First Year as a Truck Driver: Here’s What to Expect

First Year as a Truck Driver

What to Expect As a First-Year Truck Driver

Most people dream about a job that allows traveling regularly while earning money and making something the like.

However, not everyone has such a privilege and truck drivers are among those people who have one.

As a truck driver in the USA, you are going to deliver loads all over the country as well as to Canada and Mexico.

Numerous industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, and food require qualified truck drivers.

As a first-year truck driver, you can not only improve your skills and gain some experience but also see the country.

This career can be pretty challenging and has lots of advantages and disadvantages.

As a first-year truck driver, you need to get acclimated to all the issues related to this career.

Understanding the Life of a Trucker

Truck driving is a specific career field as you should be able to tailor your whole life around your job.

Usually, truckers spend weeks on the road and only a few days at home.

As a new trucker, you may consider it the hardest part of this career.

In fact, there are only a few careers such as military and oilfield workers, which can make you spend a long time away from your family and friends.

In other words, if you are a family man or woman, this career option can be pretty challenging for you.

You need to know that as an Over-the-Road or OTR driver you won’t be able to participate in daily life and even may feel isolated.

One other big physical challenge is to learn how to deal with a huge truck or trailer.

To be able to get your commercial driver’s license or CDL, you need to complete about a month of training.

You need to know that the CDL training is significantly easier than most college or trade school programs.

After obtaining a CDL, you can start working just in a few months and get a full-time job with a good income.

While a CDL is one of the cheapest and fastest options to become a truck driver, you need to know that the job itself is requires something more.

Working as a truck driver, you need to spend about 8-10 hours driving which is more demanding than your CDL training.

It means that you need some adjustment period to get used to long days and nights driving.

You need to be really determined and love your job very much to be able to work as a truck driver.

As a first-year driver, you need to learn how to schedule your working time properly considering your load.

In such a way, you’ll be able to make the change to an ORT driver faster and not so challenging.

Gaining Steam in Year One

During your first year as a driver, you are going to deliver loads that can hardly be considered favorable.

After gaining some experience at a certain company, you’ll likely get an opportunity to choose your driving assignments.

Also, as a first-year driver, you may have an undesirable schedule and go to desolated locations.

While being a first-year driver in a company, you should work your way up and prove your skills and abilities.

In order to get a good reputation and gain better assignments, it is important to perform your duties properly and in time during your first year as a driver.

Driving is an essential part of the truck driver career.

In such a way, you have an incredible opportunity to explore the country and learn about various villages, towns, and cities as well as people that live there.

As a truck driver, you can learn lots about people and become a real anthropologist.

In fact, it is a valuable experience you won’t be able to get elsewhere.

You need to know that this career will make you absolutely detached from your usual life but new technologies will let you stay in touch with your close people.

It will make your job easier as you can fulfill you need in contact with your close people.

Also, you need to have a cellular phone so you can get in touch with a dispatch room, shipper, or consignee if there is a necessity or an emergency.

Using a cellular phone, you can keep in contact with your family members.

You need to know that most truck stops have various amenities including Internet access so you can use social media, messages, and video calls to communicate with your close people.

With the help of all those things, you can make your job during your first year much easier.

Also, you need to learn how to plan your time with the family if you want to make your transition to a long-term OTR driver.

Of course, you may want to relax during your free time but it is also important to spend time with your family.

Long Term Long Haul Outlook

As a CDL certified driver, you can have a full-time middle income from the very beginning of your career.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that heavy and tractor tailor drivers have an average income of about $37 770 per year which is about $18,16 per hour.

Speaking of the growth rate, you can expect about 21% growth in the future.

In fact, there is a constant demand for qualified truck drivers.

Also, you need to know that truck drivers have a good income so you can provide your family with a comfortable lifestyle.

This career can be pretty challenging and emotionally hard due to many aspects but as soon as you get used to it, you’ll understand that has a whole bunch of benefits.

To make your work easier and simpler, you just need to understand the essentials of your career as well as learn to integrate your professional and personal life.

If you are interested in this career, you should consider obtaining your CDL and try working in this sphere at least for a year.

It will help you whether you fit for this job.

Despite having some challenges, this career can provide you with a good income and the ability to see the country.

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