How Much Does CLEP Cost?

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$ Study Guides: $10-$25 $ $ CLEP Test: $77

The exams of the College-Level Examination Program are tests that often substitute the college courses.

The tests such as the AP exam are taken before a student gets to college, while the CLEP exam is taken while the student is in college.

The College Board is the one administering the CLEP test.

Typical Costs

  • The price of the  CLEP test costs $77, and this cost is set by The College Board.
  •  It is possible for a student to save hundreds of dollars on tuition, student fees, and textbook charges if he covers the CLEP exam and thus skips some courses.
  • The savings vary and are based on which college a student attends.
  • There is a non-refundable test administration fee at many test centers, the sum is given when registering for the CLEP.
  • The official CLEP study guide of the College Board has a price of $24.95, while the individual subject guides cost $10 each.
  • The CLEP tests are accepted as credit by approx. 2,900 colleges.

What Is Included

  • The choice is among 33 tests CLEP in various subjects.
  • The student’s knowledge is measured by CLEP a particular subject area and is used by universities that want to assess whether the students can succeed in certain courses and that saves time and funds for the students if they can pass the subject test.
  • The test fee of $77 covers the basic test and the score report for colleges, universities or employers.
  • The study guides offer CLEP subjects overview, practice test, and strategies on how to succeed on the CLEP exam.

Additional Costs

  • Students who have to complete an essay as part of the test pay a $10 fee.
  • Certain colleges need essays in some composition or literature exam.
  • The CLEP is now online; however, a written onsite version is available for an extra $45 fee.
  • Since scores are returned instantly, no charges are applied for score services by phone or rush delivery.
  • The copy of a CLEP transcript is offered at the price of $20.


  • Military personnel, including civilian employees, can sit for the exam for free.
  • It is possible to buy CLEP study guides from a used bookseller; however, be careful not to buy a version that’s too old, because of the outdated information.
  • The online study guides, including the University of California at Berkeley’s course webcasts and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Open Courseware, provide free ways to prepare for CLEP exams.

Shopping For The CLEP

  • Check the CLEP exam guides.
  • If students don’t pass, they have to take the college course.
  • A student cannot re-take the CLEP for half a year after the initial exam, except by getting a The College Board waive.

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