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Walmart Customer Service Manager Job Description

For those individuals who have experience in the retail sector and wish to start a career in management, the position of a Walmart customer service manager is a great fit.

In this position, you will be eligible for multiple benefits and work with different types of people.

In this article, we will cover the details of the Walmart customer service manager job, including responsibilities, salary, working hours, etc.

What Does a Walmart Customer Service Manager Do

The main responsibility of a customer service manager at Walmart is ensuring customer satisfaction with their shopping experience.

The candidates should be able to multitask.

They also need leadership skills to set an example and provide an understanding of the importance of regular communication with other associates.


The main responsibilities of a customer service manager at Walmart are:

  • Reviewing reports to determine the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Dealing with customers who filed complaints and helping them resolve their issues.
  • Ensuring a positive work setting and leading by example for the other employees.
  • Managing staff for the customer service area and other important areas.
  • Ensuring a good level of training for other associates and updating them on procedures.

Working Hours

Customer service managers at Walmart work a standard 40-hour week.

Sometimes, they may be required to work 50 hours.

During the year, there can also be mandatory overtime hours required.

During peak seasons, hours can increase.

Typically, it includes the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Additionally, the shifts can vary and include work in early mornings, overnights, and in the afternoons.

Work Environment

The most essential factor is that a customer service manager has to work with people at all times.

Communication and interpersonal skills are important as they regularly communicate with customers and other employees.

Besides, they work a lot on their feet when they check on various areas in the store.

They need to understand graphs and charts on the basic level.

They will also use them frequently at their job when each shift begins.


The wages of a Walmart customer service manager ranges between $12 and $15 an hour.

With experience and knowledge of a second language, the initial payment can be higher.

Managers receive and employee in-store discount as well.

As this position is full-time, customer service managers are eligible for benefits.

They include health insurance, paid vacation time, and 401k plan.

At the stores that meet a certain mark at reducing labor costs, total sales, and customer satisfaction level, the managers can receive bonuses.


The position of a Walmart customer service manager includes multiple tasks as well as multitasking and micromanagement.

To learn more about this job, browse the careers and Walmart career portal.

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