15 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

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Jobs for Pregnant Women

More than ever in history, women work throughout their pregnancy.

That’s naturally the case when a woman has a job and then gets pregnant.

By law, a company can’t discriminate against an expectant mother and must keep the job open for when she gets back from maternity leave.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s a great career to have when you’re experiencing everything for two.

So, we came up with a list of the best jobs during that tender time in a mother’s life.

15 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Digital Marketer

1. Digital Marketer

When everything is online and nothing is an emergency, you have an ideal situation for an expectant mother.

Being a digital marketer can include anything from social media management to running Google AdWords.

Whether she works independently or for a company, all correspondence can be done through email or phone calls.

There are software programs to help with campaigns if there is a need.

The best part?

Before the baby is born, everything can be scheduled in advance so there’s less to worry about for a while afterward.

The average pay is around $55,000.

Graphic Designer

2. Graphic Designer

Having an eye for artistic detail and a knack for working on a computer would make graphic design a great career choice.

Since an overwhelming majority of time is spent in front of a computer, this job can be done from anywhere with an outlet.

While it might get annoying taking directions from people with no style, it can be a pretty relaxed environment.

If you’re working in advertising, for example, many of the pieces work off of templates.

So, there may not be a ton of masterpieces, but it is good job security.

Expect around $50,000 a year in this profession.


3. Writer

Every industry needs writers.

From advertising to instruction manuals, there are a plethora of ways to write professionally.

Some positions require on-site attendance and others operate with remote deadlines.

Writers may need to have a background in the field they are writing for and others just need to be adept at heavy research.

Staying creative enough to turn out unique pieces regularly can be taxing.

This is such a wide-open position, it’s hard to put a dollar amount on what you could bring in.

A bestseller could be written and net millions.

Or pieces could be picked up from an online platform where writers are paid by the word count.


4. Photographer

Many photographers work for themselves, but there are also companies in need of a regular out in the field.

Depending on the medium, it can be quite freeing to be in charge of capturing a moment.

The photographer gets to be the director and the point person for action.

One of the most popular types of photography comes from events such as weddings or conventions.

That means travel is almost guaranteed.

During pregnancy, being a photographer might be more difficult in the third trimester.

Basically, it’s because of all the movement and equipment.

Otherwise, it’s great exercise.

It would not be uncommon to make $75,000 a year.

Real Estate Agent

5. Real Estate Agent

There will always be people needing to move.

So, real estate agents will always be in demand.

Knowing an area and building rapport within the community is the best way to build a client list.

This career is one that keeps an agent moving around, a perfect situation for someone not wanting to be stuck at a desk.

Depending on the area, real estate agents have the potential to seriously bank.

It’s hard to judge a salary estimate, though, because of the ever-changing market.

When things are going strong, being on top of savings is important to avoid issues of the eventual downturn.


6. Tutor

A former teacher who is looking to work one-on-one or a professional looking for a part-time gig would be great for tutoring.

Every subject needs someone who can speak to it with confidence and be able to break it down for others.

A tutor can work privately, as part of a tutoring company, or even online.

Schedules are based on students, so tutors are often busy in the evenings.

Considering the level at which the tutoring is happening, this job could make up to $65 an hour.

Travel Agent

7. Travel Agent

Some seasons are traveled more frequently than others, but there are always people with the travel bug.

Travel agents have taken a bigger hit over the last two decades, thanks to the internet, but they haven’t been canceled out entirely.

There are still many who need help putting together arrangements.

Agents work both for companies and independently.

Travel agents make a comfortable living at around $45,000.

Sales Representative

8. Sales Representative

An outgoing people-person might find being a sales representative incredibly exciting.

Not everyone has the charisma and skills to sell things.

That’s why this profession has the potential to be very lucrative.

However, even for a top salesman, the job can be tough.

A successful sales rep has thick skin and no problem reaching out on numerous occasions.

That includes being able to hear the possibilities of a potential client on the fence.

Travel is often on the schedule for those in sales.

What you do as a sales rep has a lot to do with what you can expect as a salary.

It would be nice to sell one big item but, remember, the bigger they are, the longer it takes to make the sale.


9. Bookkeeper

Like accountants, bookkeepers are also worth their weight in gold.

Having someone keep the books is also valuable to any company.

There has to be a record of the comings and goings of funds, which means job security is high.

That means someone with training would have plenty of choices when it comes to where they work and what the schedule could potentially look like.

Some bookkeepers work a nine-to-five schedule and others work part-time for small businesses.

Moving up in a company could be harder than in other departments.

On a positive note, most bookkeepers work specifically with business owners and don’t have to deal with other employees or office politics as much.

Bookkeepers can expect an average of $45,000 a year.

10. Customer Service Representative

10. Customer Service Representative

The need for customer service reps shows up in any public-facing company.

Opportunities to help consumers with their issues can be in person, over the phone, and even in online chats.

There is also no need to be fully versed in the product or service, either.

This person is meant to assess the problem and find a direction toward resolution.

A customer service rep makes around $35,000 annually.


11. Consultant

Consultants are only possible after years of building expertise in a particular field.

This is a great way for someone who has been in working mode for years to take a different approach to their career.

As a consultant, the opinions given to companies are expert-level and are meant to dramatically improve operations.

Some consultants are on a retainer and others are project oriented.

Traveling around to various locations is also expected as part of the job.

It would not be unusual for a consultant to take home over $100,000 a year.

Personal Representative Manager

12. Personal Representative Manager

Representing a client who does not know how to be normal could make being a PR person a pain.

Luckily, most reps don’t have to constantly avoid disasters.

However, you never know if that’s the type of atmosphere a person could thrive in until it’s experienced.

$85,000 is the average PR manager’s salary.

Virtual Assistant

13. Virtual Assistant

A mother-to-be might already be extremely organized and manage other people’s schedules.

Why not apply that talent to others willing to pay for it?

To be fair, a virtual assistant does a lot more than keep someone aware of their next appointment.

They would pretty much do anything an in-person assistant would do.

Except get coffee, of course.

Duties include, but are not limited to, making calls, creating travel itineraries, handling email, and converting documents.

Virtual assistants make about $47,000 a year.


14. Transcriptionist

Fast typing and attentive listening are trademarks of a transcriptionist.

A day in the life involves listening to recordings or being present for a live audio feed in order to transcribe what’s being said into text.

These are often specific to one topic, such as medical or legal.

The more experience you have in one particular genre, the easier it will be to continue getting projects.

Need to work from home or part-time?

Transcription work offers a lot of schedule options.

Full-time transcriptionists make around $40,000 a year.


15. Freelancer

What pregnancy needs most is flexibility.

While most women make do with whatever situation pays the bills, it’s extra convenient to have more control over one’s schedule.

A freelancer can have a wide variety of backgrounds and can decide whether to take on projects or not. It’s all a numbers game.

The freelancers can advertise themselves and their skills or just rely on word of mouth.

Having the ability to work when you want means things like frequent doctor appointments and going into labor is about freedom.

Since the pay is contingent upon projects taken, the sky is the limit.

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