12 Best Easy Jobs: The Easiest You Can Find!

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There are several reasons you might want an easy job, beyond the possibility of just not wanting to work hard.

You could have physical limitations, or want to save energy for your off-work hours.

Besides that, it is not really more noble to work a hard job that pays the same that an easy job pays.

Easy can also be in the eye of the beholder.

What may be easy for one will be hard for someone else.

With all of that in mind, here are some of the easiest jobs we could find.

12 Best Easy Jobs

Security Guard

Security Guard

This is especially true in a business setting.

You may be in uniform but you are not a cop and have no legal authority, and you won’t likely have a weapon.

If there is trouble, your job is to call the real cops, or whatever emergency service is needed.

The job is mostly just looking for problems like safety hazards, and just being a presence.

You might have to fill out a report at times.

There will be hours of nothing to do but just sit at a desk.

You might have to walk around some, but even that is not very hard.

Often, in these kinds of jobs, dealing with boredom is the greatest obstacle.

Bring a book, or some electronic device, and relax.

As a security guard, you do have to keep an eye on your surroundings though.



A night watchman is similar to a security guard, but there is no interaction with the public.

This is perhaps the easiest of all jobs.

Your job is to hang around and make sure no one is breaking in.

If someone is breaking in, you call the police, and you sit back and watch what happens.

If there is a problem like a water leak, you call whoever you are supposed to call.

You can read, play video games, or do anything else you want the rest of the time.

The only hard thing is getting used to staying awake all night.

There should be very little stress with this job and very little interaction with anyone.

Some jobs like this have you walk around, but that just helps you stay awake.

If you like being alone, this will be a good job.

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter or House Sitter

These jobs pay very little, usually below minimum wage, but you are basically paid to just hang out and relax.

If you are pet-sitting, you might have to let the dog out or even take him for a walk, but that is about as strenuous as it gets.

House sitters just stay around the house and do whatever you want.

If there is a problem, you call someone, and that is about it.

You can actually get paid to lie on the couch, watch TV and eat their cookies.

This would be a great work-at-home job, where you could do both at the same time.

If you like pets, this could be a great easy job.

Virtual Customer Service

Virtual Customer Service

If you like talking to people and solving problems in a low-pressure environment, this could be a great, easy job.

Companies hire people to work from home to take calls from customers, whether taking orders or answering basic questions.

You do have to know the product fairly well, but that’s not hard to learn either.

You have to have a phone and an internet connection and you take calls as they come in.

You may have periods of time where nothing is going on and you are just waiting for a call.

It is one of the better-paying online jobs involving working with the public.

Telephone interviewer

Telephone Interviewer

Telephone interviewers conduct surveys from home over their telephones.

All you need is a phone and an internet connection.

You don’t even have to get dressed.

You do need to have a pleasant voice and enjoy speaking with people.

These surveys are often opinion surveys.

Usually, the person you are calling is expecting your call, having either asked to or agreed to be interviewed.

You can set your own hours to some degree, but you may have to make calls at a specific time.

There is little stress involved.

If someone gets rude or does not want to be interviewed, you can just end the call.

There is very little deadline pressure, and no one is watching over you.


Store Greeter

Big box stores come to mind with this job.

You stand at the entrance and say hello to people as they enter.

That’s it.

That is all you have to do.

If someone asks a question, you can try to help them out.

If you see shoplifting, you report it but do not get involved yourself.

Standing on your feet for long periods is the hardest thing you have to do, but some jobs provide a chair for you to sit on when you need a break.

If you enjoy seeing people and having brief interactions, this could be a good job.

This is a job older people often get because they are part-time and that is what a lot of retirees want.

The pay is usually small, but you do not have to have much expertise and you don’t do much.

Taxi Driver

A Taxi Driver or Chauffeur

This is a relatively easy job, but there can be some stress and even danger at times.

If you know your way around town and know the best ways to get to places and avoid traffic, this would be a fun job.

You basically just drive around, giving people a ride.

If you are a chauffeur, you can drive someone to a place, and then just wait for them to be ready to go back home.

It can be stressful when people are rude or pushy, but that does not happen a lot.

Taxi drivers are robbed at times, and that is a danger.

If you can avoid bad areas, that will probably not happen.

The pay isn’t bad and you may get tips as well.

Toll Booth Attendant

Toll Booth Attendant

Toll booths are becoming automated more and more, but there are still a lot of places where attendants are needed.

This person collects tolls, makes changes, and gives out receipts.

These are usually on freeways or bridges.

It can get a little hectic at times if there is a rush hour, and people can get impatient, but that is about as rough as it gets.

There will normally be big chunks of time where there is not much going on, or just one or two vehicles every few minutes.

You need to have some personal service skills and enjoy talking with people, and if you do this will be an easy job.

Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

What could be an easier job than doing something fun and exciting?

It isn’t just playing games, you do get to play a lot.

Testers try out new games, look for bugs or issues, and report them.

You get to play a game before it hits the market, so that is an additional bonus.

You have to be able to pay attention to detail and record your findings, and that is about as hard as it gets.

There may be things the game maker wants you to look for, and you will have the freedom to look for things on your own.

You can test the limits of the game and do all the experiments you want.

You do need to be computer literate and know the basics of gaming, and you need to enjoy playing games in general.

Campground Host

Campground Host

National and state parks often have campground hosts who serve as helpers to paying campers.

You usually get a cabin or a campsite as part of your pay.

Your job is to hang around the campground and relax.

You will answer questions from campers about the campground and the park itself.

You might be called on to contact emergency services if the need arises, but that is the hardest thing involved.

You can also enjoy the park like a tourist.

The pay is not great, but if you enjoy nature and camping, it would be a great job.

You also get the chance to meet a lot of people who are camping, and they are usually relaxed and friendly.



This is one of the best-paying easy jobs out there.

You do have to have some knowledge and technical expertise, but if you have that, it is an easy career.

You help people check out books and other media, answer questions about books, and keep the books and media organized.

You will need some organizational skills, and people skills, in addition to technical knowledge.

There are no real deadlines and you can work at your own pace.

There are usually volunteer assistants who will physically move the books around, so you don’t have much physical work to do at all.

Hours are standard, but it is not a job you can do from home.



You do have to have a lot of knowledge in your subject and good communication skills, but if you have those, being a tutor is an easy job that can be rewarding.

You can be a private tutor for individuals, or work for a school where you help students when they need help.

The job is basically like being a private teacher.

You help the student individually to improve their knowledge and skill.

Sometimes, students get behind or don’t grasp what is being given to the group in the class, and they need some individual help.

You will have to have a schedule that is good for the student, but there is basically no stress or pressure involved.

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