond what you knew at the CRL level.
  • Certified Master Locksmith (CML) – The CML certification shows that you can safely and reliably perform at least 90 percent of all locksmithing duties. This includes knowing how to handle various wireless and electronic security matters. It is one step above the two upper-tier safety and vault certification tracks also designated by ALOA.

Two Upper-Tier (SafeTech) Certifications

ALOA keeps its SafeTech licensing information separate from its primary website.

You can seek more information about the Safe & Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA), which has established both the Certified Professional Safe Technician (CPS) and Certified Master Safe Technician (CMST) certificate protocols.

Concerning your potential as a locksmith: Do you want to pick more than just standard mailbox, bicycle, or car door locks?

If so, you must prove competency in at least 17 of the safe and vault topics when taking your certification exams.

If you show that you can perform all tasks pertaining to repairing or replacing vault or safe components, you will have earned your CPS.

After that, you can solidify your expertise as you work toward a CMST, which is the highest locksmithing certification level offered in Oklahoma.


You can make about $50, 896 per year as an Oklahoma locksmith, which is about $4,000 below the United States average.

However, you must remember.

The cost of living varies from place to place.

You might earn the most in popular cities, such as Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, or Edmond where more people may need your help.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Oklahoma City $49,461
Tulsa $51,946
Norman $49,136
Lawton $46,077
Broken Arrow $51,784
Edmond $49,299
Agra $48,974
Enid $48,974
Mooreland $47,201
Stillwater $48,974

Regional Salary in Oklahoma

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Tulsa, OK30$40,350$19.4$63,050$27,340
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Locksmiths and Safe Repairers, OCC Code 49-9094, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to finish school before I get a job?

You do not necessarily have to finish all your formal training before becoming a locksmith.

However, you may have to answer to an expert locksmith until you receive your first license.

What is the difference between all the different licenses?

The primary differences include how many categories of standard lock and key, safe and vault, or electronic security system issues you can resolve.

Potential scenarios become more complicated the further up the training ladder you go.

Do I need every locksmithing license there is?

You do not necessarily have to reach CPL or higher statuses to start performing duties.

However, you might lose out on opportunities that your competitors could perform that you cannot without the proper certification.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Locksmith career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 2 months!

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