How to Become a Locksmith in Georgia

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How to Become a Locksmith in Georgia

Becoming a locksmith in Georgia is a career choice with a lot of different opportunities.

While many locksmiths choose to have their own business, there are also a lot of ways to work for major companies in manufacturing and private security.

Locksmiths can choose their own hours, and many choose this as a part-time career, a way to earn supplemental money, or a way to enhance the services of their existing handyman business.

Steps to Become a Locksmith in Georgia

The state of Georgia does not require any specific type of certification or licensure in order to open a locksmith business.

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That means that becoming a locksmith only requires the right kind of training.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways that a person can get trained to become a locksmith.

Online classes and on-site classes are both available in the state.

There are also locksmiths that are self-taught, or who learn the craft by apprenticing under another locksmith.

While these methods might be a good way to learn the profession for some people, they are also the most time-consuming.

Licensing Requirements to Become a Locksmith in Georgia

The state of Georgia does not require any specific exams, certification, or licensure to become a locksmith.

There may be local county or city requirements, however.

Aspiring locksmiths are encouraged to check with their local government to determine if they need to register as a locksmith.

Be aware that locksmith businesses will typically need to get a business license.

Locksmith Programs

There are multiple programs in Georgia that can give a person all the training they need to become a locksmith.

Apprenticeships, online training programs, and in-person classes are available.

Online classes tend to be the most popular option for students who are concerned about scheduling and time commitments.

In-person classes take longer, but they are a good option for people who want a hands-on experience.

Apprenticeships are much harder to find, but they are a good choice for anyone who wants to own their own business.

Many locksmiths will train newcomers to the industry in hopes of selling their business to them.


The median salary for a locksmith in the urban areas of Georgia is about $53,400 a year.

Rural areas are about 5 to 10 percent below this number.

Typical salaries for this position range between $35,000 and $65,000 a year.

The lower part of this range is where many new locksmiths start; particularly those who are starting their own business.

Locksmiths working for manufacturers can expect to earn around the median salary.

Locksmiths with established businesses tend to earn the higher end of this range.

Many established business people will earn a locksmith certification in order to enhance the services they currently offer.

Gunsmiths, handymen, and general contractors have all pursued this type of training and added these services to their existing services.

Because there is a large portion of people who have this training but do not work full time, it is difficult to find accurate statistics about how much adding this skillet can really earn.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Atlanta $53,474
Augusta-Richmond County $50,588
Columbus $49,165
Savannah $50,796
Athens-Clarke County $53,096
Macon $50,438
Roswell $53,272
Albany $49,692
Marietta $53,323
Warner Robins $50,286

Regional Salary in Georgia

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, GA280$57,040$27.42$79,490$27,410
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Locksmiths and Safe Repairers, OCC Code 49-9094, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my local certification or registration requirements?

Although locksmiths do not have to be certified or registered through the state of Georgia, several cities and counties require them to be registered with local law enforcement.

Call your city or county professional certification office, then check with the non-emergency line at the local sheriff’s department to make sure there’s nothing you need to do.

What are the start-up costs for a locksmith business?

Start-up costs can vary a lot, but the vast majority of businesses are started with a rather minimal investment.

For example, many new locksmiths are able to start their business for under five hundred dollars.

A set of tools tends to be the biggest expense, followed by some minimal advertising costs.

Many locksmiths state that word-of-mouth is their best form of advertising.

To get started, few locksmiths choose to rent a storefront or office space.

Instead, many choose to work from their homes, converting a garage or shed into a workshop if needed.

It may also be necessary to invest in good transportation.

What if I do not want to own my own business?

Owning a business is not for everyone, and there are a lot of options in this career field for people who do not want the hassle.

Large real estate holding firms, private security firms, and even larger locksmith businesses will employ locksmiths.

Knowledge of locksmithing can also help general contractors, handymen, and other construction professionals to get jobs that other people without this qualification will not get.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Locksmith career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 2 months!

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