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KFC Assistant Manager Job Description

If you wish to move up to a leadership role in the food-service industry, you can consider the position of the KFC assistant manager.

This position comes with various tasks and is constantly evolving to fulfill the needs of the store.

In this article, we will explore the responsibilities, salary, hours, and other details of this job.

What Does a KFC Assistant Manager Do

Assistant managers at KFC are responsible for a wide variety of tasks in their location.

They have to be able to multitask and connect with other employees and customers.


Assistant managers at KFC report directly to the store managers and work together with them to achieve specific sales goals.

They have to promote a productive environment and help with ongoing training.

Additionally,  you will be responsible for a range of administrative tasks such as addressing the staffing needs or managing cash positions.

The foremost responsibilities of an assistant manager at KFC include:

  • Ensuring that the staffing levels are maintained during the day.
  • Making the necessary deposits and managing the positions at a cash register.
  • Promoting a positive working environment by setting an example.
  • Collaborating with the crew members to ensure their up-to-date training.
  • Interviewing candidates during hiring events when the store manager isn’t there.

Working Hours

The workweek of an assistant manager at KFC lasts for 38 to 40 hours.

Additionally, they often work overtime.

The overtime hours can vary from 5 to 10 hours per week at busier locations.

Sometimes, overtime is required more often.

Commonly, it is expected when the store manager is on vacation.

At this time, the assistant manager fulfills their duties and takes on the increase in workload.

Work Environment

Assistant managers regularly interact with large groups of people.

They work directly with customers addressing their concerns as well as with fellow coworkers.

They need leadership qualities and a positive attitude that associates and customers are comfortable with.

Assistant managers also work on their feet for long hours and should be able to work in hot areas around the kitchen.

They should also be able to lift packages up to 30-40 pounds when the delivery comes.

Salary Information

The average salary of a KFC assistant manager is between $30,000 and $35,000 per year.

Besides their base salary, they are eligible for bonuses based on performance related to the store growth and other factors, such as labor cost reduction.

Assistant managers also receive benefits which include paid vacation time, 401k, and health insurance.

Sometimes, the tuition reimbursement programs may become available as well.


The job of an assistant manager at KFC may seem challenging, but there are great benefits that experienced professionals can enjoy.

Their duties vary from assisting with food preparation to covering the needs of the store.

This is a significant role in the growth of the store.

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