How Much Does AP Test Cost?

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$ Study Guides: $10-$40 $ $ AP Exam: $87

The Advanced Placement tests are exams concluding many AP courses at high school.

A lot of colleges and universities accept the completion of AP programs along with a passed exam as credit toward getting a college degree.

The Advanced Placement exams are 33, all administered by The College Board.

Typical Costs

  • The price of the test is $87; however, students from outside the United States usually pay higher rates.
  • The College Board official study guides are priced between $10 and $40.
  • Certain companies, such as The Princeton Review, have $10 per hour tutoring.
  • The third-party tutors’ online guidance is available through companies such as EduWizards, which offers up to three half-hour trial sessions for free.

What Is Included

  • There is a test fee of $87 which includes a basic test, a score report to be sent to the high school and distribution of scores to colleges or universities.
  • There is a charge extra for the year-long AP classes that precede the examination at most high schools.

Additional Costs

  • The rest of the test fees include scores by phone for about $8, also rush score reports ($25) and score withholding ($10 per college).
  • Some high schools require students to pay fees for textbooks for AP classes as textbooks can cost more than $100.
  • Bookstores and online retailers provide study books and other helpful materials, where supplies cost around $10-$25.
  • The change of the test date costs $24, and the change of the test place is another $24.


  • Fee reductions of about $30 are available for some AP students who qualify based on financial need, which reduces the cost of the test to $57.
  • Students can save hundreds of dollars in tuition, student fees, and textbook charges bypassing the AP exam and getting college credit while still in high school.
  • The exact savings vary widely based on what college a student plans to attend.

Shopping For An Ap Test

The Princeton Review and some test-preparation companies offer online classes and tutoring.

Check Laredo Sun article, which offers tips for how to choose a tutor.

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