Jobs at Wackenhut Security

Jobs at Wackenhut Security

Although the name is no longer in use, Wackenhut Security is a household name in international security services.

The company has a history of over 60 years on the U.S. market.

The founder of the company is George Wackenhut who later sold the business to a large security corporation from Denmark.

The business is now called G4S Secure Solutions (USA) and has its headquarters in Jupiter, Florida.

The company has also founded private correctional facilities under Wackenhut Corrections Corporation.

Over 50,000 people work for G4S Secure Solutions in the U.S. and Canada, which makes the company one of the biggest employers in the private security market.

A job at G4S Secure Solutions usually gives you a stable outlook for the future.

The company enlists customer-focus as one of its main values, along with expertise, performance, best people, teamwork, integrity, and safety.

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Applying for a Job at G4S

If you want to work for G4S Secure Solutions (USA) you should be prepared to undergo a thorough screening and assessment process.

A drug test is also required prior to being hired.

G4S hires three different types of security guards and depending on the position that you target, you need different skills.

Make sure that your resume and cover letter are completely honest because the company thoroughly investigates every single application.

Job openings are usually listed on the company’s website and you can apply directly online.

Working for G4S has its many perks but also some weaker points.

The company offers the opportunity of paid overtime, good training, insurance, and plenty of advancement opportunities.

Employees sometimes complain about the work hours, the low pay, and poor upper-level supervision.

If you are considering applying for a job at Wackenhut, you can find out more about the company and job opportunities by visiting their website.

Depending on the position you are targeting, there are different education and experience requirements.

Custom Protection Officer

If you want to become a custom protection officer you will typically need a college or university education in a field related to security and crime.

However, you may qualify for this position without a college degree if you have significant work experience in law enforcement, the military, or a related field.

Upscale Security Officer

Upscale security officers have to meet stricter requirements.

They need an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree along with several years of working experience, preferably in a management position, in the military, or law enforcement.

Property Resource Officer

This position is geared towards those who have strong work experience in security, fire, life, or safety-related fields.

Strong communication skills are also important in this position.

You also need a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree or experience in the military or law enforcement.

Many of G4S’s employees are military veterans and the company offers military outreach programs that over time received several accolades and distinctions, including an honor from the White House.

Now that you’ve read our article, it’s your turn to continue the research and apply for the position that best meets your professional aspirations.

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