20 Pros and Cons of Being a Truck Driver

Pros and Cons of Being a Truck Driver

Every career opportunity has its exciting perks.

Not everyone would enjoy being a truck driver.

However, perhaps you are considering it.

Weight the pros and cons of working in the transportation industry knowing you may end gone from home often.

Pros of Being a Truck Driver

Travel at Someone Else’s Expense

Sometimes, you get to travel on someone else’s dollar when you are a truck driver.

Companies may pay for the gas mileage unless you are running your own company.

A (Sometimes) Flexible Hours

Some opportunities might require you to work nights and weekends.

However, it will not take you long to earn the opportunity to set your own hours if you want.

Alternatively, you could also seek part-time positions that allow you flexible hours.

Can Listen To Whatever Audio You Want

If you have ever worked in a factory where people often fight over what radio station to play, you will understand the struggle.

Trucking gives you the freedom to listen to whatever you want to on the radio or your favorite online streaming platform.

Hear audiobooks or podcasts as much as you want to as well.

Always a Need

There is always a need for truck drivers all around, and you probably will not have to worry about being out of a job most of the time.

Just look at all the ads you see online, and you will not stress out about not having any work.

Gives You Stories to Tell

You get to tell stories of all your adventures to your family and perhaps future grandchildren.

If anything, it makes for interesting conversations when you are home.

It might also give you material for creative writing if you also aspire to become an author.

Provides Experience For Travel Writing

Truck driving allows you experiences you never thought you would have and some you will never forget.

On breaks, you can start your own blog and document all your adventures.

You might even get paid to submit some of your travel stories to online magazines and other publications.

Of course, you have to adhere to your employer’s guidelines as far as how much information you should disclose about the customers you are working for.

However, you can generally tell people about your adventures with discretion.

More Opportunities in More Locations

You will have the chance to work in multiple locations.

This benefits you to see people that you have not seen in years.

Otherwise, if you met someone new and you want to get to know that person, you could temporarily transfer and work in their location.

If you decide to pursue truck driving, you would not have to worry about looking hard for a new job.

This benefits your spouse, who perhaps must move for their job for some reason.

Employment as a delivery driver might even give you opportunities to work all around the world.

Gives You Incentives Not To Drink

Sometimes personal reasons can cause some people to become employed in transportation.

Driving all the time could offer you an incentive to keep off keep away from alcohol.

That is an advantage to you as long as you are not prone to risking the drive anyway after having drunk.

Short Training Periods

Do not get me wrong, truck driving is not an easy task.

However, for the amount of earning potential you have, it does not require much training time.

Some learning tracks you can complete in less than 200 hours.

An example of training you might seek in your location resembles the one offered at Waukesha County Technical College.

In most cases, you can start making money after earning one certificate instead of going to school for two or more years.

This applies regardless of location in most cases.

Earn a Decent Living

Most truck drivers do make at least $77,000 per year.

Therefore, you can take care of yourself and help support your family if you have one.

You will have to decide if the money is enough for you, however.

Not everyone can handle life on the road all the time.

Cons of Being a Truck Driver

It Feels Lonely Sometimes

Truck driving could feel lonely if you have a family because you want to be there with them and not just earn a paycheck and bring home money.

If you do enjoy trucking, however, you will want to communicate with your employer what hours you will work.

Do not let them convince you to work when you would rather be home on your days off if you can “help it.”

Interrupts Family Life

Truck driving is not very convenient if you have a family.

That is, some positions will not allow you to come home for weeks or months at a time.

Even with all the video meeting technology available nowadays, it still is not the same as meeting in person.

Hard to Date If Single

If you are not around often enough, you might find it hard to sustain a relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone can handle dating or marriage with a truck driver.

Again, that depends on what type of truck driving job you have.

Some people work within their state and set boundaries with the companies they work for as far as to how many hours they would work.

Requires Reliable Transportation

Even if you do not use your own vehicle for the job, you sometimes may have to travel to the nearest delivery center or truck stop.

You also sometimes have to drive long distances in your own vehicle all the way home.

Not all companies pay for this gas mileage if it is not during delivery hours.

Sometimes Causes Burnout

You can find work that allows you to arrange your schedule.

However, you might feel compelled to take on all the routes assigned.

If you have a problem speaking up when you do not think you can handle another delivery, it can cause burnout.

Not Home Enough To Enjoy Your House

You probably heard this saying: People often work all week long to not even have time to enjoy their house or other places they live in even if some of them own residences that cost $300,000 a year or more.

Money Made Maybe Not Worth It

You can make a decent living as a trucker.

However, it might not seem worth it for the amount of time you are away from home.

Other careers where you can earn about the same amount of money would enable you to work in the same place most of the time.

If you do not want to be away from the people you love for long, consider finding shorter day routes to complete.

Alternatively, maybe try restaurant or grocery shopping and local delivery work.

Some local jobs allow you to generate just as much revenue as “away” jobs.

You Might Get Sick of Convenience Foods

You might grow tired of eating on the go all the time, and you will probably miss home-cooked meals.

It is also challenging to find clean showers unless you have the money for hotels.

On the other hand, you can perhaps camp during the warmer months and cook your own food.

Some campgrounds also have clean showers for less cost than hotels with no “pay per use” fees.

Living in Hotels “Gets Old”

Many people decide to become truck drivers because the thrill of travel appeals to them.

However, you will end up spending more time with strangers than your longtime family and friends.

On the other hand, you can rectify this problem by connecting with the same people in the same cities if you drive similar routes most of the time.

Not Always Safe

Your fleet could break down, and you could end up in the middle of nowhere.

Worse yet, cell phones could either be dead or you cannot pick up a calling signal during an emergency.

Sometimes accidents also occur because you have to drive in bad weather, including heavy rain and snow or sleet conditions.

You face many dangers as a trucker, but you can take safety courses to help you learn defensive and protective driving methods.

You will also learn in your training courses how to handle hazardous chemicals.

Should You Become a Truck Driver?

Truck driving will probably appeal to you if allowed to communicate your family schedule out with your employer.

Otherwise, set your own schedule if you are self-employed.

If you have the means to buy your own truck, you can set your own hours, and you can build up your own clientele.

Honestly, truck driving may be easier if you are single, not married, if you want to know the truth.

Pros and Cons of Being a Truck Driver – Summary Table

Pros of Being a Truck DriverCons of Being a Truck Driver
Travel at Someone Else’s ExpenseIt Feels Lonely Sometimes
A (Sometimes) Flexible HoursInterrupts Family Life
Can Listen To Whatever Audio You WantHard to Date If Single
Always a NeedRequires Reliable Transportation
Gives You Stories to TellSometimes Causes Burnout
Provides Experience For Travel WritingNot Home Enough To Enjoy Your House
More Opportunities in More LocationsMoney Made Maybe Not Worth It
Gives You Incentives Not To DrinkYou Might Get Sick of Convenience Foods
Short Training PeriodsLiving in Hotels “Gets Old”
Earn a Decent LivingNot Always Safe

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