Jobs With $100K Salary (No Advanced Degree Required)

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Jobs With $100K Salary

Do you know many career options that can provide you with an income higher than $100K?

Usually, in this case, most people think about jobs that require an advanced degree and lots of training.

It can be such options as physicians, surgeons, chief executives, lawyers, pharmacists, and dentists.

All these specialists earn more than $100K annually.

Also, some engineers, scientists, astronomers, and physicists can earn as much as $100K per year.

But what about jobs that require no more than 4-year college education?

You’ll be surprised but there’s a variety of high-paying jobs that you can apply for only after a few years of training.

According to the data, in 2017, about 9.5% of Americans under 15 earned at least $100 000 per year.

It may sound like just a little number of people but in fact, it is 25 million US citizens.

After completing some required training, you can become one of those people.

Below, we’ve gathered a list of the most amazing careers that require a little training and can provide you with a salary of about $100K.

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Jobs That Pay $100K a Year Without a Degree

Vocational Training, Education, Job Options, $100K Salary, Without a Degree

It’s not a secret that famous people such as artists, actors, choreographers, dancers, and musicians can easily make more than $100K a year.

While these careers can be pursued with just a little training, it can be an unsuitable option for many people.

The fact other great options can give you more opportunities to get a high salary and reach your income goal.

Some of these careers can be started with only a certificate or a career diploma.

It means that only after a year of training or even less, you can start a fruitful career.

The only thing you will leave to do is to get some experience so you can start to earn $100K or more.

Below, there are career options that require just a little training and can provide you with a high income in the future.

1. Commercial Pilot

If you want to be a pilot and work in such spheres as aerial firefighting, search, and rescue, aerial photography, or charter flights, you don’t need to have a degree.

In order to enroll in this career, you need to obtain a commercial pilot’s license after completing short training courses.

Also, some employers may ask you for an instrument rating and additional specialty certifications.

You need to ensure that you have the training required by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Top earning potential—$160,480 or more

2. Detective or Criminal Investigator

Detectives and criminal investigators investigate various crimes using their skills to collect evidence, interview witnesses and so on.

Despite a complex set of skills required for this career, you do not need a degree to become a detective.

Usually, to enroll in this career, you should complete a training course at a police academy.

Also, you should consider completing college-level courses in criminal justice or law enforcement so you can stand out from other people working in this sphere.

Top earning potential—$138,860 or more

3. Computer Programmer

Nowadays, lots of programmers tend to have a degree but also there are lots of specialists who entered the field after short training courses.

The reason is that employers pay attention to your skills and ability to complete tasks.

Also, there is a lot of programmers who decide to work as freelancers so they can choose their clients, projects, and salary rates.

Top earning potential—$134,630 or more

4. Web Developer or Designer

In order to become a successful web developer or designer, the most important thing you need is a good portfolio.

As you can see, you don’t need to have a degree to succeed in this sphere but it is better to get at least some formal training.

Some short courses or specialized programs can give you extra points when it comes to the search of new clients.

Top earning potential—$124,480 or more

5. Animator or Multimedia Artist

There are numerous degree programs for those who want to become an animator or multimedia artist.

However, most of the specialists in this sphere were able to enter the field after only a short training.

One other important thing you should consider if you want to get a job in this sphere is a portfolio.

To find the best job options in the film, gaming, and visual effects industries, you need to ensure that your portfolio shows your proficiency and skills perfectly.

Top earning potential—$124,310 or more

6. Writer or Editor

Despite the incredible development of modern technologies, written communication is still the most effective and popular way to exchange information.

Nevertheless, not every person is really skillful in writing.

There are lots of companies and organizations that want to hire skillful writers and ready to pay them good money.

It means that if you are interested in this career, you can choose one of the numerous options that will provide you with a good income.

Top earning potential—$121,670 or more

7. Sound Engineering Technician

Having skills in sound engineering, you can find a job not only in the music recording sphere.

Lots of sound engineers work in such spheres as film and TV production, game development, live concerts, theater performances, and even sporting events.

Numerous sound engineers achieve a $100 lK after gaining some experience.

Top earning potential—$117,600 or more

8. Sales Representative

To be able to sell services and goods, you should have certain skills and even some talent.

If you want to enroll in this career and succeed, you need to consider getting some business training.

It can significantly boost your chances to get a high salary.

Top earning potential—$116,090 or more

9. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help people buy and sell their properties and it is a pretty fruitful career.

Most part of their income is a commission from the sold lots and completed deals.

Considering rather high prices for properties, real estate agents have good commissions.

Top earning potential—$112,610 or more

10. Computer Network Support Specialist

Numerous organizations all over the world use computer networks, the Internet and need qualified professionals to maintain these networks.

These specialists deal with troubleshooting issues, maintain, repair and set them up.

Even without a degree, a skillful computer network support specialist can have a very high income.

Top earning potential—$105,770 or more

Jobs Paying Over $100K, On Average, With Only 2 to 4 Years of College

Vocational Training, Education, Job Options, $100K Salary, Bachelor's Degree

After obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you can find even more jobs that can provide you with $100K annually.

Moreover, most jobs in this category have an average salary of about $100 000 or even more.

Using national averages in the USA, we’ve gathered a list of occupations that can give you even more than $100K.

11. Information Technology Manager

After completing a bachelor’s training program in information technology or computer science, you can apply for one of the management-level positions.

As soon as you complete your training and get some experience, you will be able to oversee the computer systems of a whole organization and perform related duties.

Average annual pay—$152,860 or more

12. Marketing Manager

If you are a qualified specialist who can identify new markets, predict demand tendencies and create great pricing strategies, you can start a fruitful career.

Marketing managers are very valuable specialists as they can help a company to achieve a good profit, growth of market share, and a higher level of clients’ satisfaction.

Considering their importance and impact, there is no surprise that marketing managers have high salaries.

Average annual pay—$147,240 or more

13. Sales Manager

Sales managers are specialists who direct set goals for whole sales-teams and even departments.

If you are interested in this career, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in any related field and get some working experience in sales.

Average annual pay—$140,320 or more

14. Human Resources Manager

Nowadays, large and even medium companies and organizations tend to create HR departments that are responsible for hiring and recruiting processes.

These departments require qualified workers that can also deal with such issues as employee benefits, communications between employees and employers, and disciplinary actions.

Working as a manager of an HR department, you have an opportunity to get a high salary.

Jobs St keep in mind that you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in human resources or business administration.

Average annual pay—$126,700 or more

15. Purchasing Manager

Purchasing managers are usually hired by large companies that need qualified employees to buy different products for various purposes.

The list of duties of these specialists includes such tasks as suppliers evaluation, product quality review, and contracts negotiation.

All these activities can have an incredible impact on company development so purchasing managers are in great demand and have high salaries.

To become a purchasing manager, you need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business and gain some experience as a purchasing agent or a buyer.

Average annual pay—$125,630 or more

16. Air Traffic Controller

Planes are one of the most important transport means nowadays and it is important to coordinate them properly.

Air traffic controllers should keep aircraft far away from each other to ensure there’re no accidents.

It’s absolutely clear why these specialists have high salaries.

After completing a two- or four-year degree in aviation, you have an opportunity to sit for the Air Traffic Standardized Aptitude Test (AT-SAT).

If you complete it successfully, you will be able to enter the FAA Academy.

Average annual pay—$120,830 or more

17. Medical or Health Services Manager

Applying for an administrative position in medical and health care spheres, you should be ready that these qualified professionals perform a whole bunch of duties.

They are obliged to make schedules, coordinate staff, keep records, decide on budget issues, and so on.

In other words, they need to ensure that a facility works properly and patients get all the services they need.

Average annual pay—$113,730 or more

18. Computer Network Architect

If you are interested in a career in IT and want to earn at least $100K per year, you should consider becoming a computer network architect.

To get a job in this sphere, you need to obtain a degree in computer networking technology and gain some experience.

Average annual pay—$111,130 or more

Jobs Paying $100K With 2 to 4 Years of College

Vocational Training, Education, Job Options, $100K Salary, After 2-4 Years of Training

Below, there are some great career options that can be entered with just a bachelor’s and even an associate’s degree.

These jobs are were chosen after the analysis of countrywide estimates.

We’ve chosen those careers that provide at least 10% of workers with an income of $100K.

19. Art Director

Art directors are creative specialists who also perform administrative duties.

They are responsible for an overview of various creative projects in such spheres as design, mass media, film production, and so on.

Working in this sphere, you have an opportunity to work with numerous talented people and earn a good salary.

Usually, you need to gain some experience as a graphic designer or related sphere to start working as an art director.

Top earning potential—$172,570 or more

20. Film or Video Editor

If you are passionate about movies and want to participate in the film production process, there’s a perfect career option for you.

Film and video editors help to create movies, television shows, documentaries, music videos.

Their main responsibility is to create a video using raw footage and the director’s guidance.

Top earning potential—$170,040 or more

21. Administrative Services Manager

Large companies and organizations have a complex structure with numerous departments and employees.

To keep it all working, different support services are required and there should be specialists who can maintain them.

To be able to start a career in this sphere, you need to complete some training in administration or business management.

Top earning potential—$165,470 or more

22. Construction Manager

Construction managers are qualified specialists who know how to create budgets and coordinate schedules of construction projects.

Also, they closely work with tradespeople, engineers, and architects while supervising projects.

Top earning potential—$161,510 or more

23. Applications Software Developer

It’s programmers who create codes for applications but they need detailed information about the project to complete their job.

Application software developers not only design various programs but also overview their development and testing.

The truth is that software developers, especially mobile application ones, have a high income.

According to the data, this career is known as the best one in the USA.

Top earning potential—$161,290 or more

24. Information Security Analyst

Considering the development of modern technologies and the growth of hacker’s attacks, computer security becomes more and more important.

It’s the main reason why qualified specialists in this sphere are in great demand.

Moreover, working in this sphere, you can expect a great income.

Top earning potential—$156,580 or more

25. Fashion Designer

Visionary designers constantly work to provide buyers with new styles and trends.

They usually work for clothing, accessories, and footwear manufacturers.

Top earning potential—$155,470 or more

26. Funeral Service Manager

It is very important to help people honor their close people they’ve lost recently.

Funeral services managers deal with mortuary staff, help with budget and marketing issues, and other issues related to the work of the funeral home.

Moreover, it can provide you with a good income.

Top earning potential—$151,680 or more

27. Network Administrator

Computer networks are widely used in the modern world so there is a need for qualified specialists who know how to maintain those networks.

It is easy to get six-figure income if you have great skills that can help you to make computer networks operate properly.

Top earning potential—$130,720 or more

28. Property Manager

Lots of people who own commercial or residential spaces decide to rent them out to get some extra money.

Nevertheless, in most cases, they do not have the required skills or enough time to deal with related issues.

Property managers help clients to deal with such things as finding tenants, collecting rent, and arranging for maintenance.

As they help to maintain and preserve the value of assets, property managers usually have a pretty high salary.

Top earning potential—$126,200 or more

29. Accountant

When it comes to the organization’s operation, proper maintenance of financial aspects is very important.

It is necessary to ensure that the has constant income and comply with all existing laws.

Accounts are specialists who help companies deal with all these financial issues.

Also, they help individuals and organizations with their income tax returns and other things.

As a result, accountants usually have a very high salary that can be as high as $100K per year.

Top earning potential—$122,840 or more

30. Market Research Analyst

Marketing research analysts can get a good job in a big company as well as a good salary.

The reason is that companies need qualified professionals who can make accurate marketing forecasts about customers’ needs and potential success of various products.

Top earning potential—$121,080 or more

31. Public Relations Specialist

The success of any company significantly depends on how people perceive it.

In fact, it is an important aspect not only for companies but also for independent entrepreneurs.

In other words, they need to build awareness and positive public perception so they need qualified professionals to help them.

It is exactly the point when PR specialists are required so they are in demand and can earn a very high salary.

Top earning potential—$112,310 or more

32. Social or Human Services Manager

There are numerous organizations that support disadvantaged youth, abused women, the homeless, the elderly, veterans, and individuals with physical or mental disabilities or illnesses all over the country.

All these organizations need qualified workers who can manage staff and volunteers, coordinate everything and organize the work of an organization properly.

Social or human services managers help organizations deal with all those issues and usually they have good income.

Top earning potential—$111,150 or more

Find Training for High-Paying Careers Now

If you want to get a job that will provide you with $100K or more income, first of all, you need to obtain some training.

Nevertheless, in most cases, you aren’t obligated to have an advanced degree to apply for one of these careers.

Very often, some short-term training will be enough.

Just choose the career you like and pursue it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between detective and investigator?

Investigators and detectives both work for law enforcement agencies.

Their jobs are very similar, and the difference between them is the kind of cases they work with.

Detectives work on things like missing persons or homicides.

Investigators work on everything else, from fraud to murder.

Detectives look for clues at a crime scene, while an investigator may look into a larger scope.

What do investigators do?

Investigators normally work with law enforcement, but they can be employed by businesses or individuals.

They investigate a situation to find enough evidence to get a conviction.

Investigators oversee crime scene locations and direct the activities of law enforcement officers as they look for clues.

Private investigators gather evidence for their clients for a variety of reasons, which may or may not be criminal.

Who earns more web designer or web developer?

Web developers earn more than web designers.

The latest government statistics show the average salary of a developer to be $77,000, while a designer averages $45,000.

Web developers are on the technical side of things more, while designers are on the more creative side of the operation.

The two fit together well and are often combined.

Are web designers in high demand?

The demand for web designers is expected to grow by 13 percent through 2030, which is higher than the national average for all jobs.

Web developers and designers are sometimes interchangeable and there are plenty of jobs out there for qualified candidates.

Even though a lot of what you do on a computer has become automated, there will still be a need for people who can build websites.

What are the four basic skills of a sales representative?

The four basic skills a sales representative needs are communications, public speaking, negotiation, and organizational skills.

A sales rep is not just trying to convince people to buy something.

They are trying to meet the needs of a person or business.

Being able to communicate that effectively is the overall key.

Being able to negotiate, and keeping all that organized, will help you be a good sales representative.

What else should I look at when searching for a job other than the salary?

What a job is paying is important, but there are other things that may be even more important.

Try to find out about working conditions and what the company culture is like.

Be sure you understand the expectations of the job.

Also, look at how much time you will have to commit.

Finally, pay attention to whether the company is in good shape and how stable is the job going to be.

What does it take to be a successful real estate agent?

The key to being a good real estate agent is understanding both the property and the people who are considering the property.

Do the research before you show the property.

Listen carefully to the customer and try to find properties that fit, do not try to make them fit.

You must be able to communicate this well.

It is important to be passionate about your work and to get connected to the right agency.

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