How Much Does ACT Test Cost?

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$ ACT Exam: $33-$48 $ $ ACT Preparation Classes: $500-$900 $ $ $ ACT Tutoring: $2,000+

The ACT is an exam for college entrance that is run by the American College Testing and is one of the two major exams for college entrance at the U.S. schools.

In fact, the most widely accepted entrance exam and thus the most preferred one in the United States is ACT.

In 2007, it was reported that each college for 4 years in America accepted the ACT as part of its admissions review.

Typical Costs

The price of the test is $33; however, some colleges need the applicants to further take the writing portion, which costs $15 more.

Those students who are applying to more than four colleges need to pay an extra $10 each so that their scores can be sent to a fifth and sixth college.

There are inexpensive ways to prepare for the test through the self-guided test preparation programs.

On the ACT’s official website, there is an online preparation that costs $19.95; while the ACT’s official test guide costs $30.95 and other ACT guides can cost only $9.99.

The price of the ACT preparation classes is more expensive, as they teach an individualized approach for preparation for the exam.

The price of the classes can be $500-$900; compared to the individual tutoring which can cost more than $100 an hour and generally involves at least 20 hours of tutoring.

The two leading sources of classes and tutoring are Kaplan and The Princeton Review.

ACT preparation services are offered by other national and local tutoring companies, and by some online-only companies.

Test-preparation courses are provided by certain community colleges as well.

At least 20 hours of individual guidance on how to improve scores in specific subject areas and more flexible scheduling is included in the tutoring.

The individual tutoring can cost more than $100 an hour and the student needs at least 20 hours of tutoring.

The two leading sources of classes and tutoring are Kaplan and The Princeton Review.

What Is Included

  • It is good to know that the ACT is more extensively based on testing what students have learned in high school than the SAT, which in general assesses critical thinking skills.
  • The basic test, a score report for the student’s high school and distribution of scores to up to four colleges or universities is covered by the $33 test fee.
  • Kaplan or Princeton Review test prep classes and all other similar include 15 hours of instruction or more, classroom-setting mentoring on test-taking strategies and in-class reviews of practice tests.
  • Score improvement guarantees are offered by some classroom programs as well.

Additional Costs

The rest of the ACT registration fees include standby testing $41; late registration $21; test center or date changes, each for the price of $20.


  • Fee waivers for students with financial need are offered by the ACT, however, the students need to contact their high school counselors for information about the fee waivers.
  • Some used ACT guides can be found on websites like Powell’s Books for approx. $10.

Shopping For The ACT Test

  • Good advice about preparing for the ACT is given by the high school guidance counselors.
  • Another good resource could be the admissions office at a college or university.
  • Students who are working in the office usually have experience with prep programs.
  • The online classes and tutoring offered at some test preparation companies, provide scheduling flexibility and a more relaxed studying environment.
  •  The Princeton Review and Kaplan are the companies offering ACT test preparation.
  • Try the local community colleges to see if they offer ACT preparation courses.

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