Automotive Technician Schools In The Modern Day

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Automotive technician schools are becoming highly demanded in all corners of the globe.

That is as a result of increasing levels of technology and related benefits in the modern day world.

Job responsibilities of the technicians who have skills and knowledge in Automotive have evolved, right from high-tech jobs down to mechanical repair jobs.

Many automotive technician schools offer degree programs, diplomas, certification programs, and associates programs with the cutting edge training that learners need to undergo.

The practice allows the students to be able to diagnose and repair automobiles today, tomorrow and further on.

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Courses Offered In Automotive Technician Schools

Schools are continually setting higher and higher standards of academic excellence in the automotive field.

This is done by employing modern teaching and practical methods to equip their learners with automotive knowledge.

The in-depth and mix instruction programs include among many others the following:

  • Electrical and electronics training I
  • Electrical and electronics training 2
  • Manual and Automatic Drive Trains
  • Engine diagnosis and repair training
  • Suspension and steering training
  • Automotive transportation training
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Automotive brake systems
  • Engine Performance
  • Computerized engine controls systems

Some of the courses are broad but, in being broad, they also envelop other smaller courses together.

For instance, schools have the following colleges with their corresponding classes as given below.

Courses Offered In Automotive Technician Schools

Department Of Automotive Applied Technologies

This department or college offers courses such as:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Technology Supervision
  • Robotics and Automation Technology
  • Diesel Technology
  • High-Performance Motorsports Technology
  • Alternate Fuels Technology
  • Agricultural Equipment Technology
  • HVAC/R Technology

Automotive Supervision Technology Department

In this department, some of the courses offered includes but not limited to;

  • Control in Automotive Industry
  • Automotive Customer Relations
  • Marketing in Automotive Industry
  • Safety, Legal and Environmental Issues
  • Human Resources Management
  • Leadership and Mentorship Program
  • Organizational Behavior

Other Departments

Other key departments offering automotive technician courses include;

  • Diesel Technologies Department
  • Alternate Fuel Technology
  • Agricultural Automotive Equipment Training
  • Robotic and Automatic Technologies Department

Why Join An Automotive Technician School

Why Join An Automotive Technician School

The following list of reasons help indicate a reason why this field should be entered in the modern day:

  • There are state of art facilities that help in acquiring gainful skills in automotive field
  • The schools are always equipped with instructors who are well qualified to design a curriculum that will assist in the success and realization of stated objectives. The instructors bring real life experience to the class. They share the same passion in automobile field just like a student does.
  • Career opportunity that comes as a result of increasing market demand for automotive and related courses
  • Extensive networking and relationships are created within college vicinities
  • Curriculum is continuously updated so as to suit the modern developments in technological advancement
  • Training starting from simple to complex areas. As a student in the automotive schools, one is going to start with basic theories once they enter then progress to complex issues
  • Well balanced education is provided. Right from knowledge-based to performance based
  • Students also enjoy classes as a maximum limit of students is 20 per class for easy handling, enjoy student activities all-round the year and co-educational campus activities

Automotive Technical Education And Requirements

For all of the above courses and training, the best programs are found in community colleges and vocational schools.

Some of the courses such as Vehicle Repair and Technology Training take 6-12 months.

Automotive Technical Education And Certification

The courses in vocational and trade schools, majorly focus on hands-on learning.

On the other hand, community colleges offer preparation in science, math and other courses with stints in training facilities.

The community college programs take on average 24 or more months, depending on school modalities.

Unlike in the past, where automotive repair and maintenance skills were learnt through 3-4 years of apprenticeship, today there are increasingly complex components of automotive and fuel technologies.

This increase in complexity, has called for post-secondary training to be a critical aspect in finding work in the auto industry.

Any experienced technician looking to expand his or her knowledge or take the fast track to level technician jobs can quickly benefit from education opportunities that are being offered by automobile manufacturers and technician schools.

Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Porsche, have developed advanced program options for graduates in technical training areas.


Automotive Technicians use knowledge in electronics, technology, and physics alongside computer software and diagnostic tools in the process of analyzing and repairing automotive problems; and in performing general evaluation and maintenance practices.

The schools equips technicians to employ a variety of hand tools such as flame cutters, pneumatic wrenches and grinding machines in fixing, replacing and tweaking of multi-functional parts.

The rate of expansion of advancement in electrical and technical components, as well the introduction of alternate fuel technologies has facilitated evolution in these critical fields.

One should join a school that is fully accredited to offer training in this area.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Auto Repair career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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