How to Become a Floral Designer in Ohio

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How to Become a Floral Designer in Ohio

Becoming a floral designer in Ohio can be a surprisingly high-earning job with minimal training and work.

If you have a good feel for flowers and design and want to start a job quickly, this might be your career.

That said, you still need to take steps to ensure you get the best results for your career needs.

Steps to Become a Floral Designer in Ohio

Currently, no specialized licenses or certifications are necessary to become a floral designer in Ohio.

Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Even national accreditation is optional, and many people begin this career with just a high school diploma or GED.

However, there are several steps that you should take to improve your chances of finding a job in this field.

Practice Basic Floral Design and Plant Care

You can take floral classes to improve your abilities in flower prepping and arrangement and design basics.

These include color coordination, ribbon tying, matching flowers based on species, trimming and sheering each plant, gardening them to good health, and feeding them properly.

These skills can be practiced at home or with a professional’s help if needed.

Create a Strong Flower Profile

As you master floral design skills, create unique pieces and take photos of them to show off in your profile.

Try producing eye-catching designs that show off your unique perspective and techniques.

Produce floral arrangements in diverse and engaging styles, matching and contracting colors and flower species to create an impressive portfolio that will attract many flower design teams.

Decide What Job You Want

Many different companies may need floral designers.

For example, you can work as a freelancer with various companies or even create your floral design firm.

Other professionals work in retail shops and for wedding companies, depending on their needs.

Wedding planners may also hire full-time floral designers when the season demands it.

Don’t forget flower shops as well.

Start Applying

Once you feel comfortable with your training, you can start applying for jobs.

First, use your portfolio to highlight your experience, bringing in photos and submitting them with each application.

That’s an essential step because it highlights your abilities and ensures you provide high-quality work to your customers.

It also helps you stand apart from other people applying for gigs.

Floral Designer Programs/Classes

While you are not required to get a degree in floral design or any specialized training in Ohio, doing so can help you stand out and improve your chances of finding a job.

Several schools and classes provide high-quality training for floral designers like you.

David Curtis School of Floral Design

David Curtis School of Floral Design Logo

The David Curtis School of Floral Design is located in Centerville and provides a three-week program that teaches about flower shop operations and arrangements.

Classes run from Monday through Friday between 8:45 am to 5:30 pm.

The course costs $3,450 but teaches you the ins and outs of this career and provides a helpful certificate of completion that you can use when applying.

Ohio State University

Ohio State University Logo

Ohio State University provides a two-year floral design course covering basic flower colors, shapes, sizes, and design patterns.

It also teaches you how to market yourself and apply for jobs in this field.

After two years, you complete a seven-week internship and earn your degree.

This degree may help you stand out compared to other people in your area and provide high-quality support.

Two Little Buds

Two Little Buds Logo

Two Little Buds is a floral design company and party organizer that provides workshops on event management and floral arrangements.

Courses will teach you how to make a bouquet and handle basic floral design steps.

While not an official school, they are a reliable training team providing an inexpensive, fast-paced training program for interested people.

The American Institute of Floral Designers

The American Institute of Floral Designers Logo

You can also take an online course with The American Institute of Floral Designers or AIFD to get a certificate in floral design.

This national certification is recognized by many floral companies across the nation and will prove that you have experience in your field.

While not strictly necessary when seeking out a job, it is a good option if you feel you want to stand out compared to other professionals in your market when applying.

Floral Designer Schools in Ohio – Summary Table

School Name Address
David Curtis School of Floral Design 209-B N Main St, Centerville, OH 45459, USA
Ohio State University 281 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Two Little Buds 17 N D St, Hamilton, OH 45013, USA
The American Institute of Floral Designers Online
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Floral designers in Ohio make an average salary of about $53,707.

So top-earning floral designers will make up to $75,103 while low-earning ones will make nearly $35,000.

That makes it a reasonably good career for someone who wants to start quickly with minimal training.

Note that these are near the national average ($54,406), high ($76,081), and low ($34,845) salaries for floral designers.

However, that makes it a substantial career in this state and one many people can join quickly with minimal training or educational demands.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Columbus $53,419
Cleveland $53,707
Cincinnati $53,203
Toledo $52,572
Akron $52,235
Dayton $52,779
Springfield $51,654
Youngstown $51,239
Canton $51,166
Lorain $53,138

Regional Salary in Ohio

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Akron, OH90$30,210$14.53$37,110$22,500
Canton-Massillon, OH60$29,640$14.25$36,430$22,810
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN210$30,870$14.84$41,070$23,830
Cleveland-Elyria, OH260$31,160$14.98$39,270$23,380
Columbus, OH490$30,850$14.83$36,500$24,140
Dayton, OH160$29,080$13.98$37,090$23,330
Mansfield, OH30$26,510$12.75$29,170$22,420
Toledo, OH80$30,820$14.82$37,970$22,590
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA70$28,310$13.61$34,940$22,250
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Floral Designers, OCC Code 27-1023, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do I Need to Get Training?

Most floral designers need minimal extra training once they’ve started their careers.

Most are handled on the job, which means you continue to learn as you work as a designer.

That said, your employer may ask for occasional training courses and pay you to take them.

These may include specialized classes focusing on unique floral designs and different flower types.

Is There a High Demand for Floral Designers?

Checking job listing sites reveals that in Ohio, floral design is a reasonably in-demand profession.

Some sites list over 1,000 different jobs throughout the state, specifically in areas like Toledo, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Bigger cities have a higher demand due to a larger population, though smaller towns are often near rural wedding destination sites that may need on-call floral designers.

Will I Earn Higher Than the State Average?

The $53,000 state average for floral designers is not only near the national average for this career but also well above what most people earn in Ohio.

The average salary for Ohio is $47,238, or nearly $6,000 lower than a floral designer career.

Note that these are average earnings and that some people may make more or less in these professions, depending on their career path.

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