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Starbucks Store Manager Job Description

If you have work experience in management, you can consider the position of a store manager at Starbucks.

This position has a lot to offer to the right person, including a nice benefits package and high starting pay.

In this article, we will provide information about the position of a Starbucks store manager, and what you can expect from this job.

What Does a Starbucks Store Manager Do

The position of a store manager at Starbucks is reserved for experienced workers who have a natural ability for helping people.

The everyday job of a store manager includes an array of administrative tasks as well as some food and beverage preparation.

This position has a great package of benefits and decent starting pay.


Starbucks store managers ensure that the bank deposits are paid and registers are balanced.

Additionally, you will have to meet sales goals to grow the store’s business.

Store managers are also responsible for the training and development of associates.

The main duties of a store manager at Starbucks include:

  • Managing cash positions throughout the store.
  • Preparing food and beverage orders for customers.
  • Training and developing your store associates to encourage internal promotion.
  • Growing the store business by encouraging a positive and productive work environment.
  • Addressing customer concerns and ensuring guests are as happy as possible.

Working Hours

Typically, the position of a store manager is full-time with 40 hours of work per week.

Some overtime work may be required as well.

Usually, it can be from five to ten additional hours every week.

Although they may vary depending on the size of the store.

Also, managers may fill in for each other in their location.

In this instance, the workload for an average of one or two weeks may temporarily increase.

Work Environment

The first thing about the work environment of a Starbucks store manager is that they have to focus on customers’ and employees’ satisfaction.

You need natural people skills to do the job right.

You also need to have experience in resolving conflicts to deal with upset customers.

You will work with fluctuating temperatures.

Besides, you should be comfortable making a lot of repetitive movements and picking up containers up to 40 pounds.

Salary Information

The position of a Starbucks store manager has a fixed salary and starts at $50,000 per year.

This amount can vary depending on your work experience and the size of the managed store.

At larger locations, the pay is typically higher and is usually reserved for the most experienced employees.

Besides the base compensation, managers can also receive various bonuses based on performance.

The amounts may vary based on labor cost reductions and store growth.

The position also comes with benefits, including paid time off, a 401k plan, and health insurance.


Starbucks store managers focus on guests’ and workers’ satisfaction.

You should be learning by example and enjoy working with various people.

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