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McDonald’s Shift Manager Job Description

If you have experience in a food service sector and wish to get an entry-level management position, a McDonald’s shift manager job can be a good opportunity.

This position requires a great deal of dedication with a wide range of responsibilities that impact the growth of the store.

In the following article, you will find useful information on the duties of McDonald’s shift manager, salary, work environment, etc.

What Does a McDonald’s Shift Manager Do?

A shift manager at McDonald’s is responsible for balancing the registers, checking the food temperatures for safety purposes, training new employees.

Your work will also involve direct interaction with the customers and associates.

It implies that you have to possess strong people skills and be able to multitask.

Duties of a McDonald’s Shift Manager

A shift manager position is crucial for a variety of activities at McDonald’s.

Some fundamental duties involve preparing food and interacting with the customers.

Additionally, shift managers are responsible for training new associates and dealing with simple accounting tasks.

They can include bank deposits and similar things.

The main responsibilities of a shift manager at McDonald’s include:

  • Getting orders from customers and preparing food accordingly.
  • Checking the temperature of the food to ensure safety.
  • Administering cash positions and dealing with bank deposits.
  • Making sure that all employees are aware of new advancements.
  • Purchasing supplies and keeping low labor costs.

Working Hours

Most of the time, the position of a shift manager at McDonald’s is full-time.

The average workweek amounts to 30 to 40 hours.

Overtime hours can be also involved and amount to two to five hours weekly.

If you work at a busy location, these numbers can be higher.

Besides, when the other managers are on vacation, your working hours can increase as well.

Shift managers are expected to be available in early mornings and late-night hours.

The schedule varies every week determined by such factors as supply truck delivery schedule or store staffing.

Work Environment

At a McDonald’s shift manager position, you should be able and comfortable to work with many different people.

You should be prepared to face nervous employees and upset customers.

And how well you can connect with them determines your success.

Salary of a McDonald’s Shift Manager

Average wages of McDonald’s shift managers are $11 to $12 per hour.

These numbers can increase if you have previous experience at a management position in a food service sector.

Also, the employees who know a second language can earn a higher wage.

Additionally to the basic salary, shift managers can also receive bonuses depending on the productivity and growth of the store.

The position also includes benefits.

Usually, it’s a 401k health insurance and paid time off.


McDonald’s shift managers have multiple responsibilities and work in a constantly changing environment.

Therefore, the ability to multitask and establish priorities is essential.

Day-to-day work of a shift manager includes working directly with the customers and other employees.

If you feel you can be a good fit for a position of this nature, you can get more information on McDonald’s career portal.

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