How Much Does CBASE Cost?

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$ Math Study Guide: $4 $ $ CBASE: $50-$60

CBASE or The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination is designed to measure the learning of the students as they prepare to become K-12 l teachers.

The test is administered by the Assessment Resource Center at the University of Missouri and is primarily used by colleges in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

Another 60 colleges placed outside those three states also use the CBASE, yet only Missouri requires it for teacher licensure.

Typical Costs

  • CBASE test cost varies by institution and could be approx. $50 – $60.
  • The CBASE can assess whether the prospective teachers are qualified to enter the classroom and is thus used by the state of Missouri.
  • The advice by the colleges and universities in Missouri given to the students is to sit for the CBASE after their sophomore year of undergraduate study.
  • Students outside of Missouri can also take the CBASE, and the student should try the local colleges to see if the CBASE is offered.
  • The CBASE covers 180 multiple-choice questions in English, math, science and social studies, while some colleges further require an essay.
  • The price of the CBASE Math Study Guide is $4.
  • There are no study guides for other subjects.

What Is Included

  • The CBASE exam is included in the test fee.
  • The score report comes to the test takers four weeks after the exam, and it is also sent to their college or university.
  • The CBASE is mainly offered at the colleges and universities in Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa and is a requirement to become a teacher in Missouri.
  • Students usually sit for the CBASE after their sophomore year of college.

Additional Costs

  • A $15 fee is applied to reschedule the exam.
  • A $10 charge is applied to send CBASE scores to other colleges.


  • It is possible to buy the CBASE study guide from a used bookseller.
  • A free CBASE study guide is offered by The Assessment Resource Center, which manages the CBASE.

Shopping For The CBASE

  • Not much study material is directly applicable to the CBASE.
  • The students should talk with their academic counselor if recent study guides can help them with preparation for the CBASE such as the PRAXIS II.
  • Check which tests are required in each state.

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