Top 8 Things That Will Make You a Great Security Guard

Top 8 Things That Will Make You a Great Security Guard

Being a security guard can be a very rewarding job if done with responsibility and dedication.

If you want to start a career in this field then you should try to be the best security guard you can.

This article is designed to provide you with some tips that will make you a better security guard.


Tip 1: Enroll in Continuing Education Classes

Graduating from a training course is not enough to make you a great security guard.

You also need a lot of experience and the willingness to learn throughout your career.

If you want to be the best security guard you can be then you should attend seminars, workshops, and other classes that are related to this profession every time you have the occasion.

This will also look good on your resume and will impress potential employers.

Tip 2: Know Your Training Manuals and Policies

Security companies have their own policies and procedures and if you want to be a good employee then you should spend some time studying these manuals, especially if this is your first job.

Knowing these things will come in handy in real-life scenarios when you have to act fast.

Tip 3: Participate in Refresher Courses

Refresher courses are sometimes offered by employers or schools and participating in these classes will give you the chance to learn from more experienced guards.

Tip 4: Stay In Shape

As a security guard, you need to be in stellar physical condition, and this can be achieved only if you work out regularly.

Strength training and aerobic training will help you stay in the best condition.

Tip 5: Take self-defense Classes

Self-defense classes should be a part of your workout routine because sometimes situations can escalate very fast and, as a security guard, is very important to be able to defend yourself.

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Tip 6: Stay Connected and Be Aware Of What Is Going On in Your Community

As a security guard is important to stay informed about the crimes that are occurring in your community to be able to avoid similar situations.

Keeping up with the latest news in your area will help you be prepared and preparation is very important in this line of work.

Tip 7: Find a Mentor

Communicating with someone who is more experienced than you and has done this job for many years is very important.

Your mentor can help you with professional advice but can also provide emotional support and constructive criticism when needed.

Tip 8: Don’t Make Assumptions About People

Making assumptions can get you in trouble in this line of work.

Don’t assume that someone is a good person just because they wear a suit and a tie because this is not always the case.

A good security guard follows the rules for everyone, not just for people who look suspicious.

All in all, as a security guard you have to get the right training, always be aware of your surrounding, and keep your eyes open.

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