12 Great Jobs for Seniors

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Senior citizens are often people who have retired after having worked for 30-40 years.

There are many reasons a senior person might want a job.

They could need the money, but often they do not.

It’s more likely that they are bored or want structure.

It is hard to adjust to not working after having gone to work daily for several decades.

Seniors want some freedom, so flexibility will matter a lot.

The jobs do not need to be too hard, but a lot of seniors are in good physical condition.

12 Great Jobs for Seniors

Security Guard

1. Security Guard

There are several levels of being a security guard, and one that fits seniors well is the kind of job that is essentially a watchman.

You might have to walk around or patrol a little, but primarily it is just watching for problems and reporting them.

You might sit in front of a gate or camera, and check people in, and there will be downtime with not much to do.

In some security jobs, you can bring a book and read while you work.

A lot of young people get bored with these jobs and they are hard to fill.

Many security companies welcome older people who will be reliable and better able to handle a slow pace.


2. Teaching

Seniors have a lot of experience, and usually a lot of expertise in whatever they worked at during their working years.

They can be substitute elementary or high school teachers, which may not require subject expertise, but it does take a certain personality with certain people’s skills.

Many small colleges and universities hire part-time teachers, and it is often a good fit.

These can be academic classes as part of the regular curriculum.

General education classes are also a good place for retirees to teach.

There may be other jobs for teachers, such as senior centers, community centers, or any public agency that offers classes.

Administrative Assistants

3. Administrative Assistants

These can be great part-time jobs for seniors, or even full-time situations when it is wanted.

Receptionists, information specialists, office clerks, bookkeeping, and accountant-type jobs are some of the possibilities.

It may be easy to get hired if it is the same type of work that you did for many years.

These may also be jobs that you can do remotely, and that gives you even more flexibility.

Office workers are always needed, and someone who is capable of working on their own is usually considered valuable.

Seniors have worked in a lot of situations, and are able to work well without a lot of supervision.

These jobs offer decent pay and are often very flexible.


4. Nursing

Many nurses choose to work part-time after they are retired just to have some structure in their lives.

Nurses are always needed, so if you have the credentials you can get the kind of job you want.

Part-time work is often readily available.

There are also travel nurses who go where they are needed in a state.

This is true for personal care aids, and certified and registered nurses.

A lot of education is required to become a registered nurse, but it can be done.

Lower levels of nursing require less education and the pay is lower.

It is ideal if you already have the credentials, but lower-level healthcare jobs are good for senior citizens.

Real Estate Agent

5. Real Estate Agent

States have different regulations for being a real estate agent, but it is something you could get easily in most states.

Real estate agents are often self-employed, which means you get to choose your hours and a workload you are comfortable with.

A related job is that of a property or community association manager, which can also be a part-time job.

This is a field that is growing, and being able to start your own business is also an advantage.

It is good for retired people because you can set your own workload.

Real estate agents also have periods of time between paychecks, which a retired person might be able to handle better than a younger person.

It is the kind of job that can be as big or small as you want it to be.

Event Attendant

6. Event Attendant or Coordinator

Event attendants, sometimes called coordinators, plan and execute events from concerts to weddings.

They plan, prepare, and set up events at various venues.

If you are good at organizing and planning, this could be a great job.

It requires very little training if you have organizational skills.

It is a job you can do for a company that puts on events, or you could start your own business putting on events.

This is something that can be done on a part-time basis, so there is a lot of flexibility.

You will have to be at the events and will have to work with the public, which is good for some people and not for others.

It may get hectic at times, but the job itself is not difficult.


7. Greeter

Walmart greeters immediately come to mind and they may be the most common of greeters.

Greeters are also needed at banks, hotels, and many other kinds of places the public goes.

The job is to welcome people, and it is to offer some help as far as information or maybe some direction inside the business.

The pay is not great, but the hours are usually flexible.

It is very easy, just stand or sit there and say hello to people as they enter.

It is a good job for someone who wants to interact with the public and does not need to make a lot of money while working.

You may have to look out for shoplifters, but you would only report what you saw and would not have to intervene.

Uber Driver

8. Uber/Lyft Driver

Anyone can use their car to give someone a ride.

With the Uber app drivers and people needing a ride can get connected.

Uber drivers make money when people use the app to order a ride.

You have to use your own car, keep it in working condition, and drive the person where they need to go.

You only have to wait three minutes for the rider once you have taken them to their destination.

Someone needing to just pick up something quickly, could jump back in and get a ride home.

If that does not work, they have to call another driver.

You are basically self-employed and have no other expenses than using your own vehicle.

You can set your own hours and work when you want, and as much or as little as you want.

Bus Driver

9. Bus Driver

A related job would be to drive a bus.

The big difference is driving a larger vehicle that belongs to someone else.

There is not as much flexibility as you have to meet certain schedules, but it is a good job for someone able to drive a large vehicle.

You get to interact with a lot of people.

For public schools, you would work an hour or two in the morning, and an hour or two in the afternoon.

There are some deadlines and responsibilities, but other than safe driving, the job is not very demanding.

Schools often need drivers.

Colleges and other organizations also need drivers at times, and it is more or less the same, but your passengers are adults.

The schedules might be very different as well.

Tour Guide

10. Tour Guide

There are lots of opportunities to be a tour guide.

These are good if you enjoy talking with people, showing them around, and answering questions.

Some tour guides act as historical characters, while others give a tour and explain what people are seeing.

It helps if you are a tour guide at a place you really like, such as a park or a mansion.

Having some passion for the place will make tours more enjoyable for your customers.

Museums, historical sites, and parks are just a few places where tour guides are employed.

The hours are normally flexible, and you can work part-time.

Depending on your physical condition, there are also longer-term and outdoor adventures that need guides.

Park Host

11. Park Host

This is a good job for seniors who enjoy the outdoors and like helping people.

It is a very slow-paced, low-pressure, easy job that can give you some adventure and a sense of accomplishment.

A park host has a campsite or cabin assigned to them, which is both their living quarters and their office.

The park host is there to help people when they need it, so you might be expected to be at the site at certain hours.

Other than that, you are free to do as you wish.

You can enjoy the park as a tourist.

You might be answering questions from campers, or helping them get information.

You will be their resident expert.

The pay is low at $15 an hour or so, but you don’t have to do much other than relax at your campsite.

Desk Jobs for Handicapped People

12. Desk Jobs for Handicapped People

If you are not very mobile, you can still get a job that will be enjoyable and give you some money as well.

If you like working alone, you might like a data entry job.

This can be a bit repetitious, but basically, it is just typing and entering information into a database.

You need to be able to type accurately.

If you like talking with people and have good phone skills, you could be a tech support operator.

This is also a desk job that involves taking calls and helping people with various issues related to the company you are working for.

Proofreaders are also needed and can be another good desk job for a senior citizen.

You need to be attentive to detail and be able to get jobs completed on deadline, but it can be a rewarding job.

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