How to Become a Park Ranger in Hawaii

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How to Become a Park Ranger in Hawaii

A great way to be one with nature in one of the most beautiful places in the world is to be a park ranger.

America’s furthest state is the home of 50 state parks covering around 30,000 acres across five islands of highly coveted land.

If helping others enjoy all the outdoor recreation and history the parks have to offer, being a park ranger might be the perfect career.

Not only is it rewarding, but it will help keep you in shape.

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Requirements to Become a Park Ranger in Hawaii

When it comes to getting your hands dirty by taking care of the outdoors, a love of nature is a good place to start.

Beyond having an interest, there are three different sets of requirements a candidate must meet to be successful.

For starters, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

The education requirement is a bachelor’s degree with eight classes specific to the job or at least one year of graduate school in a similar field.

Not everyone with a passion for parks has had the ability to gain a formal education in preparation.

Those interested without a degree are still encouraged to apply if they have at least a year of working in one of the following positions:

  • Park Guide
  • Peace Officer
  • Security Guard

Park Ranger Duties in Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination not only for Americans but for visitors all over the world.

Being that the state has such an abundance of natural landmarks, the state parks are tourist hot spots.

Being a park ranger in Hawaii will entail a love of connecting with visitors, instructing interested attendees about the park, and being available for tours.

In addition to the tourism side, park rangers will be part of an ongoing effort to keep the natural resources protected.

This position also includes making sure a professional is available in case of an emergency.

State Parks in Hawaii


  • ‘Akaka Falls State Park
  • Hāpuna Beach State Recreation Area
  • Huliheʻe Palace
  • Kalōpā State Recreation Area
  • Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park
  • Kekaha Kai (Kona Coast) State Park
  • Kīholo State Park Reserve
  • Kohala Historical Sites State Monument
  • Lapakahi State Historical Park
  • Lava Tree State Monument
  • MacKenzie State Recreation Area
  • Manukā State Wayside
  • Wailoa River State Recreation Area
  • Wailuku River State Park

Island of Kaua’i

  • Ahukini State Recreational Pier
  • Hāʻena State Park
  • Kōkeʻe State Park
  • Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park
  • Pāʻulaʻula State Historic Site
  • Polihale State Park
  • Wailua River State Park
  • Waimea Canyon State Park
  • Waimea State Recreational Pier

Island of O’ahu

  • Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana State Park
  • ʻAiea Bay State Recreation Area
  • Diamond Head State Monument
  • Heʻeia State Park
  • ʻIolani Palace State Monument
  • Kaʻena Point State Park
  • Kaiwi State Scenic Shoreline
  • Keaīwa Heiau State Recreation Area
  • Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial State Park
  • Lāʻie Point State Wayside
  • Mālaekahana State Recreation Area
  • Nuʻuanu Pali State Wayside
  • Puʻu O Mahuka Heiau State Historic Site
  • Puʻu ʻUalakaʻa State Wayside
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace
  • Royal Mausoleum State Monument
  • Sand Island State Recreation Area
  • Ulupō Heiau State Historic Site
  • Waʻahila Ridge State Recreation Area
  • Wahiawā Freshwater State Recreation Area

Island of Maui

  • Halekiʻi-Pihana Heiau State Monument
  • ʻĪao Valley State Monument
  • Kaumahina State Wayside
  • Mākena State Park
  • Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area
  • Puaʻa Kaʻa State Wayside
  • Waiʻānapanapa State Park
  • Wailua Valley State Wayside

Island of Moloka’i

  • Pālāʻau State Park


The annual expected salary of a park ranger in Hawaii is $42,569, on average.

Depending on the park and experience, the salary can range from $35,000 up to $52,000.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Honolulu $42,569
Ewa Beach $42,569
Hilo $42,281
Kahului $42,281
Kaneohe $42,569
Pearl City $42,569
Waipahu $42,550
Mililani $42,492
Kihei $42,281
Haiku $42,281

Regional Salary in Hawaii

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Urban Honolulu, HI70$100,390$48.26$154,020$62,230
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Conservation Scientists, OCC Code 19-1031, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people work for the parks of Hawaii?

In total, there are about 3,700 people who keep both the state and national parks running smoothly.

This ensures that not only the visitors but also the flora and fauna are watched out for.

These jobs are of the utmost importance since the parks see about six million visitors each year.

How much does it cost to visit a state park in Hawaii?

It might surprise you to learn that many of the parks have no entry fee.

When there is a fee, it’s usually around $5, or the entrance is free if you have a Hawaiian ID.

If you are interested in camping in the parks that offer the option, that can run you $20 a night or $30 for non-residents.

What's the most popular state park in Hawaii?

Waimea Canyon Drive.

Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it’s the breathtaking scenery that keeps the crowds coming back.

Do you have to be living in Hawaii to apply for a park ranger position?

Generally speaking, yes.

You need to be a legal resident of the state before applying.

If you have a lot of experience as a ranger but live in the continental US, it still might be worth checking out.

What are some other qualities that will help an applicant?

Knowing how to swim, having high physical endurance, and not having a criminal record are things that will make a difference.

The physical aspect of the job will depend on the park a ranger is assigned to but being prepared for everything will make you a happier employee.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Wildlife Forestry and Conservation career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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