Jobs for Teenagers: 28 Great Ways to Make Money & Get Experience

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Jobs for Teenagers

There are many more job options for teens who want to earn some cash.

The truth is that you will be able to find a whole variety of jobs even with no experience.

One of the most important things about having a job as a teenager is not only a salary but also some great benefits.

It is a perfect opportunity to get some confidence, experience, as well as the sense of responsibility and independence.

Also, it is a great way to decide on your future career.

Applying for an entry-level job in a certain sphere, you can experience it on your own and decide whether it suits you.

For example, those who want to become veterinarians or vet technicians may try working at a pet store or as a pet sitter to understand if they can really work with animals.

If you are dreaming about a career as a game designer, you can look for a job as a salesman at a game store or as a game tester.

Think about pursuing a career in sports?

You can try working as a counselor at a sports camp or as an attendant at a rec center.

Even if you have no experience at all, you can enroll in a job that is related to your sphere of interest.

Your enthusiasm for your future job may significantly impress your potential employers and you will be able to get a job even if there are other candidates with lots of experience.

Looking for a perfect job as a teenager, you should consider your goals, experience, and interests.

Most teens look for a job that can provide them with some good income, valuable experience, and a comfortable schedule.

In this guide, you will be to find jobs that can provide you with some experience or good income, or even both.

The article includes the list of the best part-time jobs for teens so you can find something great for yourself.

The list is divided into several sections to make it easier for you.

In other words, you can look through the whole list or choose the section you are interested in.

Jobs for Teens Younger Than 14

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Jobs listed below are suitable for teens of any age.

As the federal law restricts significantly the list of jobs that can be performed by teens younger than 14, you should be careful.

Below, there are several career options that are suitable for teens that are even younger than 14.

Newspaper Delivery Person

A newspaper delivery person is a perfect career for teens who want to make some money and get some exercise.

An average hourly rate for this job is about $7,88 but the amount of delivered newspaper will also have an impact on your salary.

Some newspapers should be delivered daily while others – only once a week or even a month.

Just keep in mind that it can be a challenging job as you need to get up very early and do your job even if there’s rain or snow.


Babysitting is a great way to get some experience of working with kids of different ages.

If you are interested in a career that involves working with kids such as a junior school teacher, it can be a great way to try what it means to work with children.

Short-term training courses provided by the Red Cross, YMCA, or 4-H will give you some extra points during your search for a job.

Speaking of the salary of a babysitter, each person sets their own rates.

An average rate throughout our country is about $15,71 per hour.

Also, you need to remember that some states have strict guidelines for the age of people who can work as babysitters.

For example, in Illinois, you should be at least 14 years of work so you can work as a babysitter.

An employee in Parent’s Business

If your family has its own business, you can be an employee there.

The exception is some position related to mining, manufacturing, or other hazardous jobs.

Performer on Stage or on Screen

If you are interested in a career related to performing arts, there are some options for you.

While there are some issues related to national laws, you need to know that most states have their specific regulations.

To learn about regulations in your state, ask your parents for help so you can learn everything you need.

To get your first job in this sphere you need to check drama classes as well as auditions for school and community theater production.

Use any opportunity to perform in front of the audience even if it is not paid.

It is a perfect opportunity to improve your skills, develop your talents, and make you more popular and famous.

Odd-jobs Helper

Lots of people have difficulties with managing their plans and daily routines.

Moreover, there are senior citizens who cannot complete the required and usual daily tasks.

You can support these people and earn some money at the same time.

For example, you can perform such tasks as emailing parcels, walking dogs, shoveling snow, and others.

You need just a little creativity and some entrepreneurial spirit to get some pretty good income.

Good Jobs for Teenagers Who Are 14 or Older

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As soon as you are 14, you will be surprised how many more job options are available for you.

Below, you can find the list of great jobs that do not require any experience and can be easily fitted into your student life.

Also, there are even some part-time jobs that can become a great full-time occupation in the future.

If you want to learn about teen-friendly employers, below you can find the lists of companies that are ready to hire teens of different ages.

In the description below, you can find info about each career including salary.

Just keep in mind that it is an average wage and at the very beginning your salary may be lower.

Fast-food Worker

When it comes to part-time jobs for teens, a fast-food worker might be one of those options that pop up in your mind immediately.

However, the truth is that only about 30% of people who work at fast-foods are younger than 20.

Moreover, when it comes to teens, only a few of them really feel like working there.

Nevertheless, the main point is that fast-food restaurants have a whole variety of vacancies related to this industry.

Also, it is your chance to get your first working experience that is very important as most potential employers require at least some experience.

Fast-foods are among those job options that are available even for 14-years old teens.

An average salary in fast-food is about $10,64 per hour.

Considering the fact that most fast-foods have difficulties with hiring new employees they tend to offer numerous benefits such as insurance and bonuses.

Also, most employers claim that the experience of working in fast-food shows such personal characteristics as self-discipline and an excellent work ethic.

This working environment is known for its very fast pace that is great preparation for a bunch of other jobs.

Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson is one of the most popular career options among teenagers.

It is especially cool if you are able to get a position in a store that works in your sphere of interest.

For example, you can get some valuable experience while working in a clothing store if you want to become a designer or a fashion merchandiser in the future.

Of course, you will hardly be able to get a very high salary at the very beginning.

An average hourly rate is about $13.61 in this sphere.

Also, there are lots of great stores ready to offer a job for teenagers.

The list includes such famous stores and retailers as Adidas, Best Buy, Justice, T.J. Maxx, and others.

While most stores tend to hire teens that are 16 years old, if you are 14 and you are very responsible, you will be able to find some great options.

If you are younger than 16 years old and you are looking for a job in the retail industry, you need to address your potential employers and learn about their policies.

For example, Publix, Safeway, and Kroger are gladly higher teens that are 14 and 15 years old.

Usually, teenagers can get the position of an employee that helps customers gather carts and bags with groceries.


If you are really good at a particular subject or several subjects, you should consider helping others with their study.

In other words, you can become a tutor.

If you don’t know where to look for your first students, you can address your school counselor who can connect with kids and teens who need your help.

Also, you can use social media to promote yourself.

Moreover, you can help not only other students but also adults as well.

If you have great computing skills you can teach adults who want to learn how to use computers and related gadgets properly.

This option is especially great for young people who are interested in a career in the education sphere.

Speaking of the sale, each tutor set their own rates that depend on several points.

Nevertheless, make sure to hold small research to learn average payment rates in your area.

An average rate throughout the United States is about $19.57 per hour.


If you enjoy gardening and working outdoors, the job of a landscaper can be a perfect fit for you.

You can look for job offers provided by landscaping companies or look for your own clients.

Just keep in mind that if you are younger than 16, you cannot operate some types of equipment such as power-driven mowers, cutters, or trimmers and edgers.

But even in such a situation, you still can get some valuable experience as well as the understanding of what it means to work outside.

Moreover, it is a perfect starting point for those who want to become landscape designers in the future.

Landscapers and groundskeepers earn about $14.88 per hour which is an average rate throughout the USA.

Restaurant Worker

Those who enjoy working with other people and are interested in a job related to the hospitality industry should consider getting a job as a restaurant worker.

Among the available options, there is a hostess, a host, a waitress, and a waiter.

Applying for one of these jobs, you can learn what it means to work with other people.

Moreover, all these jobs can guarantee you a flexible schedule so you can combine your work with your classes.

Working as a host/ hostess you can earn about $11.18 per hour while a waiter/ waitress can earn about $12.42 on average.

Also, if you work hard, you can get good tips that can be a great addition to your salary.

If you don’t feel like working with people directly, the job of a dishwasher can be a good option for you.

While working behind the scenes, you can earn about $11.15 per hour and in some cases even a part of Tips.

Auto Detailer and Car Washer

If you are a real fan of automobiles, you can look for a part-time job related to them.

One of the available positions is an auto detailer who clean and restore cars.

Also, you can look for a job of an auto cleaner that gives you an opportunity to have a kind of your small business.

By the way, some auto-shop courses in your school can be very helpful for those who are interested in a career in this sphere.

Just keep in mind that most employers usually look for workers who have driver’s licenses.

Administrative Assistant or Receptionist

You can start your career in the business world by obtaining a position in an office.

If you have at least some basic tech skills such as the use of Microsoft Office, you can get some entry-level jobs in the sphere.

A short course in communications and business can give you some extra points during your job search.

Also, working hard, you will be able to meet lots of new people who have experience and status in the business world.

Moreover, these jobs can provide you with some great income that is about $18,25 per hour.


If you are a skillful swimmer, have good stamina, and older than 15 years old, you should consider becoming a lifeguard.

The main point is that you need to get a certification through the Red Cross or the American Lifeguard Association so you can start working as a lifeguard.

An average salary rate for lifeguards is about $11.74 per hour.

In fact, it is one of the best job options for 15-year-old teens who look for a summer part-time job.

It is clear that this job involves a whole bunch of responsibilities.

However, after completing training courses, you will be able to deal with emergency situations calmly.

It can be a great experience for students who are interested in first-responder careers.

Camp Counselor

A camp counselor is one of the greatest job options for teens who look for summer part-time jobs.

Both day and overnight camps can be a great option for you.

You can not only work with younger students but also practice in your sphere of interest as there are science, sport, art, language camps, and others.

An average hourly rate for those who work as camp counselors is about $12.70.

Usually, applying for this job, you can expect some free food and lots of cool and exciting activities.


If you enjoy cleaning, a cleaner can be a perfect job for you.

Moreover, it feels really different when you get money for cleaning even if you get bored each time cleaning your room.

To say the truth, it can be a very satisfying job.

In most cases, if you want to get a job as a cleaner, you need to address a specialized company or look for options at hotels and motels.

Also, you can look for your own clients among your neighbors or friends.

The average salary rate for housekeepers is about $12.30 per hour.

Carpenter’s Helper

If you are interested in the career-related to the construction industry, a carpenter’s helper can be a perfect starting point for you.

It will for sure help you to build up your resume and get some valuable experience.

Just keep in mind that this job is available only for teens who are 16 years old or older.

Moreover, there are even hazardous activities that you cannot perform until you are 18 years old.

Daycare Assistant

In some states, as soon as you 16 years old, you can complete some training, get licensed, and start working as a daycare.

Despite the licensing rules, numerous daycare facilities tend to hire people with a school diploma.

Just make sure to get the first-aid certification so you can enter the field faster and easier.

Speaking of an average salary rate for childcare workers, it is about $11.83 per hour.

Pet Sitter/ Dog Walker

If you like spending time with animals and can get along with them well, a pet sitter or a dog walker job can be exactly what you need.

Both these jobs are also great for teens who are dreaming of becoming dog trainers, vet techs, and vets.

It is a great opportunity to gain some valuable experience and understand whether you really want to work with animals daily in the future.

You can look for your first clients among your neighbors, friends, relatives, and other people you know.

Just keep in mind that salary rates in this sphere varies significantly from one state to another and depends on several factors.

If you aren’t sure what will be perfect for you, just make sure to hold small research to learn about all these issues.

Recreation Attendant

If you really enjoy sports and games, you have an opportunity to get a very exciting part-time job.

You can work as an attendant at your local gym, bowling, or ice rink to ensure things are running smoothly.

Also, you can look for some more adventurous working places related to sports.

To be able to this job, you need to have at least some basic first-aid skills.

This job can provide you with an average salary of about $11.28 per hour.


It is a fact that barista can be considered an artist when creating various coffee drinks.

Applying for this job, you have an opportunity to meet lots of new people and learn a bunch of useful skills.

An average salary of a barista throughout the USA is about $9.79 per hour.

If you are 16 years old or older, you can get a job as a barista at Starbucks, and in Montana, you can start working as soon as you are 14.

Just be ready for a bunch of early morning shifts as it is the most tightly packed time because many people need their morning coffee.

Golf Caddy/ Golf Course Maintenance Worker

Caddying and doing basic course maintenance can be a great option for anyone familiar with golf and interested in it.

Both these jobs can provide you with some good income but your salary will actually depend on the level of golf and the type of course, you are going to deal with.

Also, there is an opportunity to get some pretty good tips.

Movie Theater Attendant

If you are a real movie fan, getting a job as a movie theater attendant can be a perfect option for you.

It can be a great way to experience an incredible atmosphere of a movie theater and learning some aspects of the movie-going public.

Also, as an employee, you can get free passes for movies performed there and even some free popcorn.

Speaking of the salary, you can expect an average wage of about $11.35 per hour.

Online Jobs for Teens

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Website Designer

If you are interested in web design and know, how to create websites, you should consider selling your skills.

There are numerous businesses that look for skillful specialists who can help them to build up their websites.

The most difficult part about this job is that you should be able to find clients on your own.

In other words, you need to learn how to promote yourself and your portfolio is your most valuable asset.

If you don’t have a portfolio you need to look for projects that you can participate as a volunteer.

Also, there are projects with low wages that can help you create your portfolio.

As soon as you are able to find your clients and get some reputation, you can expect a great income as an average salary in this sphere is about $36.34 per hour.


It is one of the most popular career options among young people nowadays.

In fact, almost one-third of modern teenagers consider it as their dream career.

It is not actually surprising as top YouTube stars can earn millions of dollars annually.

However, when you just start your career as a YouTuber, there’s almost no income while some good investment is still required.

According to the data, you can expect about $1 per 1000 views while 3/4 can hardly achieve 500 views per month.

And you still need to buy at least some basic equipment that is pretty expensive.

While numbers are rather devastating, you still can give it a try if you are really interested in it.

It is a great experience in the media art sphere for those who want to start their career in this area.

Just make sure to stay realistic about your potential income as a YouTuber.

Freelance Graphic Designer

If you are a creative person and capable of designing logos and graphics, you should consider working as a freelance graphic designer.

Just make sure you know how to follow the guidelines, communicate with clients, and deal with their requests.

In order to get some job, you can use various specialized platforms such as Fiverr.

Working as a graphic designer, you can expect a salary of about $26.29 per hour.

Also, as a freelancer, you can set your own wages but still, you need to make sure it alines with overall market tendencies.

One thing you should know about this job is that it is very competitive so it is better to choose a specific niche or specialty so you can stand out among others.

For example, you can create logos for shops, design business cards, and so on.

Online Entrepreneur

There are numerous platforms such as Etsy that can be used for selling things that you’ve made with your own hands.

For example, if you like creating some jewelry or maybe pottery, or other things, you can sell them to clients all over the world.

Just remember that such websites as Etsy may have specific rules for teens under 18 including parent’s permission and supervision.

If you know how or have someone who can help you, you can your own website where you can sell your creations.

Actually, you can become an online entrepreneur even if you have no crafty skills at all.

With the development of online drop-shipping, you can set up your own online store easily.

Of course, you will need your parents to participate as you cannot sign some papers before you are 18.

You can sell products that are stored at a warehouse and sent directly to your customers as soon as they make a purchase.

The point is that it usually requires some time and money investment, so be sure to research everything properly including possible risks before starting your own online shop.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your parents for help especially when it comes to regulatory and legal issues.

The most amazing thing about this option is that it can be an incredible source of income if you take a creative approach.

There are lots of ways to earn money as an online entrepreneur and if you just search online for “teen entrepreneurs” you will be able to find a bunch of cool ideas.

Moreover, as a teenager, you have more opportunities to start your own business as an adult, you are going to have much more expenses.

Video Game Tester

It can be pretty hard to get a job as a video game tester.

The reason is that it is one of the most popular jobs as you can hardly find a person who does not want to earn money while playing games.

One other thing is that it is not so great as you think as you cannot choose games and you may be obligated to play the same game over and over again even if you don’t like it.

Despite it, the job is really popular so you should be careful when looking for a job.

There are numerous scams so ask your parents to check on the job offers you are interested in.

Online Survey Taker

While looking like a dream job, it can be rather tricky and risky.

Of course, it is great to get money for answering several questions online but you need to be sure that it is legitimate.

The point is that most companies that held online research tend to held surveys among people who are over 18.

Of course, there are still options for teenagers but payment rates there are lower and sometimes even lower than $1 per hour.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of a company it is better to avoid it.

Overview of Laws about Jobs for Teens

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Looking for a job as a teenager, you need to make sure that it is safe, has a suitable schedule and offers fair payments.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) – is a federal law that exists to protect your rights as a worker.

Also, each state may have its specific employment and labor laws especially when it comes to teenagers.

If you want to learn more about it, you need to visit the official website of your state.

Also, there is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that contains regulations that are applied to workers including those under 18.

Usually, you need to have some certificates that prove your skills and age if you want to get a job.

Each state has its specific requirements when it comes to those certificates.

Speaking of the FLSA, there are specific requirements for each age group.

Under 14

Teens that are 13 years old can work but they are eligible only for a specific list of jobs.

14 and 15

There are lots of job options for those who are 14-15 years old but still, there are numerous restrictions.

It includes a prohibition to work during school hours even if you are homeschooled or do not attend it at all.

Also, you are prohibited to work before 7 a.m. and after 7 p.m. except for summer when you can work until 9 p.m.

Also, there are specific requirements when it comes to the number of working hours you may have as a teenager:

  • 3 hours on school days including Fridays during school sessions;
  • 18 hours per week at maximum during school sessions;
  • 8 hours a day when it is not a school session;
  • 40 hours per week if it isn’t a school session.

Among the jobs you can perform as a teenager there are:

  • Most office, retail, or food services;
  • Creative and intellectual works such as tutoring, performing, or selling art;
  • Kitchen duties, with some restrictions related to work with high and low temperatures and others;
  • Lifeguarding and teaching swimming, if you are 15 years old and certified.

16 and 17

As soon as you are 16, you have access to a bigger amount of job options.

In fact, there are no restrictions when it comes to working hours and you can apply for any job except those listed as hazardous by the FLSA.

Over 18

As soon as you are 18 there are almost no restrictions related to your age.

You can even apply for jobs that are considered hazardous for youth by the FLSA.

Also, there are no restrictions on the working hours but you still should follow the OSHA regulations.

If you are interested in agricultural jobs, you need to know that there are specific regulations in this sphere.

Minimum Wage: What Teens Need to Know

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Of course, starting working, you can get some valuable experience, learn and develop new skills, meet new people and it is absolutely great.

However, it is likely that a salary is the main reason to apply for a part-time job while still attending school.

We’ve already provided you with some average salary rates for the most popular and fruitful jobs but you still need to learn about salary regulations and minimum wages.

According to federal laws, the minimum wage throughout the country is $7.25 per hour.

However, when it comes to people under 20, employers can pay them $4.25 per hour during the first 90 calendar days.

In other words, your minimal hourly wage will change in about 3 months after you’ve started working.

Just keep in mind that it can be applied to any of your jobs so as soon as you apply for a new job the countdown starts over.

One other point is that employers cannot fire you after 90 days of work without any proper reason.

Moreover, if you get tips for your work, your employer can pay you a lower wage.

According to federal law, the minimum wage, in this case, is about $2.13 per hour.

However, your hourly wage plus tips should be equal to the minimum hourly rate that is $7.25.

You need to know that each state has its specific requirements when it comes to minimum wages.

In fact, there are states that have higher minimum wages than the ones stated by federal law.

The highest minimum wage is there in Washington DC and it is about $13.25 per hour.

To learn about minimum wages in different states, just make short research as the information is available online.

Companies That Hire Teens Under 18

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It is impossible to create a complete and absolutely reliable list of companies that hire minors.

The reason is that companies change their policies quite often and offices located in various areas may have specific rules as well.

Also, even if there are no policies, companies may hire teens for specific jobs.

Below, you can find the list of companies that have been hiring teens.

Of course, there are issues related to the changes in the policies and location so make sure to double-check the information.

Also, you should not forget about smaller local companies as they usually gladly hire minors.

The point is that they prefer a more personal approach that gives teens lots of opportunities.

There are hundreds of companies that ready to hire teens but below you can find some of the most well-known companies.

If you are a 14-years-old teen that looks for a job, you can look for options at:

  • AMC Theaters;
  • Culvers;
  • Giant Eagle;
  • King Soopers;
  • Kroger;
  • Pizza Hut;
  • Safeway;
  • Six Flags.

These companies may hire teens that are 15:

  • Boston Market;
  • California Pizza Kitchen;
  • Fareway Stores;
  • Hershey’s;
  • MLC Restaurant and Bakery;
  • Palace Entertainment;
  • Publix;
  • Wegmans;
  • Winn-Dixie;

Those teens that are 16 years old may look for jobs at:

  • Adidas;
  • Barnes & Noble;
  • Bed Bath & Beyond;
  • Best Buy;
  • Champs Sports;
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill;
  • Chuck E. Cheeses;
  • Cinemark Theaters;
  • Gap;
  • JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores;
  • Justice;
  • Old Navy;
  • Panera Bread;
  • Petco;
  • Red Robin;
  • Sport Chalet;
  • Target;
  • T.J. Maxx;
  • Walmart.

These stores are ready to hire at 17 and even at 16 sometimes:

  • Aeropostale;
  • Banana Republic;
  • Claire’s;
  • Forever 21;
  • Hollister;
  • HomeGoods;
  • Kohls;
  • Payless ShoeSource;
  • Spencer’s.

If you want to find more options, you can use Indeed and other similar websites.

You just need to look for jobs for teens of a certain age in a certain area and you’ll be able to find lots of options.

Just make sure to read each job description attentively to make sure you meet the requirements and it suits you.

Tips for Success

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Now, after learning about various aspects of working as a teenager, you are probably ready to start working.

Just make sure that your schedule has enough space for your part-time job as it can be a real challenge to make everything fit.

A part-time job can be a real challenge when you have full-time studies but still, it can be managed well.

You can easily combine your work and classes just following some simple tips:

  • School is your priority as it can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need for your future career and success. Your career is something you are going to do for the rest of your life so you need to pay to it as much attention as you can.
  • Make sure you can handle the number of your working hours. According to the data, 20 working hours per week is a perfect amount. Nevertheless, it is a personal issue so if you feel that your work affects your grades, make sure to reduce the number of working hours.
  • Do not forget about your spare time. You need to have enough time to rest, enroll in extracurricular activities, and socialize. It is important to enjoy your life even if you are busy with school and work.
  • Take care of your health including proper nutrition and sleep. It is important to have enough sleep to stay active and healthy.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about your problems. Let your parents know if there are any issues and let your employer know if you need to reduce the number of work hours. If you have problems with your studies, address your teachers. In other words, do not hide your problems if you want to manage your schedule properly.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Perfect Future

Getting a job as a teenager, you have an opportunity to obtain some valuable experience as well as useful skills.

In fact, it is a great stepping stone for many people.

Also, it is a great chance to understand yourself better and find your perfect job.

To say the truth, there are numerous benefits of getting a job as a teenager but you need to follow some rules to make it a great experience.

Just use this article as a guideline and your first part-time job will for sure be a success.

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