How to Become a Park Ranger in Wyoming

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How to Become a Park Ranger in Wyoming

A Park Rangers job requires long and hard-working hours outdoors.

It can even become dangerous at times, which is why it is important for candidates to have finished all necessary qualifications and training if they want to pursue this career.

Park Rangers should have strong communication skills and be friendly and helpful.

Working as a Park Ranger is extremely fascinating and can be very rewarding.

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Requirements to Become a Park Ranger in Wyoming

The most important requirement for a Park Ranger job is having successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree in a field connected to law enforcement, like Conservation Law Enforcement, Crime Scene Investigation, or Criminal Justice.

Candidates who possess a degree in a related field may be eligible for employment in Wyoming’s National Parks in a federal position.

Suppose candidates do not have a bachelor’s degree.

In that case, they can substitute for this requirement by having three to five years of work experience in a security-related field with ever-growing responsibilities.

All candidates who wish to enter this field should possess at least two years of security-related experience.

Apart from education, candidates are required to pass an in-depth background investigation, a physical fitness test, a medical examination, a psychological evaluation, and a polygraph examination.

In addition, candidates may not have been previously convicted of a crime or served jail time for such a crime.

It is necessary for candidates to have a valid driving license, be a US citizen, and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Most Park Rangers are required to go through a basic first aid and CPR course.

Park Rangers will also receive on-the-job training in search and rescue, wildfire suppression, environmental education, and emergency medical services.

Candidates will complete the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program, pass the certification exam, and will be obligated to go through a gun safety course so that they can be able to qualify for state certification.

The state certificate will be valid for three years, and you must renew it prior to the expiration date.

Park Ranger Duties in Wyoming

Park Rangers are in charge of patrolling the trails, campsites, and protected areas.

The Park Rangers patrol the grounds by vehicle, horseback, boat, or even foot patrol.

In addition, the Rangers are responsible for ordering guests to meet the safety rules and regulations, issuing citations, writing reports, helping to answer any questions, providing tours and assisting with tourism, and helping with a search or rescue mission.

It all depends on where the park ranger works and what type of park ranger.

For the most part, Park Rangers in Wyoming are trained to deal with the wilderness and the wildlife that inhabits these territories.

However, the law enforcement training that Park Rangers receive is frequently used in the various areas that they are employed.

There have been several instances where Park Rangers needed to assist members of the public or other law enforcement officials with inebriated patrons on park grounds.

This means making physical arrests in the line of duty for felonies committed and misdemeanors.

In addition, Park Rangers in Wyoming are responsible for search and rescue operations in and around the parks they work in.

State Parks in Wyoming

Wyoming has 12 state parks.

In addition, there are 28 state-administered historical sites.

The most well-known state parks are Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.

These parks are world-renowned and are considered to be two of the major attractions to the state and the United States.

  • Bear River State Park
  • Boyson State Park
  • Buffalo Bill State Park
  • Curt Gowdy State Park
  • Edness K Wilkins State Park
  • Glendo State Park
  • Guernsey State Park
  • Hawk Springs State Recreation Area
  • Hot Springs State Park
  • Keyhole State Park
  • Seminole State Park
  • Sinks Canyon State Park


The annual salary for a Park Ranger in Cheyenne, Wyoming is $37,255.

The salary range is $30,796 to $45,078.

A state park ranger’s salary will depend on which position the state park ranger holds, which establishment the ranger works for, the position of the ranger and his/her duties, as well as the years of experience that the ranger has.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Cheyenne $37,255
Casper $38,257
Laramie $37,699
Gillette $36,333
Rock Springs $37,688
Sheridan $38,712
Green River $37,688
Evanston $38,001
Riverton $37,641
Cody $38,712

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Park Ranger Training?

Typically, it takes about three to five years to become a Park Ranger, considering that candidates need an educational background, training, and to gain experience before entering the position fully.

Is there a demand for Park Rangers?


There is a demand for Park Rangers in Wyoming and other states.

Crime is continuously increasing and the existing Rangers are stretched dangerously thin.

Park Rangers play an incredibly important role in protecting the wildlife and habitats of wildlife across the United States and keeping the National Parks in good order.

Are Park Rangers important?


The Park Rangers are very important.

Their responsibilities include protecting state national parks, the wildlife and people in them, ecosystems, and all-natural resources.

What hours do Park Rangers work?

Many Park Rangers will work full-time year-round.

Some Park Rangers may only be required to work part-time or seasonally.

The hours usually differ based on county holidays, weather conditions, and tourist attractions.

Do Park Rangers live in the park?

Many parks provide housing for their rangers on the grounds of the park, which is required in some parks.

They still pay rent, usually taken out of their paychecks.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Wildlife Forestry and Conservation career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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