Trade School Jobs: Best 15 Careers Paths [No Degree Required]

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Today I am going to show you 15 fantastic trade school jobs that are great in 2024.

In fact:

These jobs have had great growth over the years and it is expected it will continue.

Let’s dive right in…

construction manager

Construction Manager

Construction manager jobs are some of the most important positions in the construction industry.

The manager is responsible for a construction project and should be able to supervise daily activities.

So how do you become a competent construction manager?

You need to have a building and construction experience.

Also, smart and efficient accounting is useful for construction manager jobs.

With these accounting skills, it helps you track your expenses, as well as base your profits on completed projects.

That not only enables you to analyze your daily work but also allows you to track your work efficiency, allowing you to increase your productivity.

The position needs strong managerial skills.

You also need excellent marketing skills.

These skills are beneficial for one person to survive and make fun of other competitors.


  • An average hourly salary and $49.57
  • A top-end hourly salary of above $77.65

Main duties:

  • Planning of  all building projects
  • Overseeing construction activities for  building projects
  • Coordination of  all construction activities of building projects
  • Calculation of construction costs

aircraft mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic

For you to become an Aircraft Mechanic, you must leave your desire and ego at the door.

Being an aircraft mechanic means that you will be mistaken for something at some point.

That is nothing personal but a career.

That is in the interest of security.

Since we are talking about safety, another important skill we have as an aircraft mechanic is to prepare for help.

If you’re a new or experienced mechanic, never be afraid to ask for help. It is good to admit that you are not familiar with a task. In fact, it is your duty to tell the administration that you are unfamiliar.

In this way, they can configure it with another mechanic who has done the job and teach them, along with reading acceptable maintenance manuals, how to perform the job correctly.

Another skill is that if the trick doesn’t work, leave it.

If the pilot has a complaint about the aircraft, make sure you fully understand the problem before continuing.

Ask him if he can, and most importantly, listen to what they say.

Troubleshooting an aircraft can be frustrating, so make sure you have all the information you need to be an aircraft mechanic.

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  • An average hourly salary of $31.36
  • A top-end hourly salary above $47.03

Main duties:

  • Inspecting airplane engine systems
  • Repairing airplane engine systems
  • Adjusting airplane engine systems
  • Overhauling airplane engine systems



Plumbers’ functions differ from other maintenance jobs in the skill required to perform maintenance and maintenance tasks, including plumbing, which involves more than just general maintenance.

They still have to pursue extensive training to do decent work.

Plumbers not only install and repair pipes and fittings but also provide general maintenance of these pipes and fittings.

Maintains pumps, water systems, and heating systems alike, and offers periodic testing and inspection of all different plumbing systems.

Provides services for irrigation, drainage and well systems, and provides written reports on needs and conditions, as well as reports on the total costs of all types of equipment and services.

It also compiles time and works records, as well as materials for repair.

The plumber provides services at a regular and continuous pace, which is excellent if you are looking for stability and longevity in your profession.


  • An average hourly salary of $27.96
  • A top-end hourly salary above $45.05

Main duties:

  • Installing the plumbing system
  • Putting together the plumbing system
  • Adjusting of the plumbing system
  • Repairing pipes for gas and liquids



Becoming a master electrician requires a certain number of steps.

The first is the apprentice position of an electrician.

After accumulating enough hours as a trainee and completing the necessary amount of adult training courses, people are eligible for a formal electrical exam.

Once a license has been obtained, an additional number of hours are needed to work in the field before an individual qualifies for the license exam for an electrician.

It should not be surprising that as an electrician gets the highest electrical salary.

These people have gone through several steps required before reaching the top of the electric licensing scale.

They have already received their excellent jobs and wages.

Every state has varying needs for electricians. Starting with the trainee, you must work in this position for a specified period.

You can take a certain number of credit hours in the training courses before qualifying for the test to become an official electrician.

For you to pass the test for an official electrical license, you must continue to work in the field for a specified period of hours.


  • An average hourly salary of $28.46
  • A top-end hourly salary above $45.49

Main duties:

  • Doing home electrical wiring
  • Maintaining electrical tools
  • Installing communication systems
  • Repairing electrical wiring

wind turbine technician

Wind Turbine Technician

The wind industry is booming and not accidental.

There are wind farms where many turbines are installed in one place for easy control, are built everywhere, all above the world.

Wind turbine technicians must have a specialized and diverse arrangement of skills to do their job.

They must have an understanding of the operation of mechanical and electrical systems.

Solving problems related to these systems is a daily task of wind technology.

Good knowledge of the process of cranes is also in a good trait.

That is because cranes are used to lift tools and technician to the top of the turbine tower where most of the work is done.

Wind turbine technicians should be able to operate comfortably at an average height of 300 feet.

That is the most favorite part of the Wind Turbine Technician job.

It’s a healthy exercise, and the views from the top towers are impressive.

Wind turbine technicians need to be fit enough to perform at least one tower a day.

Usually, there is a climbing test run by the company, which will determine whether you are healthy enough to perform basic work tasks.


  • An average hourly salary of $27.88
  • A top-end hourly salary above $40.17

Main duties:

  • Inspecting wind turbines
  • Maintaining wind turbines
  • Installing wind turbines
  • Making sure that wind turbines are working well

brick mason

Brick Mason

Brick masonry:

The oldest known craft of man.

Some people cut or build bricks because humans could use tools.

There is evidence of structures made of bricks around the world.

Brick masonry is not a profession of ignorance or unskilled, but you must be able to do the math, think creatively, and process materials to implement them.

However, this challenge is part of the joy of the countryside.

The way to becoming a brick factory is often not simpler than other fields, as you only attend university and follow the banned course offered to you.

That is because brick masonry is a trade, and the easiest way to learn to become a brick mason is to find vocational training.

It is essential to recognize that many unions have set up building institutes to help teach these skills.

The best way to get away to get started is to talk to brick mason in your area.


  • An average hourly salary of $26.17
  • A top-end hourly salary above $40.52

Main duties:

  • Constructing of brick walls
  • Placing and lying tiles
  • Placing and binding of bricks
  • Fixing issues related to brick structures

commercial driver

Commercial Driver

Commercial Diver jobs are the best way to get an excellent salary as a diver.

Think about diving each day in a remote place on the sea.

When you work as a Commercial Diver, you need strong diving skills.

To earn a lot of cash, you should be a certified diver.

The works imply going for a technical diving school in which you may learn the amazing skills to start a career as a commercial diver.

To start diving, you need more than just a certified open-water diver.

Some sites have a lot of information about these training programs.

A commercial driving school will teach you the complex skills for deep diving and underwater construction.


  • An average hourly salary of $28.59
  • A top-end hourly wage above $52.01.

Main duties:

  • Helps in handling underwater construction tools
  • Using diving gear build and assemble
  • Doing inspection and fixing underwater components

industrial machinery mechanic

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

A career in the field of industrial machinery mechanic is highly mechanized, but it requires a lot of skill and technical knowledge.

This function not only requires you to be good at mathematics but also to be an expert on how structures work and work.

If you need a job in this field, you must consider what is required in the job description of the industrial machinery mechanic.

Industrial machinery mechanic is expected to develop and test equipment and machinery.

They are instructed by an engineer or scientific staff using their knowledge of mechanical engineering technology.

It is also responsible for reviewing project instructions and plans to ensure that specifications, objectives, and testing equipment are met.

It also identifies and resolves technical problems, such as redesign, replacement of parts, or reorganization of subgroups. Industrial machine mechanic also designs and manufactures new or modified mechanical components.


  • An average hourly salary of $25.96
  • A top-end hourly salary above $37.59

Main duties:

  • Fixing industrial and processing machines
  • Maintaining machines
  • Repairing the manufacturing machine
  • Troubleshooting processing machines


CNC Machine Tool Programmer

The CNC programmer needs to understand almost every aspect of plastic injection mold manufacturing to be effective.

CNC programmers have practical experience in the workshop.

Many trainees who show a tendency to programming end up as computer programmers.

There are two ways to take.

The first is to become an intern in the manufacture of injection molds, with the understanding that their main interest is CNC programming.

Above time, you will be guided more and more in the direction of CNC programming.

The other way is to take a course specifically designed to learn how to get the CNC programmer jobs you hope to win.

Some technical universities offer training courses; as well as community colleges and universities.

This path can give you a faster job because you are already partially trained and can start production for the company quickly.


  • An average hourly salary of $27.07
  • A top-end hourly salary above $40.06

Main duties:

  • Working in the plastic injection mold companies
  • Giving computer  commands
  • Handling numerically controlled machinery
  • Helps in making molds and dies

mobile heavy equipment mechanic

Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Most mobile heavy equipment mechanics assigned to take care of this type of equipment are always ready to repair any broken equipment for industrial use and construction.

Double-check each piece of equipment to make sure that everything is working correctly, so the project operates smoothly.

If the hardware fails, the mechanic must know the source of the problem and solve it.

In these modern times, mechanics use manually operated computers to monitor heavy equipment to diagnose errors and also to do a repair.

For the mechanic to help speed up the maintenance of this equipment, cranes are used.

Mobile heavy equipment mechanics also use meters and gauges to test equipment and determine if there is any damage.

Solvents are usually used to lubricate and grease the parts of the device in charge — the mechanic welds all the broken parts or tires to make them work again.

Once repairs are made, the mechanic will assemble and test all the equipment to determine if everything is running smoothly.

You can also consider becoming a heavy equipment operator.


  • An average hourly salary of $25.66
  • A top-end hourly wage above $36.83

Main duties:

  • Adjusting and troubleshooting large mobile machines
  • Fixing construction  equipment
  • Maintaining resource excavator
  • Troubleshooting conveyor systems

hvac technician

HVAC Technician

Get Maximum Returns

For you to increase your income when you become an HVAC tech, you must consider getting a certification.

HVAC certificate not only offers lucrative opportunities in the industry but also provides more work as a technician.

There are a variety of types of HVAC certificates that you can continue depending on your level of training and experience.

If you have completed some basic courses but have less than two years of experience in the field, you can apply for an entry-level HVAC certification.

Advanced Air Conditioning Certification

The advanced certification is right for you if you have more than a year of experience in making fittings plus a minimum of two years of experience in repair and maintenance.

With that, you will have a wide variety of HVAC certifications that are advanced to take.


  • An average hourly salary of $24.12
  • A top-end hourly salary above $36.65

Main duties:

  • Troubleshooting  ventilation, heating, and cooling systems
  • Repairing ventilation, heating and cooling systems
  • Installing ventilation, heating and cooling systems



Carpenters work all day polishing the furniture with their hands.

If a person has experience and is a steady carpenter, he can choose to use several machines for his work.

Carpenter work can be divided into two types, finishing carpentry and rough carpentry.

Rough carpentry deals with external jobs related to construction and curvature of buildings.

They build scaffolds and houses and make shapes that must be filled with concrete.

The shapes are used to establish homes, buildings, and bridges that must be filled with concrete.

Finishing carpentry works with doors, interior design, wooden floors, manufacture of wooden windows, and polishing wood floors.


  • An average hourly salary of $24.58
  • A top-end hourly salary above $39.78

Main duties:

  • Fixing and constructing wooden  structures
  • Making frameworks  of wood
  • Construction of foundation structures  for buildings
  • Related structures like wooden floors

diesel mechanic

Diesel Mechanic

Most mechanical diesel jobs are full-time jobs, while a small number work part-time.

Diesel mechanics are primarily responsible for the operation of large, heavy equipment.

Diesel mechanics repair and restore diesel engines, as well as welding, working and repairing hydraulic systems.

Understanding hydraulic systems and brakes is a great advantage.

Diesel mechanics are paid and generally receive benefits that depend on the company.

Large companies will often offer health benefits that cover the family and also include retirement account options.

As a diesel mechanic, there will always be work for you, as the government will often start construction projects to help us get out of the recession.

If you get a job to build a road or government agency, you will have the best opportunity to settle down and work continuously.

Being a diesel mechanic is an advantageous thing, as you can see that your hard work pays for itself and helps everything run smoothly.


  • An average hourly salary of $23.63
  • A top-end hourly salary of above $23.63

Main duties:

  • Repairing  and troubleshooting diesel engines
  • Troubleshooting trucks and bus engines
  • Repairing marine vessels



When you need to join welding, it is good to know what types of welding jobs exist and how to use them commercially.

That will help the types of skills you will need to do the job.

The challenge is that we have many types of welding that it is difficult for you to choose what you want to do.

That is where a little research will be useful.

Currently, any welder is needed in many industries.

According to sources, there is a high demand for welders due to changes in various sectors.

For example, there is a higher demand for welding workers in the construction of nuclear power plants and other energy sources, as well as in construction and repair work.

All types of welders, whether specializing in welding, copper welding, or welding, are required.

That is due to all constructions that continue to grow in many parts of the world in general.

The need for newly qualified welders is said to be increasing, but supply has not met demand.


  • An average hourly salary of $21.33
  • A top-end hourly salary above $30.64

Main duties:

  • Metal joining

auto mechanic

Automotive Mechanic

The work of automotive mechanics was simple, but due to the high level of technology involved in the modern era, their work also evolved.

Existing vehicles use integrated computers and electronic systems to regulate almost every aspect of vehicle operations, from the fuel supply system to climate control within the car.

In addition to the traditional skills and tools, they need to practice to know how to use computers in a computerized vehicle system.

The computers onboard tell the car mechanics if the car is working well or not.

They use diagnostic equipment and tools to tell them what leads to the issue and how to change the damaged part.

They follow a checklist of items to examine and make sure that all the essential elements of the vehicle’s operation are working well.


  • An average hourly salary of $21.02
  • A top-end hourly salary above $32.19

Main duties:

  • Inspecting
  • Repairing motor car engines
  • Troubleshooting system component

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