How Much Does TOEFL Cost?

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$ Practice Test: $45 $ $ Exam: $160-$225 $ $ $ Exam: $160-$225

TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is a major test for students with non-native English who want to attend an English-speaking university or college.

Educational Testing Service is responsible for administering the test.

Typical Costs

  • TOEFL fees vary by country and their range is between $160 and $225.
  • TOEFL fee in the United States is around $170.
  • The price of TOEFL official practice test is $44.95, while the price of the official TOEFL guide is $29.95.
  • The price of the TOEFL classes is approx, $400 for 40 or more hours of instruction, where the individual tutoring starts at $100 an hour and is possible at companies such as The Princeton Review.

What Is Included

  • As a rule, the test fee covers the test and five score reports – one of these reports is for the one taking the test and the other four reports are for the colleges of application.
  • Several additional score reports can be sent to colleges and their price is $17 each.
  • The Educational Testing Service is administering the test.
  • English lessons, study sessions and a simulation test are part of the test prep classes.
  • Approx. 16 hours of individual instruction are included in the tutoring.

Additional Costs

The TOEFL late registration fee is $35, and the TOEFL rescheduling fee is $60.


  • TOEFL prep courses are offered by many colleges and universities at reduced price compared to the for-profit services.
  • Students should try their local community colleges to find out if TOEFL courses are available.
  • Powell’s Books website provides used TOEFL guides.

Shopping For The TOEFL

  • Pick wisely the date and the place for taking TOEFL as changes cost $60.
  • A list of test centers and dates is offered by The Educational Testing Service.
  • The test takers get an opportunity to study at home and often at a discount thanks to the online courses.

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Get information about programs near you or online.