How to Become an Appliance Repair Technician in Delaware

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How to Become an Appliance Repair Technician in Delaware

The role of appliance technicians holds significant value in today’s economy.

If you desire to embark on a career in this field but lack the requisite skills or education, this article will serve as your guide to this occupation.

It outlines the steps to pave your way into the rewarding realm of appliance technicians.

Often overlooked and undervalued, this trade is a hidden gem.

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Let’s delve into the details!

Appliance Repair Technician Job Description and Responsibilities in Delaware

One of the first things you might want to know is the occupation’s responsibilities and description.

As an appliance repair tech, you are expected to:

  • Fix damaged appliances
  • Maintain the functioning ones
  • Install and/or adjust appliances
  • Use the correct tools for the job
  • Provide the estimated cost of the work
  • Ensure they have the correct spare parts
  • Keep a data log for bills, work, inventory

The technician should possess the capability to execute these tasks either at the client’s premises or within the confines of the repair shop.

It’s a prevalent practice among appliance repair technicians to carve out a niche, often specializing in a particular appliance type or a specific brand of electronic products.

These specialized technicians are in high demand, with their expertise consistently producing superior outcomes.

Appliance Repair Technician Training in Delaware

Attaining a high school diploma or its equivalent is an essential initial requirement for pursuing a career in this field.

Given the vast diversity of appliances in use, discovering a comprehensive training program encompassing all types poses a considerable challenge.

To commence your search for a suitable training course, consider initiating your exploration at a vocational school.

Key programs worthy of consideration include those in the realms of electrician and plumber courses.

Once you secure credentials in either of these fields, you can delve further into specialized classes concentrating on the repair of appliances powered by electricity or gas.

Engaging in roles such as an HVAC technician or a steamfitter serves as an exemplary pathway, significantly bolstering your expertise in this profession.

Let’s now unveil the educational institutions that provide training for aspiring appliance repair technicians in the distinctive landscape of Delaware.

Dyer Appliance Academy

The specialized program for appliance repair technicians encompasses a curriculum covering:

  • Fundamentals of Basic Electricity
  • Dishwasher Mechanisms
  • Lokring/R600 Techniques
  • Reading and Decoding Schematics
  • Gas Appliance Fundamentals
  • Microwaves Operation
  • Customer Service Skills for Appliance Technicians
  • Proficient Use of Multimeters
  • Diagnostics in Service Mode
  • Essential Knowledge of Basic Refrigeration
  • Diagnostics and Repair of Sealed Systems
  • In-depth Study of Washer Mechanisms
  • Proficiency in Repairing Electric & Gas Dryers
  • Expertise in Electric and gas Ovens/Ranges

While the primary course spans a concise 2-week duration, it provides ample time for a thorough understanding of the job.

Fred’s Appliance Academy

Fred’s Academy offers classroom education as well as online classes.

To attend the in-person training you’ll have to travel to Ohio, and pay the following fees:

  • $5,200 for the 3-week Diagnostic & Repair Foundations course
  • $2,000 for the 1-week Diagnostic & Repair Foundations – Refrigerators course

For this price, you’ll enjoy breakfast and lunch during weekdays as well.

If you’re interested in the online classes, expect to pay one of these fees:

  • $1,365 for the entire course suite
  • Individual appliance courses range from $200 to $570.
School Name Address
Dyer Appliance Academy online
Fred's Appliance Academy online
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Obtaining the Appliance Repair Technician License in Delaware

The decision to pursue licensing is a pivotal one for appliance repair technicians, offering the option to embrace these credentials or forgo them entirely.

Crucially, the types of appliances you aspire to repair should play a significant role in steering your choice toward certification.

For those aiming for a distinguished certification, the National Appliance Service Technician Certification (NASTeC) emerges as a top-tier selection.

This certification falls under the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware.

Obtaining a license hinges on meeting specific requirements, encompassing factors like:

  • U.S. legal residency,
  • Payment of the license fee,
  • Pass a background check
  • Submit an application
  • Have suitable insurance

Potential candidates may face an examination covering topics such as:

  • Electrical safety,
  • Refrigeration,
  • Troubleshooting

Renewal mandates completing several hours of continuing education, paying the renewal fee, and submitting the renewal application form.

Appliance Repair Technician Salary in Delaware

In the United States, the median annual salary for this position stands at $49,214.

In Delaware, appliance repair technicians earn approximately $50,272 per year.

To explore regions that offer higher compensation, refer to the table provided below.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Harrington $52,074
Lincoln $52,074
Milton $52,074
Smyrna $51,697
New Castle $51,675
Middletown $51,643
Delaware City $51,636
Newark $51,636
Bear $51,616
Port Penn $51,498

Regional Salary in Delaware

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Dover, DE480$43,900$21.11$62,610$29,410
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Maintenance and Repair Workers, General, OCC Code 49-9071, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills do I need for an appliance repair tech job in Delaware?

All jobs require a set of skills, and many jobs will even have the same sets as others.

Here are the most important set of skills for an appliance repair tech:

  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Creative when it comes to solving problems
  • Able to work with both hands
  • Able to follow instructions
  • Able to commute to the client’s location
  • Good knowledge of electricity
  • Able to work with a computer

What fees must I pay to be an appliance repair technician in Delaware?

Most of the fees are related to your education for the job and the ones related to becoming certified and/or licensed.

Here are some of the fees you might have to pay:

  • License application fee
  • Exam fee
  • License renewal fee
  • Certificate replacement fee (if you lost the original)
  • Late renewal penalty fees (if applicable)

Is there a minimum age to apply for an appliance repair license in Delaware?

Yes, usually the minimum age for a license in this state is 18, but some individuals might be older than this by the time they obtain their credentials.

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