How to Become a Home Inspector in Ohio

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How to Become a Home Inspector in Ohio

For most people, a house is seen as a place of safety and security.

However, it truly transforms into a home when it’s lived in and filled with the experiences of its occupants.

The process of ensuring that a house is safe and sound often begins with inspections, whether during construction, major renovations, or when homeowners decide to sell their property.

Becoming a home inspector in Ohio is an accessible journey with few prerequisites, making it an appealing profession for those looking to enter the field.

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Home Inspector’s Role in Ohio

It’s important to understand that a home inspection serves a different purpose than a home appraisal professional.

A home appraisal aims to determine the value of a property based on various factors.

A home inspection is primarily focused on identifying potential issues within the house.

The inspection can be ordered by the seller of the house, but it’s more common for buyers to request one.

A certified home inspector in Ohio conducts a thorough examination, including:

  • Evaluation of the functionality of heating and cooling systems.
  • Inspection of plumbing systems.
  • Examination of the electrical system.
  • Assessment of the roof’s condition.
  • Evaluation of the house’s foundation.
  • Identification of any damage caused by fire, water, insects, or other elements.

Following the inspection, the inspector compiles a detailed report, which can significantly influence the property’s appraisal and the speed of its sale.

Older houses or buildings usually require a specialized home inspection.

Such an assessment is usually done to detect:

  • Various types of pests such as termites
  • The presence of lead, asbestos, mold, or radon gas
  • The safety of chimneys
  • Other damaging or dangerous elements

Special inspections are done for additional fees.

While there are no extensive prerequisites to becoming a home inspector in Ohio, obtaining a license is mandatory.

Home Inspector Training in Ohio

In Ohio, individuals cannot work as home inspectors in this state without a license.

The Ohio Department of Commerce sets forth the licensing requirements.

These requirements include:

  • Completing 80 hours of home inspection training
  • Completing 10 parallel home inspections

The second prerequisite can be replaced by 40 hours of field experience and a peer review.

Options for training include enrolling in recognized institutions or programs like the ones presented next.

Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)

The course offered by ICA costs $695.

Students will have access to valuable perks such as:

  • Free report-writing software,
  • A one-month membership with InterNACHI,
  • A one-year access to Edcetera Home Inspection (typically a $99 value),
  • Flexibility in completing the course completion
  • Certification
  • The required practice hours for licensing

InterNACHI School

The InterNACHI School stands out as a top choice for prospective home inspectors.

Practically all individuals aspiring to become home inspectors opt to join InterNACHI.

Membership in this organization is available at an annual fee of $499 or a monthly subscription of $49.

InterNACHI extends an array of advantages to its members, including marketing assistance and support for business development.

Additionally, members enjoy exclusive privileges, such as:

  • Substantial discounts on insurance.
  • Complimentary access to the House of Horrors.

It’s worth noting that there are only two Houses of Horrors in the entire nation, and appointments are necessary.

Within these facilities, members have the opportunity to test various inspection tools, participate in meetings, and partake in other valuable experiences.

Furthermore, InterNACHI offers members various benefits, including support for marketing and business development.

School Name Address
InterNACHI online
ICA online
Search Home Inspector Programs

Get information on Home Inspector programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Home Inspector Licensing Exam in Ohio

In Ohio, future home inspectors will pass the national licensing exam.

The test can be taken online.

Here’s what the exam topics will cover:

  • Property and Building Inspection/Site Review
  • Analysis of Findings and Reporting
  • Professional Responsibilities

The exam fee varies by location.

Candidates will have to answer 200 questions in 4 hours.

25 questions will not count towards the score.

Failing means that candidates will have to wait 30 days before another attempt.

Home Inspector Background Check in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing requires candidates to submit to a background check using their fingerprints.

This check is done through the state police.

The fingerprints have to be taken electronically through an approved Webcheck® user.

This is usually done after an appointment and an ID issued by the state is needed when the fingerprinting takes place.

The background should be done through the FBI as well, not just through the state’s records.

Home Inspector Insurance in Ohio

Home inspectors in Ohio are required to have insurance coverage while practicing.

The policy must be a comprehensive general liability or a commercial general liability insurance policy.

Its value can’t be lower than $100,000 per occurrence or at least $300,000 aggregate.

After completing all these steps, candidates can submit their license application.

The application can easily be downloaded and it must contain:

  • The signature of your supervisor
  • A seal from a notary
  • Your education certification
  • Application fee – $250

Both documents can be submitted online for convenience.

Home Inspector Salary in Ohio

It’s natural to be curious about potential earnings when pursuing a career that requires training and examinations.

In Ohio, you can expect to make about $54,044 per year as a home inspector.

For a more detailed breakdown of median salaries in cities across the state, refer to the table below.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Lakewood $54,395
Cleveland $54,395
Eastlake $54,219
Columbus $54,104
Harrisburg $54,016
Ashville $53,928
Derby $53,928
Galena $53,906
Batavia $53,731
Georgetown $53,555

Regional Salary in Ohio

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Akron, OH170$63,110$30.34$88,940$39,890
Canton-Massillon, OH120$55,250$26.56$83,180$29,990
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN510$63,610$30.58$84,600$45,510
Cleveland-Elyria, OH530$63,630$30.59$86,190$44,260
Columbus, OH880$64,820$31.16$85,380$42,590
Dayton, OH200$68,900$33.12$88,840$47,930
Toledo, OH130$62,520$30.06$88,800$32,680
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA100$61,720$29.68$95,680$37,120
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Construction and Building Inspectors, OCC Code 47-4011, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work as a freelance home inspector in Ohio?

The short answer is yes.

You can work on your own, open your own home inspection firm either as a sole proprietor or LLC, or become an employee of an already established firm.

What skills are needed for a home inspector in Ohio?

Here are the most useful skills for this occupation:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • A Working Knowledge of Construction
  • Self-Motivation
  • Attention to details

What other requirements are there to become a home inspector in Ohio?

The minimum requirements to become a home inspector in this state are:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • High school diploma or GED
  • A personal insurance policy
  • Passing a background check based on fingerprints
  • A legal US resident

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