10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well (No Degree Required!)

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Fun Jobs That Pay Well (No Degree Required!)

Everyone has their own vision of an exciting and enjoyable job.

Nevertheless, there are some points that are the same for various people.

One of the main components is friendly colleagues and a great boss that knows how to support his workers.

Also, one other aspect is working environment as it influences your work greatly.

Finally, it’s important to choose an occupation that you really like.

There are lots of people who think they are obliged to do some hated job only because they have no degree.

You should know that it’s a lie!

To say the truth there is the whole bunch of career options that don’t require a specific education while offering you a great salary and lots of fun.

Of course, there are lots of people who are interested in well-paid jobs that don’t require experience.

And, there are people who are dreaming about a career change after working on a certain position for years.

In any case, there are lots of interesting jobs for people who don’t have a degree.

Interesting career – it’s not a dream but a reality.

In this article, you can find a list of top 10 careers you can enroll without a degree while getting a good salary.

There is a whole variety of careers that are exciting and fun on their own.

If you want to change your job or just look for some interesting career without a degree, use the article to get some ideas.

Fun and Fruitful Career Options for Those Without Degree

If you need an enjoyable career, you need to make sure it provides you with fulfillment.

While feeling excited at work you can improve your results and do your work better.

It’s a perfect recipe for a perfect career!

This list contains a bunch of options that can be a great choice for those who look for smth new.

There is a whole variety of options so we’re sure everyone can find something interesting in our list.

Web Developer

Nowadays, when technologies develop rapidly, there is a constant need for web developers.

This job is really popular so you’ll face a competitive market.

Nevertheless, there are lots of job offers as well as companies all over the world constantly look for web developers.

Just keep in mind that you should be able to prove your proficiency and talent to be hired.

This career gives you an opportunity to work as a freelancer.

In such a case, you need to have a good portfolio but also it gives you an opportunity to choose projects and clients.

This career is a perfect choice for people who are interested in the Internet, design, art, and graphic.

Rewarding Careers, No Degree, Web Developer

Moreover, it can be an ideal choice for those who cannot or don’t want to communicate with people personally.

Normally, you are mostly going to get in touch with your clients through e-mail or some messengers.

One other point is that working as a web developer, you can build your own schedule and work at home.

Finally, it’s an exciting and funny job as you can work on numerous creative projects.

Working as a web developer, you can earn an average salary of $66 000 per year.


If you want to work as a DJ, you should know that there are some ways to find a job.

Firstly, you can look for some full-time work at some bar or club.

Secondly, you can enroll in some one-time offers like parties or weddings.

In fact, DJing is a great option for those who are interested in music and have some deep knowledge in this sphere.

Just keep in mind, that it’s not enough to have some CDs, you need be really skillful.

Being a DJ means that you should know what you are worth.

It’s especially important to tip for those who work for themselves.

You should know the market well and should be able to promote yourself.

Moreover, you need to be able to use a bunch of software and various social media platforms.

In addition, there is a whole variety of equipment that is required.

It means that this career needs rather much of investment at the very beginning.

Nevertheless, you can get this money back really quickly if you are talented and skillful.

Speaking of the benefits of this career, it gives you an opportunity to work with various people and spend your time in a relaxing atmosphere enjoying some good music.

If you want to know about the cons of being a DJ, you should consider that you are going to work late at night mostly.

Also, it can require lots of traveling and take your equipment with you which means you should be able to pack it properly and transport it safely.

Nevertheless, it’s up to you how much you are going to travel and what equipment you may need.

You should keep in mind that DJ’s salary depends on various aspects such as location and number of working hours.

An average salary varies from $20 000 to $200 000 per year.


Do you want to work in the medical sphere but don’t feel like spending years on getting a degree?

In such a case, you should consider becoming a phlebotomist.

It’s an entry-level option which gives a room for promotion and growth as well.

Also, you can enroll in a 3-year training program to increase your chances to get some good job.

Working as a phlebotomist, you’ll be obliged to draw blood from patients in order to make some analysis.

You need to label it and deliver it to a lab so it can be checked.

This job is really exciting as you have an opportunity to work with different people every day.

In most cases, before visiting a doctor, patients go to see a phlebotomist to make their blood tests.

Being a phlebotomist, you are going to work in a fast-paced and exciting environment like a hospital.

Also, you should keep in mind that your career is absolutely rewarding as you are going to help people.

You work is absolutely important as it helps doctors to diagnose illnesses and diseases.

Working as a phlebotomist, you’ll be earning an average salary of $32 000 per year.

Looking for training?

See this: Phlebotomy Classes: Red Cross, Free & Paid Training

Career Option, No Degree, Phlebotomist


If you like working with wood and have enough skills, you should consider making it your career.

Carpentry is an industry with a long history and a great future.

Moreover, it’s a great career option for young people who don’t want to go to college and want to enroll in some trade career.

Also, you can enroll in this career if you are pretty skillful and it is easy to start working in this sphere.

The most exciting thing about this career is that it’s really creative and gives an opportunity to work in various spheres.

You can construct frames for houses, work on high-rises or even help to create home interiors.

If you decided to become a carpenter, you can look for career options at small building companies or start working on your own.

If you like working with your hands and enjoy seeing the results of your labor, this is a great job that will always have a need.

One other point is that there is no need to enter a college if you want to work as a carpenter.

In case you are looking for some experience, you should consider becoming an apprentice.

It will give you an opportunity to learn a bunch of skills working with a professional carpenter.

Those who want to work for themselves also need to work on their business and marketing skills.

Moreover, the mathematical and mechanical mind is really important for a carpenter.

An average salary of a carpenter is about $75 000 per year but it depends significantly on the field you choose to work at.


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Modern technologies provide numerous opportunities for those who look for some exciting career.

A photographer is one of such careers that offers lots of options and constantly growing labor market.

To become a successful photographer, you need some skills, creativity, and some equipment.

There are lots of work options as people need photographers for numerous occasions including:

  • Weddings;
  • School photos;
  • Family portraits;
  • Parties;
  • Baby pictures.

If you want to get some skills to start your career as a photographer, you can take some classes and online courses.

It will help you to learn how to use a camera properly and how to edit your photos to make them perfect.

Nevertheless, you don’t need a degree to become a photographer but you need some good portfolio to attract some clients.

If you don’t know how to start your career, you should consider offering some photo packages and free photos for marketing materials.

Also, it’s important to be communicative and to know how to promote yourself properly.

Moreover, you need to use social media so you can share your photos and your clients can share their feedback about your work

Your income may vary significantly depending on numerous factors such as your experience.

An average salary of a freelance photographer is about $25 000 per year but still, if you have enough experience and are asked to take photos of some important events, you can earn about $100 000 annually.

Personal Care Assistant

There are enough careers in the medical sphere that don’t require any degree and a personal career assistant is one of them.

This job is an absolutely great choice for anyone who likes helping and supporting people.

Being a personal care assistant means that you can work at a hospital, a living facility or just work on your own.

The last option means that you are going to have 2-3 patients on a regular basis.

Personal care assistant duties include such points as:

  • visiting patients;
  • helping them in and out of bed;
  • giving medicines;
  • helping with meals and so on.

In other words, you are going to help your clients with everyday tasks that they cannot cope with themselves.

This is the most rewarding career for those who like helping people.

Moreover, this career gives you an opportunity to have a flexible schedule.

Working as a personal care assistant, you can earn an average salary of $22 000 per year.

Career Options, No Degree, Care Assistant


It’s hard to argue that firefighter is one of the most exciting careers.

Just imagine going into a burning house to save somebody or coming to rescue someone who needs medical help.

There are lots of firefighters who work as volunteers but still, there is a constant need in full-time firefighters.

The main point is that this career doesn’t require any degree.

You just need to be strong, brave and dedicated.

Despite the fact the degree isn’t required, you still need lots of training working in an emergency center.

On more point is that most firefighters are Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) as well.

To be able to perform your duties as a firefighter, you need to complete a 12-week training.

In some case, you may be obliged to enroll in paramedics training that can last for several months.

If you want to become a firefighter you should have some integrity and the ability to stay calm in any situation.

Moreover, fast thinking and ability to analyze the environment are absolute must-have for a good firefighter.

Finally, you should be a good team member so you can work with your mates properly and support each other.

If you want to work as a full-time firefighter, you can expect an average salary of $50 000 annually.

Dog Walker

Being a vet or working in an animal shelter is a perfect career for animal lovers but what to do if you don’t want to spend your time getting a degree?

The answer is simple – you should consider becoming a dog walker.

If you think that you cannot earn much being a dog walker, you should know that your salary may vary depending on your location and your self-promotional skills.

Nowadays, many people use special apps to find someone to walk their pets.

You also can use such apps to find clients and get credibility points that will let you increase your income and the number of your clients.

Also, if you do your job well, you can be promoted by your clients.

This career is great for those who look for some flexible hours and also, most of your working hours will be during a day as most people need their pets to be walked while they are at work.

Nevertheless, there can be some extra hours.

It’s a perfect option for introverts who aren’t good at communicating with people.

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting career as you are going to spend a lot of time with dogs.

Moreover, it’s easy to enroll in this career as there thousands of people who have dogs.

Dog walker career gives you an opportunity to set your own rate.

Usually, it’s about $10-$25 per hour.

In fact, it’s a good rate that gives you an opportunity to pay for your living without difficulties.

Love animals? you might want to consider becoming a vet tech or becoming a pet groomer.

Golf Caddy

Do you like exercising and spending time outdoors?

If your answer is yes, you should consider becoming a golf caddy and it doesn’t require any degree.

The main point is that you should be a real fan of walking and staying outside.

Considering the fact it requires a lot of stamina, this career can be an ideal choice for young and sporty people.

There are numerous golf clubs around the country and every year they look for new staff members who can work as caddies.

Normally, you are going to be paid hourly but lots of clients give tips for their caddies every time.

If you are lucky enough to get a job at an exclusive club, you can have really high tips.

Caddying just a couple of rounds per day, you can earn few hundreds of dollars.

You can start as a golf course caddy but there is always an opportunity to promote your career and become a prof caddy.

It requires some deep understanding of golf and its rules.

If you are good at your job and become a prof caddy, your income can be up to $400 000 annually.

Just agree that it’s a great salary considering golf caddy duties.

Professional Nanny

If you want to work outside the office and really love kids, consider becoming a professional nanny.

You can enroll in this career despite how old are you.

The point is that it differs slightly from the career of a babysitter as working as a nanny you are obliged to spend a whole day with kids.

Sometimes, parents may ask you to move in so you can look after their kids all the time.

Nanny is responsible for numerous issues related to kids development including their meal, homework, and so on.

As you can see this career requires lots of empathy, kindness, patience, and compassion.

Nanny’s salary varies significantly depending on numerous aspects including the number of working hours.

You can have an average salary of $40 000 per year.

Also, if you are living at the house of your employer, there is no need to worry about a whole bunch of expenses.


Nowadays, you aren’t obliged to go to college in order to get some great job.

Modern technologies give us lots of options to earn some good money and enjoy a career you really like even if you don’t have a degree.

To say the truth there are lots of great and joyful careers that can be started without graduating a college.

Such careers are perfect for those who want to change their current career, don’t want to go to college or just haven’t decided yet on their future occupation.

We really hope our list was useful for you and you’ll be able to get some fun and fruitful job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do you need to be a web developer?

Being a web developer is all about understanding how computers work and being able to use them.

Numerical skills are helpful, as well as good attention to detail.

Logic and problem-solving skills are also a must.

Being creative is another useful skill but may not be as important as the others.

Can anyone become a web developer?

Almost anyone can become a web developer.

If you have a computer and know how to use it, you can learn to be a web developer.

You will need some training if you want to do it professionally, but anyone can learn the process.

How do I get into DJing?

There are a few ways to become a DJ.

You can do it yourself and figure it out as you go, or you can take a program through school.

There are no official requirements.

Learn about the different kinds of DJs and decide who you are.

From there learn about software and practice the craft.

You can offer your services yourself, or work for someone else.

What are the benefits of DJing?

One of the benefits of DJing is that you are your own boss in most cases and can work when you want to.

You can be surrounded by music and constantly exploring music, so it becomes more a fun hobby than a job.

You get to share the music you love with others.

Most DJs do it for fun and enjoy it a lot.

Is it hard to learn DJ?

It is not hard to learn to be a DJ.

You pick out songs and play them on a sound system for a group of people.

You can make that as simple or complex as you like.

You need to learn a little about the software that is used, but that is relatively simple if you are at all skilled with computers.

There are no requirements to becoming a DJ.

Do you need qualifications to be a dog walker?

You do not necessarily need qualifications to be a dog walker, but it is helpful if you have some recommendations from people you have worked for.

If you can find a few people who will let you walk their dog, they can become references for people who will be paying you.

You also need to know how to walk a dog and keep yourself and the dog safe.

How do I start being a dog walker?

Basically, you can start being a dog walker by getting someone to let you walk their dog.

There are no requirements, but you do need to have the trust of the dog owner.

It is just a matter of finding someone who will let you, and pay you, to walk their dog.

  1. Avatar for Rob Brown Rob Brown

    I actually just told a friend that I bet there were jobs that would pay better than somewhere you need a degree. I am happy there are options out there for people because not everyone can afford to go to college. I also think there is nothing wrong with going to a trade school or self-teaching (if possible).

  2. Avatar for Frank B. Frank B.

    I knew there were some jobs out there that didn’t require high education but I was never under the impression any of them paid well. This is giving me some hope. I wanted to go to college since I was 15 and was never able to because of lack of money, no scholarships, and my parents being in debt and unable to cosign a loan. I am now 23 and working somewhere I hate. I am going to look into all these options.

    1. Avatar for Belinda Belinda

      Frank B. You should look at online for schools that don’t use student loans for undergrad degrees. I don’t know if I can post links here but from research, I found nearly 30 and some may be local to you unless you’re willing to relocate. I am working on going back to school now thanks to this research. I’m much older than you and worked like a slave for similar and a few other reasons. Good luck!

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