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Online Home Inspector Training Programs

You have considered a career change or know that more training can give you the edge you need to advance in your current career.

The problem is that you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom to further your skills.

Life is full of obligations that seem to take up all your available time.

You go to work, take care of the house and kids, and, hopefully, find a few minutes to eat and sleep.

Search Home Inspector Programs

Get information on Home Inspector programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Online programs are becoming more and more popular.

Read on to discover what it takes to get your certificate in an online Home Inspector training program.

Your new career may be only a few months away!

Article Table of Contents

Benefits of Online Home Inspector Training Programs

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits an online program for home inspector training offers.

You Can Work at Your Own Pace

Things happen in life that may distract you from being able to work on your coursework.

With an online course, you aren’t restricted to having to complete assignments on a strict schedule.

If you need more time to understand what you are studying, you can take the time to go over the material as many times as you need to in order to fully understand what you are learning.

On the other hand, you aren’t restricted to sitting around being bored if you learn quickly.

You aren’t required to wait for everyone else in the class to catch up.

This ability to work at your own pace makes online courses less stressful.

Study Hours Can Be Adapted to Your Schedule

People have different schedules.

We mentioned jobs and family obligations earlier.

Those are often situations where you can’t change the timing.

Some people also find studying at night easier than daytime studying.

If you attend in-person classes, you are required to join the class at a pre-determined time, and that is almost never in the evening and definitely not at 2 AM.

If the program you choose has scheduled lessons, you can’t change them, but many programs record lectures so that students can watch at a more convenient time.

Being able to adapt to your personal schedule and your best learning times makes successful completion of the program more likely.

You Can Save Money

Traditional in-person classes are often more expensive because they must include pay for the instructor as well as things like lights and use of a room.

In addition, traveling to and from classes takes time you may not have, and it costs money in the way of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, or the cost of public transportation.

This money adds up.

Being able to stay at home allows you to save the costs involved in traveling to and from classes.

Online Training Offers Many Ways to Learn

In-person classes are often limited to the teaching style of whoever is teaching the class.

This isn’t the case with online classes.

Online programs often include numerous ways to present material.

You will have things to read, videos to watch, and most likely ungraded quizzes to see how much you understand the material.

Each form of presentation often mimics the same information, allowing you to ensure you are understanding the material regardless of your particular learning style.

You Can Widen Your Options of Programs

With an online program, you are not limited to only schools within traveling distance of your home.

You have access to the entire country.

It can be difficult to find a program in a home inspector training program in your town, especially if you live in a small town with no university.

If you live in a rural area, that makes it even more difficult.

With an online class, all you need is a computer and internet access, and even then, a local library can make that possible if you don’t have access to these at home.

Drawbacks of Online Home Inspector Training Programs

There are a few drawbacks to studying online, but they can be countered if you are aware of their possibility.

You Need to Have a Great Deal of Self-Control and the Ability to Work Alone

There won’t be someone standing over you insisting that you do your assignments.

You will need to be able to find the willpower to actually sit down and study, regardless of what else you may want to be doing or how you are feeling.

Online study requires the ability to find internal motivation.

Some People Need Hands-on Experience When Learning

Online classes are not for people who only find themselves able to fully understand something if they can do it themselves.

If you need to have face-to-face contact and the ability to physically perform an action, online learning may not be for you.

Technical Issues May Become a Problem

If the internet goes down or you have issues with your computer, you lose access to the information in an online training program.

If you pursue an online training program, you will need to make sure your computer is in good working condition and that internet access isn’t shaky in your area.

Of course, even the best computer and internet service is not immune to power outages and weather-related outages.

You may find your course at a standstill if these happen, and you will need to wait for the issue to be fixed.

Feelings of Isolation May Occur

Some people need to feel like part of a group, or at least have one other person doing the same thing.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to be alone, you may feel isolated with an online program.

You May Not Have Access to as Many Resources Available

Traditional schools often have libraries, and they are likely to allow students access to databases and other information that may cost money or only be available to schools.

When you are looking into what is available, try to find a program that offers you this access even online.

Another resource in-person programs often offer is job search services when you finish.

This may not be available with online programs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Home Inspector Online Training Programs – Summary Table

Benefits of Online Home Inspector Training ProgramsDrawbacks of Online Home Inspector Training Programs
You Can Work at Your Own PaceYou Need to Have a Great Deal of Self-Control and the Ability to Work Alone
Study Hours Can Be Adapted to Your ScheduleSome People Need Hands-on Experience When Learning
You Can Save MoneyTechnical Issues May Become a Problem
Online Training Offers Many Ways to LearnFeelings of Isolation May Occur
You Can Widen Your Options of ProgramsYou May Not Have Access to as Many Resources Available

What Courses Are in an Online Home Inspector Training Program?

Not only will you be learning about the safety regulations required for a home or business, but you will also receive specialized training in various hazards to look for.

You will learn to recognize when water or heating systems are dangerous.

You will learn the signs of termites and other wood-destroying vermin.

You will also learn about the special requirements for attics and basements, how to make sure porches are structurally safe, and how to find signs of things like radon, lead paint, and asbestos.

Finally, some courses will also cover starting your own business, including how to get a license and what regulations you must follow. A few even cover how to advertise your business.

Can You Earn a Home Inspector Certification Completely Online?

The classwork for a home inspector certificate can be done completely online.

However, if the program requires you to do a certain number of hands-on hours, you will need to find a way to do those.

Most programs that require this partner with a local agency that they can direct you to.

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Home Inspector Certification Online?

The actual coursework in most online home inspector training programs is designed to be completed in less than 14 weeks.

However, since they are designed to be adaptable to individual schedules, you may be able to finish in less than six weeks, or even spread it out to a year.

How Much Does an Online Home Inspector Training Program Certification Cost?

Online Home Inspector training programs vary in cost but very rarely do they exceed $1000.

On average, the entire course cost approximately $700. This can be for the basic course or for lifetime access to the materials. You will need to do research into the available programs.

Types of Home Inspector Training Certifications

You can find home inspector courses that are designed to cover the entire home and commercial inspection process.

These will include all the legal aspects of both types of programs and include specialized training in recognizing mold or radon problems.

They may also include a partnership with a local home inspection agency to help you get hands-on experience.

On the other hand, there are programs designed merely as a way to get continuing education credit for those who already have their home inspection license.

These are very subject-focused and normally only include one or two lessons.

4 Self-Study Tips For Home Inspector Online Students

1. Create a study schedule.

Find a schedule that meets your study needs and stick with it.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time each day to spend on your studies.

By actually setting aside a specific amount of time, you will make it easier to motivate yourself.

2. Set aside a quiet study area.

You won’t be able to give your studies your full attention if you are experiencing distractions every time you turn around.

Set aside an area that allows you to be distraction-free.

Turn off your phone.

Set down rules for friends and family members that state they can’t bother you during your scheduled study time unless it is an emergency.

Then, stick with your own rules.

3. Remind yourself of why you are doing this.

There will be days when you truly don’t feel like studying.

Your motivation will disappear and you may feel like taking some of the pressure of more responsibilities out of the picture.

Make sure you have something in place that reminds you of why you started this program.

Place a sign near your work area that encourages you.

Give yourself rewards for reaching certain checkpoints.

The aim is to help you remember that you started this program for a good reason and you need to keep going.

4. Find and become a cheerleader.

Reach out to another online student who is also taking this program.

Many schools allow you access to contact information of class members or you can set up an online support group and invite other class members to join.

Set up daily check-ins with another student.

You can help encourage them, and they can hold you accountable and encourage you.

Schools Offering Online Home Inspector Training Programs

School Name Address
InterNACHI 1750 30th Street, #301 Boulder, CO 80301
Ashworth College 5051 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 200, Norcross, Georgia 30092
Inspection Certification Associates 332 S. Michigan Ave Suite 1032-C286 Chicago IL 60604-4434
American Home Inspector Training 5670 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite 340W Greenwood Village, CO 8011
SDSU Global Campus 5250 Campanile Drive San Diego, CA 92182-1920
ATI Home Inspector Training
Professional & Continuing Education at Chico State 400 W First Street | Chico, CA 95929-0250
Search Home Inspector Programs

Get information on Home Inspector programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Wrapping It Up

We can’t create more hours in our days, but there are ways to make the most of the hours we do have.

Taking an online home inspector course is one way to do this.

It is the ideal solution for those who want to expand their knowledge but still take care of other responsibilities.

This training can help you find a career that is always in demand, and it can also lead to having a business of your own if that is your dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps I need to take to become a home inspector?

Completing a home inspector course is only the first step to becoming a home inspector.

After completion, you will need to pass the National Home Inspection Exam.

States vary in requirements, but you could be required to complete up to 100 home inspections under supervision.

Next, you become a member of a national, non-profit inspection association and provide proof of certain insurances.

You then get your license.

What insurance requirements do most states require for home inspectors?

At the minimum, you will need to have Errors/Omission insurance of $100,000.

You will also need General Liability insurance in the same amount.

Lastly, you will need aggregate insurance with a deductible of less than $2,500.

What is the difference between certification and licensing?

A certificate, which you receive by completing the course, will allow you to work with an agency that provides home inspections.

You will need to work under supervision.

A license will allow you to open your own business if you choose to do so.

Are the licensing requirements for home inspectors the same everywhere?

Every state will have its own requirements for home inspectors, so you will need to find out what is required in the state you choose to work in.

Most online programs, however, are aware of various state laws and will provide the training necessary to meet the requirements of the majority of states.

Will a one-time certification course be all I need to run my own business?

A license is good for two years and will need to be renewed at the end of this period.

In order to renew the license, you will be required to complete a number of continuing education classes.

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Get information on Home Inspector programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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