How to Become a Veterinary Technician in Missouri

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How to Become a Veterinary Technician in Missouri

Prominent veterinarians tend to hire great veterinary technicians, dedicated people, reliable, hard-working and responsible to be their right hand in the functioning of the veterinary facility.

In case you consider becoming a veterinary technician, you need to be ready for all kinds of obstacles, difficulties, and issues, as a veterinary clinic is a place where anything can happen.

Veterinary technicians have a very stressful job since the whole team depends on their services and they have to give their best, and they are always willing to do so.

Veterinary Technician Job Description

Veterinary technicians provide the first aid if necessary, they take x-rays, calm animals during and after an examination or administer prescribed medication or anesthesia.

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Some of them may be asked to perform dental and laboratory procedures.

They need to be skilled in communications, computer skills and have physical stamina.

If they are skillful, they can choose to work between a large or small animal private practice or laboratories and rescue centers.

On any given day you may administer or medications, take x-rays, and assist in surgery or

Their daily obligations highly depend on the facility and the amount of work that it has.

They might be working fieldwork, night shifts and weekends.

Becoming a Veterinary Technician in Missouri

Animal lovers represent a great part of our population and they rely on the veterinarians and their personnel when it comes to their pet health.

The veterinarians are in constant demand, and the needs for them cannot be met.

A vet technician role equals that of an animal nurse, and the appropriate education is necessary for this occupation.

A veterinary technician needs to have two or three years of education and to graduate with an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology.

The graduation should be from the program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities as they are only programs that will make you eligible for the national examination.

The veterinary technology programs accredited by the AVMA in Missouri are:

Educational Requirements for Veterinary Technicians in Missouri

Possessing the love for animals is the first step towards a career in veterinary sciences, but getting some kind of education related to animal care should also be considered.

Veterinary technician courses for compassionate and capable animal lovers will provide them with useful knowledge about medical conditions, surgeries, vaccines, thus ensuring them a much better future career.

The programs are available to students who possess a high school diploma, GED, but they need to provide letters of recommendation, scores on tests such ACT or SAT, and proof of previous experience to be allowed to enroll in the program.

Besides general courses such as math, computer skills, humanities, foreign language, veterinary science lectures is the core of education.

Students will get acquainted with medical terminology, pharmacology, radiology, anesthesiology, hematology and lab work among many others.

The obligatory part is an internship, at the end of the studies, where all achieved knowledge can be put into practice.

The tuition is affordable, ranging from $10,000 to $33,000 and there are numerous financial aid programs in Missouri.

You can apply for them on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid website.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education offers the A+ scholarship, while the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs gives chances of financial aid to family members of the veterans.

Veterinary Technician Examination and License

After you graduate, you will get an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology, but that is not enough to start working as you will not possess the certificate.

The license can be gained after taking and passing the Veterinary Technician National Examination and the Missouri state exam.

The good scores on these exams qualify you for licensure and you can apply for it.

To maintain your license, you need to have five credit hours of continuing education every year.

Job Prospects in Missouri

Veterinary technicians have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to job prospects.

They can be employed in zoos, veterinary teaching hospitals, veterinary sales and rescue organizations.

Working at a veterinary clinic is an everlasting challenge and it is frequently offered to ideal candidates who possess certification and qualities.

Good job opportunities are offered by numerous veterinary technician employers in Missouri:

Veterinary Technicians’ Average Annual Salary in Missouri

The salary of a veterinary technician in Missouri is average for the USA.

As this is a state which does not belong to those with the highest payment rates, the salary is not satisfactory and motivating.

Their education, work experience, and eagerness to involve themselves more deeply into this challenging job can determine the amount of money they will earn.

Salary is not the same in major cities, because area development and citizen’s employment, as well as the number of facilities in the city, affect salaries.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Blue Springs,MO $35,744
Chesterfield,MO $35,726
Columbia,MO $35,584
Florissant,MO $35,882
Independence,MO $35,841
Jefferson City,MO $35,278
Joplin,MO $34,907
Kansas City,MO $35,880
Lees Summit,MO $35,744
O Fallon,MO $35,648
Saint Charles,MO $35,746
Saint Joseph,MO $35,539
Saint Louis,MO $35,940
Saint Peters,MO $35,668
Springfield,MO $35,199

Regional Salary in Missouri

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Cape Girardeau, MO-IL30$34,540$16.6$39,340$28,490
Columbia, MO110$39,510$19$46,600$27,890
Jefferson City, MO50$39,480$18.98$48,440$28,360
Joplin, MO50$33,080$15.91$45,140$23,200
Kansas City, MO-KS810$37,740$18.15$46,880$29,590
St. Louis, MO-IL780$38,540$18.53$47,140$29,320
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Veterinary Technologists and Technicians, OCC Code 29-2056, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Veterinary Technician’s Duties

Veterinary technician duties are usually centered around assisting veterinarians and other veterinary staff during their daily tasks.

Responding to client questions and explaining to them procedures and aftercare are the duties of not so experienced veterinary technicians who are still not involved in more sensitive and serious tasks.

Their more responsible duties are checking animal’s condition, assisting with surgeries, interventions and medication application, working in labs, doing scientific research and dealing with blood work and urinalysis.


As an animal lover, you care for the health and well-being of animals.

That is a good starting point for deciding that veterinary science has a great job offers for you.

A veterinary technician job can be a rewarding and fulfilling vocation and at the same time, you can earn a decent salary for a living.

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