Top 28 Jobs Working With Children

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Jobs Working With Children

Each of us dreams about a job that can offer us not only some good income but also some satisfaction as well.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to work with children and kids.

The great thing about such jobs is that there is a whole bunch of amazing options that can provide you not only with some satisfaction but also with various benefits.

You need to know that there is an incredible variety of jobs that involve working with children of different ages.

According to the data, in 2017 almost 74 million people younger than 18 lived in the USA and this number increases constantly.

Specialists claim that by 2050 this number will increase by more than 2.5 million.

One other important point is that children need much more help and support than adults as they only develop and explore the world.

As a result, there are numerous qualified professionals that work with children to help them in any possible way.

It means that you can easily find a job that requires working with children as professionals in this sphere are in great demand.

Moreover, there are numerous careers that allow not only support children but also help other people around you in one way or another.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of the most amazing and fruitful options for those who look for a job that involves working with kids.

Just make sure to read our list so you can learn about all these options and choose the one you like most of all.

High-paying Jobs Working with Children

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Pediatric Registered Nurse

This job is one of the most fruitful options as you can not only help sick and injured children but also you can observe how they get better and stronger.

Moreover, most specialists in this sphere tend to have a pretty high salary.

Average salary: $75,510
Top-end salary: $106,530 or more

Pediatric Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene is one of the most important issues when it comes to kids’ health as they love sweets and are afraid of dentists.

Working as a pediatric dental hygienist, you can teach kids how to take proper care about their teeth and help them overcame their fear of a dentist.

In other words, this job is not only fruitful but very fulfilling as well.

Average salary: $75,500
Top-end salary: $101,820 or more

Child Psychologist

Some children require the help of qualified psychologists.

Completing your training and obtaining some of the latest knowledge, you will be able to help lots of kids and teach them how to overcome various issues and difficulties.

Average salary: $85,340
Top-end salary: $129,310 or more

Speech-Language Pathologist

The ability to communicate is one of the most important skills, especially in the modern world.

However, there are lots of children who have problems with communication due to some cognitive disorders and other impairments.

It means that they cannot speak or understand the language properly.

As a speech-language pathologist, you are going to teach how to communicate properly.

Average salary: $80,700
Top-end salary: $120,060 or more

Juvenile Justice Attorney

Unfortunately, there are numerous children that enter the criminal justice system annually.

There are numerous legal professionals that should make sure that each kid is treated fairly and their rights are preserved properly.

Average salary: $144,230
Top-end salary: $208,000 or more

Pediatric Dentist

It is not a secret that most kids are really afraid of the dentist.

It is exactly the reason why pediatric dentists are so important and highly rated.

They should be able to only perform their standard duties but also to communicate with children to make them feel comfortable and less frightened.

Average salary: $175,840
Top-end salary: $208,000 or more


Pediatricians are responsible for the medical care of children.

They tend to communicate with kids a lot so they should be able to make them feel comfortable and safe,

Also, these specialists have some pretty high salaries.

Average salary: $183,240
Top-end salary: $208,000 or more

Child Psychiatrist

Not only adults but kids as well may suffer from different mental health disorders including such issues as depression, anxiety, and so on.

Moreover, lately the number of kids with autism increased significantly.

As a result, child psychiatrists are in great demand as they can help kids, treat them properly, and prescribe required medications.

Average salary: $220,380
Top-end salary: $208,000 or more

Rewarding Careers with Children

Vocational Training, Working with Children, Career Options, Rewarding Jobs

Early Childhood Educator

Preschool teachers guide and teach kids helping them to learn some basic things.

Also, they help children develop in various ways.

Average salary: $34,410
Top-end salary: $55,350 or more

Child and Family Social Worker

According to the research, almost 20% of American kids live in poverty and there are lots of children that have only one parent.

Also, there are lots of kids who suffer from home abuse and neglect or obliged to live in foster.

Social workers make sure that each child has proper living conditions, as well as all kids, are safe and their rights are preserved.

Average salary: $49,760
Top-end salary: $76,750 or more

Respiratory Therapy Technician

According to the latest research, about 13% of American children suffer from asthma.

Respiratory therapy technicians are specialists that treat such kids, help them breathe easier, and overview them helping with their respiratory illnesses.

In other words, they help children become healthier, stronger and live a normal life.

Average salary: $51,380
Top-end salary: $73,530 or more

Elementary School Teacher

Elementary school is a very important part of education as it is a period when children get some sort of foundation required for their further education,

Working as an elementary school teacher, you can help kids to get some essential basic knowledge.

Also, this job is really rewarding in numerous ways as well as really fun and exciting.

Average salary: $62,200
Top-end salary: $95,270 or more

Occupational Therapy Assistant

There are kids that suffer from physical or cognitive disabilities which means that they cannot live a normal life.

Occupational therapy assistants help such kids to develop different motor skills as well as some basic functions.

In such a way, they help children better integrate in an everyday life, deal with various tasks, and succeed in school.

Average salary: $60,410
Top-end salary: $80,980 or more

Pediatric Nutritionist or Dietitian

Pediatric nutritionists are responsible for the organization of healthy food that is essential for kids.

Usually, they educate parents about the proper diet for children and help schools and kindergartens to decide on the best menus for canteens.

Average salary: $61,210
Top-end salary: $84,610 or more

Jobs with Kids That Offer Out-of-the-Box Perspectives

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Private Nanny

Most modern parents prefer to continue working when having a child which means that they need some help.

As a result, there are lots of job options for people who want to work with children.

Working as a nanny, you will be able to work with the same kid or kids daily taking care of them and helping them with various issues.

Some families even prefer when a nanny lives with them so there is always someone to take care of children.

It means that you are going to have some very strong connections with kids that you look after.

Moreover, this job can guarantee you some good income and even a place where to live of you need one.

Average salary: $24,610
Top-end salary: $34,430 or more


Numerous beauty professionals such as hairstylists and cosmetologists try to offer some services for kids as well.

You should be able not only to perform some of your regular professional duties but also to engage kids in some kind of interaction to make it a fun experience for them.

Offering beauty services for kids, you will be able to increase your regular income significantly.

Average salary: $30,190
Top-end salary: $50,110 or more


As well as cosmetologists, barbers can offer some services for kids.

There are even barbershops that are created specifically for kids where they can interact and have fun with that stuff.

It is a great opportunity to expand your business and increase your annual income significantly.

Average salary: $33,220
Top-end salary: $52,600 or more

Museum Educator

It is not a secret that most part of the visitors that attend different popular museums is kids especially when it comes to school field trips.

Usually, museum guides have lots of interaction with kids as they have many questions and want to know about all the things displayed in museums.

Median salary: $35,622
Top-end salary: $49,005 or more

Art Therapist

As an art therapist, you can help kids to overcome various difficulties as well as psychological issues while developing their creative abilities.

This job is very exciting, fun, and creative as you aren’t only going to work with different creativity but also use your imagination and creativity to make your interaction effective.

Median salary: $43,993
Top-end salary: $59,457 or more

Family Therapist

Family therapists aim to help kids express their desire, feelings, and concerns to make them more open, active, sociable, and so on.

Moreover, you have an opportunity to learn more about the inner world of different kids so you will never forget what it means to be young, innocent, and pure.

Average salary: $54,150
Top-end salary: $82,240 or more

Radiologic Technologist

It is not a secret that most children are very energetic and active which means that they often get in dangerous situations.

It means that they may have various injuries including broken bones and internal injuries that require some specific diagnostic images.

It means that as an x-ray technician or MRI technologist you should be able to interact with different children pretty often.

Average salary: $61,540
Top-end salary: $86,350 or more


If you are looking for a rewarding career that involves working with children, a librarian can be a perfect option for you.

As a librarian, you can teach kids about the amazing power of books and other written sources of information.

Numerous children will for sure be grateful for you for all those magnificent places and worlds they were able to visit while reading the books offered by you.

Average salary: $61,530
Top-end salary: $93,050 or more

Joyful and Fun Jobs with Kids

Vocational Training, Working with Children, Career Options, Fun and Enjoyable

Recreation Worker

In each city, town, and village there are numerous parks and recreation centers where kids like spending time.

They like rest, play, have fun, and participate in various activities that are held in these areas.

As a recreation worker, you can take part in these events, interact with children, and help them

Average salary: $28,310
Top-end salary: $42,670 or more

Child Portrait Photographer

Of course, nowadays everyone has a smartphone with a built-in camera but professional photographers are still in great demand.

The point is that most people want to have some very beautiful and high-quality photos that show some of the most special events.

Usually, it involves taking photos of kids and children which is pretty challenging but also a very fun process.

It is always exciting to work with different kids that are full of energy and surprises.

Average salary: $42,770
Top-end salary: $76,360 or more


Working as a coach, you can help kids develop some skills, become better, and achieve some goals even including some professional ones.

It is a very exciting occupation that can provide you with a bunch of joyful moments.

As a coach, you should be able to support children in numerous ways even during hard times and moments of failure encouraging them.

Average salary: $43,870
Top-end salary: $77,880 or more

Camp Director

If you have been in a summer camp, you for sure know that it is one of the most amazing and exciting experiences any child may have.

It is a place where kids can meet new friends, learn something new, test their abilities, and have lots of fun.

A camp director is exactly the person who coordinates this whole place turning it into something exciting, interesting, and creative.

Median salary: $30,791
Top-end salary: $57,207 or more

Recreation Director

A recreation director is a person who is responsible for various recreation programs for youth.

In fact, they have lots in common with the camp directors as they perform rather similar tasks and have pretty much similar experience while working.

The main difference is that this job is less seasonal and you don’t need to go somewhere far from your home to perform your duties.

Median salary: $58,138
Top-end salary: $99,692 or more

Child Party Entertainer

If you like being in the center of attention and know-how to communicate with others and entertain them, you should consider becoming a child party entertainer.

Nowadays, most parents like to organize some exciting parties for their kids on different occasions.

You can perform during these parties while entertaining kids as a clown, a magician, and so on.

There are numerous options for entertainer-for-hire workers and all of them can guarantee you some exciting and joyful occupation with good income.

Median salary: $31,863
Top-end salary: $79,507 or more

4 Huge Benefits That Careers With Children Provide

1. A Deep Sense of Purpose

We often hear that statement that children are our future but have you ever thought about the real meaning and value of this phrase?

Modern kids will grow up and become the people who inherit the world.

They are future leaders, teachers, doctors, artists, and investors.

In other words, working with kids and helping them learn and develop, you have an opportunity to impact our future.

Just use your knowledge, skills, and talents to make a positive impact on our future generations.

It is one of the most amazing and fulfilling things to know that your work can change the future.

Working with children, you may have a direct influence on our future especially if you work in such spheres as education, healthcare, human services, and family counseling, and so on.

People who work with kids help them get a great head start in their life flourishing their skills and strengths.

2. Exposure to Wildly Fresh Perspectives

Children aren’t only active but they are also curious and eager to explore the world around them.

They do not overthink everything, they are sincere and pure.

In other words, they can see the beauty of the world and enjoy even the smallest and simplest things.

In fact, adults have a whole bunch of things they can learn from kids and even some small interaction can impact and change us greatly.

It can help you to change your way of thinking, develop your creativity, and change your attitude towards numerous things.

In simple words, you can learn that sometimes it is better to tap back into a youthful mindset and look at the situation from the other perspective.

If you are one of those people who value different points of view and want to see the world from the other perspective, working with kids can be a great benefit for you.

Working in this sphere, you can be sure that you will always have a bunch of creative ideas and lots of fun.

3. Opportunities to Earn High Pay

Working with kids, you have an opportunity not only to enjoy your work but also to have some good income.

While you may have not so high salary at the beginning, after gaining some experience you will be able to have really high salary.

There are even some specific specializations that offer incredibly high payments.

Among the most promising options their psychology, nursing, law, and some other jobs related to healthcare mostly.

Also, you can start your own successful business that offers some services and goods specifically for kids.

4. More Play, More Laughter, More Smiles

It is not a secret that kids can easily enjoy every moment of their life while adults find it pretty difficult sometimes.

Children are always energetic, vibrant, joyful, and pure.

They are ready to have fun, laugh, dance, and communicate at any time they have an opportunity.

While working with kids you have an opportunity to become a little beat childish and enjoy every moment of your life.

If you are one of those people who enjoy that youthful and adventurous vibe and seek it when looking for a job, you will for sure enjoy working with kids.

In such a case, the best career options for you are those related to sports, entertainment, arts, and recreation.

Discover Your Own Path Forward

If you want to work with kids, first of all, you need to decide on a specific sphere or even a job that suits your needs most of all.

After it, it is time to think about your training.

You need to look for schools and colleges that can offer the training you need so you can choose the best one.

There are numerous training options for those who are dreaming of working with kids so don’t waste your time and follow your dream.

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