Non-Office Careers: 7 AWESOME Non-Desk Jobs

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Non-Office Careers

There are lots of people that cannot imagine working in an office every day.

Recently, non-desk career options have become more popular as technologies develop constantly and people’s attitude towards work changes as well.

If you are one of those people, you’ll be glad to learn that there are lots of career options for those who want to work out of office.

There is a bunch of alternative options that may interest you.

First of all, you need to reveal those career options that may interest you most of all.

If you think, you don’t want to spend all your time sitting behind the desk, you need to understand what you want to do?

Do you feel like working with people or do you prefer to stay away from noisy crowds?

Maybe you want to try some active jobs that let you move around all day long.

In any case, you can find a variety of jobs that will let you work outside the office.

Most people keep working in the office as they think that other options won’t provide them with a good income.

You should know that it is not true.

If you want to combine some good income and exciting occupation, you need to make some research to find the option that suits you most.

To get a fruitful career, you should consider the prospects of industry development in the nearest future.

Top 7 Alternatives for Office Jobs (Non-Office Careers)

In this article, you can find the list of the best career options for those who don’t want to work in the office.

As it was already mentioned, there are lots of career options so you can easily find some great non-desk occupations.

You should know that to enroll in most of these careers, you aren’t required to obtain a degree.

Moreover, some of these jobs don’t even require any previous work experience.

There you can find lots of jobs from various industries so you’ll for sure be able to find something interesting.

Also, you can find some info about the training requirements for each career, its description, and possible salary.

If you want to enroll in some non-desk job and get more freedom, this article is for you!

Air Traffic Controller

If your goal is to avoid those standard working hours, an air traffic controller can be a perfect option for you.

These specialists are required 24 hours a day.

Working as an air traffic controller, you’ll be responsible for air traffic coordination, planes’ take-offs and landings at various airports.

Moreover, they provide pilots with the latest data about weather and other planes in the area.

As an air traffic controller, you won’t spend much time outside while staying mainly in a control tower.

Usually, these towers are equipped with a bunch of the latest devices and technologies so the workers can inform pilots about all changes and conditions.

Considering the fact that planes fly 24 hours a day, some specialists should be at a tower during any time of a day.

It is a great option for those who prefer working at nights as air traffic controllers usually work on shifts.

Training Requirements

You should know that training options for air traffic controllers are rather unique.

You can obtain it in three various ways including military experience, an aviation degree or three years of experience in the sphere.

Combination of some of these options is also possible.

If you want to work in this sphere, you need to address the Federal Aviation Administration.

To become an air traffic controller, you must be a US citizen.

Average Salary Rate

An average salary of an air traffic controller is about $123 000 per year.

Interested? Learn more about how to become an aviation manager.

Construction Manager

Construction manager career is a great option for anyone who wants to work out of the office and be able to work with their own hands.

Also, it is a rewarding job as you can get a good salary and see the results of your work with your own eyes.

Usually, construction managers oversee various types of constructional projects including such options as home improvements, commercial builds, and governmental constructions such as roads and bridges.

Working as a construction manager, you not only going to observe everyone’s job but also creat budget and plan out the initial job.

Non-Office Careers, Options, Building Construction

Of course, you can enroll in a job that can be considered as a ‘business’ side of this work but there is another option as well.

Lots of construction managers work on building sites so they control the work and make sure that everything is OK.

Also, this career path may involve lots of traveling to different cities and even states.

Training Requirements

If you want to work as a construction manager, you need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in construction management.

After obtaining several years of experience, you’ll be able to enroll in a certification exam.

If you want to expand your career opportunities, you should consider taking some Master’s degree program.

Average Salary Rate

As a construction manager, you can earn about $85 650 per year.


The healthcare system develops constantly and there are no signs that the growth will slow down in the nearest future.

If you are interested in a medical career but don’t feel like spending your time at the desk, you should know that there are lots of jobs that may interest you.

Also, you’ll be able to find a bunch of careers that don’t require much training and years in medical school.

You can apply for various medical jobs right after obtaining some little training.

One of the most promising and popular options is a phlebotomist.

These specialists perform blood drawing procedure using various techniques and methods.

Because the number of aging population increases and technologies develop rapidly, there is a growing demand for qualified phlebotomists.

Phlebotomists are obliged to work with lots of people and communicate with various patients every day.

Also, they need to know how to maintain blood samples, label them and make the required tests and analysis.

If you want to enroll in this career, you should be well organized, communicative, sociable, and supportive.

Moreover, you need to be able to handle some stressful situations and conflicts as you can always meet some patients that are afraid of needles, blood sight and so on.

This is probably one of the fastest-growing non-office careers in the last few years.

Learn more here – Phlebotomy Classes: Free & Paid Training

Training Requirements

To obtain your certification as a phlebotomist, you need to complete a one-year training program.

Various training programs for phlebotomists are offered at vocational schools colleges, accredited institutions and online.

During your training, you’ll be able to learn a bunch of important medical disciplines in order to be able to perform your duties as a phlebotomist.

In most states, you aren’t obliged to obtain a certification in order to be able to work as a phlebotomist.

Nevertheless, you should know that certification may provide you with much better career options.

Average Salary Rate

An average salary of a phlebotomist is about $28 000 per year.

You may consider this job as a stepping stone to other jobs in the medical sphere or just continue working in this field.

Non-office Careers, Options, Tips

Medical Engineering Technicians

Medical engineering technicians are responsible for the various types of medical equipment including such things as X-ray machines, CAT scanners, heart monitors, and so on.

They are obliged to maintain the equipment and make sure that everything works properly.

Also, they adjust and test various machines and mechanisms used in medicine.

These specialists can work in such medical facilities as hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, and so on.

This career requires lots of stamina as you are going to spend a lot of time on your feet traveling from one place to another.

You can apply for a job at a certain facility or try to work on your own if you are able to build a good client base.

Training Requirements

In most cases, medical engineers are obliged to obtain an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree.

Also, you can get some on-the-job training offered by your employer.

It is a great option for those who have medical experience or military experience.

It’s not a mandatory requirement but you should consider obtaining your certification through the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

It is a great opportunity to get some more advanced career options.

Average Salary Rate

Working as a medical engineering technician, you can apply for an hourly-rate job or for a certain salary career.

An average salary of a medical engineering technician is about $56 000 annually.

Occupational Therapy Assistants

If you don’t feel like spending years on your training but still want to help people around you, you should consider starting a career of an occupational Therapy Assistant.

These specialists may apply for jobs at physical therapy centers, hospitals, and private practices.

In most cases, they work together with occupational therapists.

Usually, occupational therapist assistants are responsible for supporting patients that try to recover from various injuries.

Also, they may provide support when it comes to ailments that are a cause of limited mobility.

These specialists help people to understand how they can deal with their daily routine and work after having an injury.

You should know that this career requires lots of stamina as you are going to spend lots of your time on your feet.

Training Requirements

To be able to apply for an occupational therapy assistant job, you need to complete an Associate’s degree program that is provided by an accredited educational facility.

If you don’t want to spend much time on schooling, you can become an aid.

Of course, an occupational therapy aids earn less money but it is a great option for those who don’t want to spend much money on training.

Average Salary Rate

Occupational therapy assistants can earn about $60 000 annually.

Speaking of occupational therapy aides, they earn about $28 00 per year.

Dental Hygienist

Speaking of the medical sphere, dentistry is one of the most booming sections.

In recent years, people, especially elder people, start to care more about their teeth health.

Because of it, this sphere continues growing constantly and a bigger number of qualified dental hygienists are required.

The responsibilities of dental hygienists include such points as patients’ teeth cleaning or examination for oral diseases.

Also, they teach patients how to care for their teeth and mouth properly to help them stay healthy.

To be able to work in this sphere, you need to have a good level of education and specific skills including communication skills so they can talk to patients.

Most patients are afraid of dentists and it is a hygienist who deals with patients before they meet a dentist.

Non-Office Jobs, Ideas, Guide

There is a big shortage of qualified dental hygienists that’s why many medical facilities are ready to offer flexible hours and some other benefits to these specialists.

Working as a hygienist, you can enroll in some part-time job or find a schedule that fits your needs most of all.

You should know that this career requires lots of strength and stamina, as dental hygienists spend a lot of time on their feet.

Training Requirements

If you want to work as a dental hygienist, you are obliged to obtain a license.

Before it, you should complete an Associate’s degree in dental hygiene that can be obtained only in three years.

Average Salary Rate

Usually, dental hygienists earn an average salary of about $72 000 per year but it may vary depending on your employer or location.

A significant point is that this career is really flexible so you can find some great options for you.

Criminal Investigator

If you are a detail-oriented person that is interested in law enforcement, you may be interested in becoming a criminal investigator.

Usually, these specialists perform a whole bunch of various tasks such as:

  • Looking for evidence at crime scenes;
  • Questioning witnesses and victims;
  • Questioning suspected criminals;
  • Testifying in court (as needed);
  • Preparing reports.

These specialists can enroll in various career options provided by local, state, or federal government.

Of course, investigators work on sites after a crime has been committed but it is still one of the riskiest jobs.

As well as police officers, investigators have a weapon.

The main duties of these specialists include in-the-field investigation and interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects.

If you want to apply for this career, you need to be able to work in a changing environment and have a great stress-resistance.

Training Requirement

If you want to work as a criminal investigator, you need to have a high-school diploma, GED or any other equal education.

You can look for some career options provided by your local law enforcement agency.

Nevertheless, if you want to get some better career options or work on a federal level, you are obliged to obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Among the available training options, there are police academy and on-the-job training.

Average Salary Rate

As a criminal investigator, you can earn an average salary of about $80 000 annually.

Of course, it may vary depending on various issues such as the level of law enforcement agency.

Main Benefits of Non-Desk Careers

There are people who are sure that they won’t be able to spend their life sitting behind a desk.

Nevertheless, some people don’t realize some great benefits of working out of an office.

So, what are the advantages of following a non-desk career path?

Non-Office Jobs, Career Options, Tips

Among the main benefits of non-desk careers, there should be mentioned such point as:

  • Perfect for introverts because there are of course many non-desk jobs that require working with other people but still you won’t be obliged to spend all your working hours with them. Most of these jobs involve traveling and moving all over numerous locations.
  • Better for your health as you are going to spend lots of time on your feet and not behind a desk that can help you to keep fit. According to the latest research, about 50% of people who work in an office, have problems with overweight.
  • Variety as numerous non-desk jobs involves various activities. Of course, the general work-pace may remain the same, there can be various variations and changes. If you are one of those people who get bored fast, office careers aren’t for you for sure.
  • More flexibility as these jobs doesn’t keep you tied to your office desk. You can take some part-time and overnight hours, travel, and so on. If you can keep a balance between your work, hobbies, and interest, it can make your job even more satisfactory.

Non-Office Careers vs Desk Careers

It’s up to you to decide on what environment you want to work.

There lots of people who started working in an office and after some time they realized that it is not the right option for them.

Also, there are people that at the very beginning realize that they don’t want to work in an office.

Of course, non-desk jobs cannot be considered as perfect options.

In most cases, you need to have good stamina so you can spend lots of time on your feet.

Also, you should be ready to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment.

However, most of these careers can provide you with a good salary.

If you are thinking of enrolling in one of the non-desk careers, make sure to learn all the available options.

You just need to keep in mind that some of these jobs require a certain period of training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best non-desk jobs?

One of the best non-desk jobs is as an airline pilot.

Commercial pilots can make more than $100,000 per year.

You would get to travel a lot, and it would be fun and exciting to fly a big airplane.

There are also a lot of outdoor-type jobs, such as a wildlife or conservation officer.

Any job that is physical in nature often will not involve sitting at a desk.

What job can I get if I hate working?

While secretaries do valuable work, their work is not physically demanding, so that would be a good job if you do not like physical work.

Secretaries do administrative-type tasks, which are usually easy for a business or corporation.

There are regular working hours, very little stress, and you do not need a lot of education or experience.

What jobs can I do alone?

There are several jobs that you can do without anyone around you.

A forest ranger could be in the forest all day and never see anyone while at his job.

You can be a pet sitter or a house sitter by yourself.

You could do any kind of driving job by yourself.

Writers do the actual writing by themselves, but they may be around others gathering information.

How do I get a job as an air traffic controller?

Becoming an air traffic controller is a difficult task and it is a job that has a lot of pressure.

You will need a four-year degree and complete a degree from the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Program.

Three years of progressively responsible work is also required.

The training is hard and half the people who start do not finish.

What is it like being a construction manager?

Being a project manager may be stressful, but it could also be fun guiding a project to completion.

The project manager prepares budgets, cost estimates, and the labor force.

They work with engineers, architects, and others to put the plans into motion.

They must adjust to situations or problems as they arise.

The project manager runs the project until it is finished.

Where do phlebotomists make the most money?

States that have the highest income, in general, are also states where phlebotomists make the most money.

In California, a phlebotomist can make $47,000, and in New York, he or she could make $44,000.

The District of Columbia, Alaska, and Washington are also the states that pay phlebotomists well, with all of those making more than $40,000 per year.

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