How to Become a Floral Designer in Nevada

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How to Become a Floral Designer in Nevada

For flower lovers in the Sagebrush State, becoming a floral designer may seem like a no-brainer for a career switch.

Whether you have just graduated high school or you’ve been working in another field for decades, the floral arrangement can be a rewarding career.

To learn how to become a floral designer in Nevada, read the steps outlined below.

We’ve also included information on online and local programs in floral design to begin training.

Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Steps to Become a Floral Designer in Nevada

Research What Being a Florist Looks Like

While you might think florists and floral designers just spend their days picking flowers and putting them in vases, this job is more demanding than it seems on the surface.

Most of those working in floral arrangements can expect to perform a range of duties.

These duties may include cutting flowers, tying bows, arranging flowers, speaking with customers, and delivering arrangements for events.

They also can include difficult tasks like lifting heavy boxes or problem-solving in situations where some flowers are destroyed or unusable.

Overall, it can be a stressful, fast-paced job that isn’t for everyone.

Identify Potential Employers and Research Their Job Requirements

If you want to work for your favorite flower shop in town, see if they require certain certificates or training before applying.

Also, see if they have a specific style of floral design that suits your own interests.

If you look at these requirements before you apply, it will show your future employer that you did your research and that you will take the role seriously before you even have a job offer in hand.

Network with Floral Designers

Like with any new career or transition, having connections established in floral design can help you land your first job with stellar references or an existing rapport with the owner of a flower shop.

If you network with designers, you can learn what the industry is like in your specific town or city.

You can also find out the hard parts of the job and rewarding aspects that no one talks about online.

Get out there and interact with floral designers in real life to see how the culture might fit your own personality, as well.

Decide If a Floral Design Career Fits Your Needs

If the salary, hours, or job duties don’t fit your financial or other needs, then it won’t make sense to continue pursuing this career.

Floral design can be hard work physically.

It can also require a lot of emotional energy as you deliver flowers to events like funerals, weddings, and graduations.

You will need to be able to balance a fast-paced work style with attention to detail.

These can be great for some candidates and nightmares for others.

You need to weigh the pros and cons for yourself.

You should also consider whether the competition in the field deters you or pushes you to work hard for what you want.

Enter a Floral Design Program or Apply for Florist Roles

If floral design is what you truly want to do, you can apply for a floral design program or workshop.

Alternatively, you could start submitting floral design applications to your desired roles.

While it’s possible to get a floral design job without training, the field has many applicants.

This means that any advantage you can present over the competition will work in your favor.

Most shops would prefer to spend less time and resources training a complete newbie, so you should consider taking a workshop or practicing floral design basics before applying.

Finish Your Floral Design Workshop or Program

After you accept the job offer, secure a spot in a workshop, or register for a program, it’s time to see this goal through.

Complete your coursework or your on-the-job training so you’re ready to be a floral designer.

Get Your First Floral Design Job

Unless you’ve been doing on-the-job training, this will be the next step.

With your certificate of completion for a workshop or program in hand, you will stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Floral Designer Programs

College of Southern Nevada

College of Southern Nevada Logo

For those who are local to Las Vegas, Henderson, or North Las Vegas, Nevada, the College of Southern Nevada can be a great, affordable choice for in-person floral design classes.

Their floral design program prepares students to work in a range of settings including mass-market flower shops and floral departments in larger stores.

From photography composition to essential floral design to basic managerial skills, students will learn what they need to feel confident on their first day on the job at any floral design position.

Las Vegas School of Floral Design

Las Vegas School of Floral Design Logo

When you learn best with hands-on, in-person instruction, Las Vegas School of Floral Design might be the right choice for you.

This school rolls fresh flowers into their educational fees, so you will get the most bang for your buck.

Their basic floral design and advanced certified floral design courses cater to beginner florists and those who want to take their career to the next level.

NYIAD – Online

NYIAD - Online Logo

If you need a flexible schedule, the New York Institute of Arts and Design’s online floral design program can provide the proper training in their fully online asynchronous video lessons and mentorship.

This program is ideal for those who are transitioning from another job or who need a flexible schedule to complete their learning.

Floral Designer Schools in Nevada – Summary Table

School Name Address
College of Southern Nevada 700 College Dr, Henderson, NV 89002, United States
Las Vegas School of Floral Design 3275 W Ali Baba Ln #517, Las Vegas, NV 89118, USA
NYIAD - Online 41 East 11th Street, 11th Floor, Suite 66. New York
Search Floral Designer Programs

Get information on Floral Designer programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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The average salary for Nevada floral designers ranges from $45,271 to $67,395.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Carson City $54,959
Henderson $55,205
Las Vegas $55,423
North Las Vegas $55,423
Reno $55,036
Sparks $55,036
Sun Valley $55,036
Elko $46,508
Boulder City $54,660
Fallon $54,180

Regional Salary in Nevada

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV210$37,040$17.81$47,820$25,330
Reno, NV50$35,300$16.97$43,610$21,990
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Floral Designers, OCC Code 27-1023, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Nevada require florists to be certified?

Floral arrangement professionals in Nevada do not need a certificate to operate in their role, according to NV state law.

What education does Nevada require for floral designers?

Floral designers in Nevada should have an H.S. diploma or GED as a minimum.

Does Nevada have a professional organization for floral professionals?

Yes, Nevada’s professional organization for florists and related professionals is called North Nevada Florists Association.

USA Floral Design by State

  1. Avatar for Martha Mikael Martha Mikael

    Begin by pursuing relevant education and training in floral design. Consider enrolling in floral design courses and programs offered by community colleges or vocational schools.

  2. Avatar for Bonnie Decker Bonnie Decker

    Familiarize yourself with the floral industry in Nevada, including local trends, suppliers, and customer preferences, to better serve the community.

  3. Avatar for Patrice Spencer Patrice Spencer

    Consider obtaining certification from organizations like the American Insitute of Floral Designers to showcase your expertise and enhance your career prospects as a floral designer.

  4. Avatar for Rebecca Moore Rebecca Moore

    Entering a program is a must. Researching where to pursue it is good since there are lots of floral designer programs here in Nevada, you should pick the best.

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