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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Fremont, CA

Fremont City is known for its cultural diversity and its educational excellence.

Technical programs are designed for students to obtain licensure and certification as quickly as possible compared to a 4-year college.

The average salary of trade workers is approximately $103,000 per year.

Areas of study such as cosmetology, automotive, driving, medical, culinary, and many more fields are found in these notable trade schools.

Here, we’ve gathered details about the best trade schools in the area as well as the courses they offer.

Medical Career College

About the School

The Medical Career College aims to provide an excellent education to future student nurses who expand their program to keep up with the state’s standards.

Their instructor is more than devoted to driving their students to their career success.

By this, they have partnerships with highly skilled professionals to train their students in hands-on skills to apply in their future job employments.

The Medical Career College helps its students find scholarships and private student loans that will suit their preferences.

Courses Offered

The Medical Career College offers different programs in the medical field and here are those:

  • Vocational Nursing
  • Associate of Science in Healthcare Management
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nursing Assistant

Their Vocational Nursing’s duration is until term 3 which teaches students basic patient assessment, giving injections, charting, doing vital signs, giving enemas, reporting changes in patient’s conditions, and many more.

The Medical Assistant program is completed in 6 months for morning class and 7 months for evening class.


  • Medical Career College
  • Address: 41300 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: (510) 445.0319
  • Website:

Aviation Institute of Maintenance

About the School

Are you looking for aviation colleges around?

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance was founded in 1969 to help interested students be skilled and employable after completing their programs.

The AIM is partnered with ATEC or the Aviation Technician Education Council which was founded in 1961 and aims to meet the standard of the workforce.

Scholarships are available in the Aviation Institute of Maintenance to those who are qualified in their given requirement.

This institution focuses on and puts its students’ careers as their top priority, and they are known for providing a high-quality education.

Courses Offered

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance offers trade careers and aviation careers that might suit your interests:

  • Aviation Careers
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician
  • Avionics Technician
  • Helicopter Technician
  • Unmanned Aircraft Pilot

Trade Careers

  • HVAC Technician
  • Industrial Manufacturing Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Welder

The HVAC Technician program or the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning program allows students to experience hands-on training that will enhance their skills before graduating and be used in their future job careers.

Upon taking the Maintenance Technician Program careers such as Maintenance Technician, Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Aircraft Technician, Maintenance Electrician, and Machine Repairer are the possible careers that are waiting for the completers.


Unitek College

About the School

The Unitek College has been in the industry for over 21 years and currently has 8 campuses.

Their classes are small with numerous facilities and accept students regardless of their professional backgrounds.

The Unitek College was founded in 2002 and is accredited by BPPE, ACCSC, CCNE, BRN, and BVNPT.

They are open for financial aid to help their student who is in need which covers the student’s tuition, transportation, room and board, books, living expenses, and computer equipment.

The Unitek College is a perfect institution that will focus on your career and assure you with a competitive salary and generous benefits.

Courses Offered

Their programs are available in traditional, online, and hybrid methods.

Here are the healthcare programs that will help you in your career:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Practical Nursing
  • Vocational Nursing
  • Associate Degree in Vocational Nursing
  • LVN to BSN (Accelerated Pathway)
  • International RN
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Office Administration
  • Dental Assisting
  • Physical Therapist Assistant

These programs will enable students to complete their education in a fast-paced environment and they learn to enhance their skills through innovative hybrid programs, blending traditional classrooms, and engaging online learning.


NextGen Tech Learning

About the School

NextGen Tech Learning is fully accredited by WASC, and the institution is one of the first Robotics, Coding, and Technology Schools.

This institution’s classroom is fully equipped such as having laptops, robotic kits, devices, and other software that are needed by students.

NextGen Tech Learning was founded in January 2014 and is consistently providing an education that is taught in real-time and professional teachers.

They encourage each of their students to pursue their offered career as they adjust their teaching style to their student’s choice.

Courses Offered

Their programs are available for live classes that are done in real-time with provided worksheets and online classes that are taught by experts.

Each level contains 12 classes with one hour class per week and is completed in 12 weeks.

Here are the programs that they offer:

  • Sr. Tech [6th-12th Grade] – In-person and Online
  • Jr. Tech [2nd-6th Grade] – In-person
  • Jr. Tech [3rd-6th Grade] – Online class
  • Sr. Tech [6th-12th Grade] – Summer Camp
  • Jr. Tech [3rd-6th Grade] – Summer camp.
  • College Prep / Career Courses

In line with the SR, Tech that is taken in 6th to 12th grade that covers these specific topics:

  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science P
  • JAVA Programming
  • Python Programming​
  • Full Stack and Database
  • ​VEX Robotics
  • Raspberry Pi Programming​
  • And Many More


  • NextGen Tech Learning
  • Address: 38487 Fremont Blvd, Suite#221 Fremont CA 94536
  • Phone: 855-648-5327
  • Website:

School for Training

About the School

School for Training was established in the year 2015 and aims to improve the lives of its students.

The School of Training helps its students with their future job employment by helping them with their resumes and mock interviews.

They offer internship opportunities where they can show their learned skills and knowledge in their specific careers.

They also acquire one-on-one sessions with their instructors who are committed to providing quality training and education to their students.

Courses Offered

Multiple courses online are offered by the School of Training that are meant for kids and IT courses here are some of them:

  • Big Data
  • Business Analytics
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Quality Analyst
  • PMP Certification
  • Python
  • Java
  • Business Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing for DevOps
  • Hadoop
  • Tableau
  • Agile Methodology
  • QuickBooks
  • And more

Vocational Courses like Digital Marketing and Reiki Training are also available.

Aside from It courses this institution also offers non-IT courses such as Corporate Training and Cross-Cultural Training.

The institution passes its students 100% and every quarter they are given four tests for all the covered subjects.


Silicon Valley Career Technical Education

About the School

The Silicon Valley Career Technical Education teaches programs in state-of-the-art programs that are supervised by professional instructors.

The Silicon Valley Career Technical Education manages to teach their students to be able to demonstrate important skills aside from academic skills such as leadership skills, teamwork, and more.

They embrace the diversity of their students and protect them as they build a light and safe environment that is also important in building an institution.

Courses Offered

The Silicon Valley Career Technical Education is offering 25 courses and 21 of those programs are already approved. These programs are designed to make students ready for college and their future careers.

Each semester contains 15 credits.

Here are the programs that they offer:

  • Mechatronics Engineering – students study robotics and apply C++ and Python coding.
  • Medical Science/Health Careers – for students who want to become nurses and doctors.
  • Law Enforcement – meant to understand the criminal justice system.
  • Film & Video Productions – aspects such as scriptwriting for television and film are taught here.
  • Forensic Science – topics related to forensics.
  • Veterinary Science – all about anatomy and physiology.
  • And more

They also offer advanced courses such as:

  • Advanced Automotive Services
  • Advanced Culinary Arts
  • Advanced Film
  • Advanced Metals Technology
  • Advanced Sports Medicine and Kinesiology


  • Silicon Valley Career Technical Education
  • Address: 760 Hillsdale Ave, San Jose, CA 95136
  • Phone: (408) 723-6400
  • Website:

Mission Valley ROP

About the School

Mission Valley ROP is a company offering career training in high-tech, in-demand industries! having been around for more than 40 years.

This institution has a shared goal of enabling each of its students to reach their greatest potential.

By equipping students with industry-standard tools, training, and background, Mission Valley ROP offers career technical education that is relevant to the workplace and further education.

As they pursue their further education, students can benefit from a multitude of financial alternatives.

Courses Offered

The Mission Valley ROP offers multiple courses in different areas of study such as:

  • Auto Body Painting & Refinishing 1 & 2
  • Careers in Education 1 & 2
  • Civil Engineering & Architecture
  • Computer Animation 1 & 2
  • Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics
  • Fire Technology
  • Game Design/Interactive Media Arts 1 & 2
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Medical Assisting
  • Music Production 1 and 2
  • Sports Therapy 1 & 2
  • Welding & Metal Joinery
  • Automotive Technology 2
  • And more

For the program, Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics 48 students have earned 156 college credits for the school year 2022-2023 outlines the courses PLTW Computer Science Principles Course and more.

The in-demand jobs in the state are offered like medical assisting, law enforcement, culinary, and many more careers.


  • Mission Valley ROP
  • Address: 5019 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone: (510) 657-1865
  • Website:

Fremont Adult and Continuing Education

About the School

The Fremont Adult and Continuing Education also known as FACE is dedicated to both student achievement and community development, Fremont Adult and Continuing Education.

This institution aims to give diverse adult learners seeking growth opportunities through college paths, job training, and other creative, equitable, and high-quality education and support services.

The Fremont Adult and Continuing Education is accredited by WASC or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges for 6 years starting February 6, 2019.

The FACE was established in the year 1934 and is continuously providing an education that meets the standard of the employers.

Courses Offered

Academic programs in this school are free including English as a second language, high school diploma, G.E.D preparation, Basic Education, Adults with Disabilities, and some sponsored projects.

Here are the technical programs that this institution offers:

  • Accounting/QuickBooks – $620
  • Banking (BankWork$) –
  • Bridges to Jobs (Job Search Assistance)
  • Medical Assistant & Phlebotomy Training (CALRegional)
  • Paraeducator Preparation
  • Pharmacy Technician (Mission Valley ROP)
  • Residential & In-Home Care Training (New Haven Adult)
  • Welding – $1000

These programs teach the basic foundations of these programs, and these programs make their students ready for licensure exams to obtain certifications.

AutoCAD Engineering is also available in this institution with specific requirements to be qualified in this program.


  • Fremont Adult and Continuing Education
  • Address: 4700 Calaveras Avenue, Fremont, California 94538
  • Phone: (510) 793-6465
  • Website:

Domestic Truck Driving School

About the School

Within the industry, Domestic Truck Driving School has one of the highest Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) pass rates.

This driving school assists you in developing the necessary driving knowledge and abilities while getting you ready for the commercial driver’s license (CDL) exam.

We provide top-notch instruction from knowledgeable instructors with thousands of hours of expertise in the trucking sector.

They have six trailers and five late-model Freightliner tractors in their fleet of instructional vehicles.

All of the students are instructed on driving with a manual transmission to maximize their employment prospects and avoid having their CDL restricted.

Courses Offered

More than 99% of their alumni pass the CDL exam the first time around.

Here are the driving lessons that they offer:

  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Test Preparation
  • Refresher Course

In terms of their Commercial Driver’s License program, they also teach some manual transmission to their drivers, and it covers courses for Bay-Area future Truck drivers.

It is a requirement that a driver must take a Class A CDL to have the authority to drive a vehicle that has a 26,000-pound gross weight.

Through the school’s connection to other trucking industries, they assist students in their career companies aside from the city of Fremont.

A refresher course that is required by the state to be taken is also offered at this institution.



About the School

IBeauty is an institution that provides education in the beauty industry for a short period.

Quality hands-on training is done by this institution to maintain the standards of beauty and freshness in the state.

The IBeauty is in partnership with HydraFacial to provide care to their customers and teach their students the right process of cleansing, extracting, and hydrating the skin.

Upon checking their websites, they have pictures of their works on how they enhance their customer’s eyebrows and lashes.

Courses Offered

They offer services like the following:

  • Brows – Microblading, Ombre Brows, and Combo Brows
  • Lip Blush – Crystal Lips
  • Lashes – Classic, Hybrid, and Volume lashes
  • Facial – HydraFacial
  • Eyeliner – Lash enhancement and cat eyeliner.

The course consists of four days of practical instruction followed by six days of online review for the Advanced Brow Creation and Brow Shading courses at home.

Upon program completion, graduates get a Permanent Makeup Certificate.

A maximum of eight students per class, taught by two teachers, are enrolled in each class.

There are tattoo models in the training, and no prior tattooing expertise is necessary.

Products for permanent cosmetics are discounted for students.

Semi-permanent makeup for lips and eyebrows often lasts 1-2 years, but permanent makeup for eyeliner typically lasts 2-3 years.


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Final Thoughts

Now that you have reviewed every school that is available around the city, multiple areas of study are offered that might interest you and improve your skills.

Don’t rush to make decisions and review every school’s aspect as they have a great impact on your chosen career.

If you find the right school for you, always aim to complete and pursue the career that you love.

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