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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is an independent metropolis with historic churches, homes, museums, and business properties.

This charming city with a fascinating past is a nice place to visit, live, or study.

The average yearly salary of trade and skilled workers in Alexandria is $64,790 or about $31 an hour, the highest is $90,997 annually.

If you’re planning to learn the tricks of the trade, here’s a list of Alexandria’s top 10 schools:

Center for Employment Training - CET Alexandria

About the School

With over 50 years of providing career training courses, the Center for Employment Training continues its mission to promote education and human development.

Its stellar performance was a big factor that prompted the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal to recognize it as the #1 Career Training School in Silicon Valley in 2012.

CET’s job training program is rated as the “most effective” across the nation.

In 1990, the program became a national model and was replicated in different cities in the United States after President George Bush granted funds to the school.

The administration of President Bill Clinton also praised CET’s exemplary record of equipping the most disadvantaged with necessary trade skills in 1993.

Courses Offered

The comprehensive Contextual Learning Model of CET helps graduates become job-ready.

Generally, the career training programs cover 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Job placement assistance is guaranteed for completers.


  • Construction & Building Maintenance
  • Culinary
  • Medical
  • Technical Trades
  • Truck Driving & Logistics

Each of the learning pathways provides hands-on classes that will enhance the student’s competency and skills.

The Culinary Arts program is available only in CET’s professional kitchen in San Jose, California where chef-wannabes learn how to perfect the craft of baking and cooking.

If your interest leans toward the healthcare industry, CET’s entry-level medical programs are right for you.

For construction jobs that require the readiness to read blueprints and use power tools, hands-on training in Construction and Building Maintenance is the answer.

The Technical Trades program equips students with technical skills while the Truck Driving and Logistics program helps you build a career that involves travel.


  • Center for Employment Training – CET Alexandria
  • Address: 6295 Edsall Rd #220, Alexandria, VA 22312, United States
  • Phone: (703) 461-9767
  • Website:

Northern Virginia Community College

About the School

The Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) takes pride in providing the community with a world-class education through its curriculum programs and professional instructors.

There are two options for study- traditional and online, which makes learning more accessible to students and the working class.

Its safe, learner-centered campus is home to 5 buildings, 70 programs and degrees, and dynamic instructors.

It also houses the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center and the Center for Design, Media, and the Arts.

Courses Offered

For students who prefer short course training programs, NOVA offers:

  • Advanced Manufacturing and Skilled Trades
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Architecture Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Construction Management Technology
  • Data Center Operations
  • Engineering Technology
  • Welding

The college’s pathways of learning are designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in various industries.

Its two-track Architecture Technology course aims to help students get a paid internship in architecture, construction, and associated fields.

A Certificate in Engineering Technology Technician allows graduates to work in technology firms and related industries.

For those who want to work in data centers or companies, completing the stackable 1-year Data Center Operations gives them a Career Study Certificate.

Earning a certificate in Construction Management Technology courses gives graduates the opportunity to work as an engineering aide, construction supervisor, or construction project manager.

Jobs for completers of Automotive Technology include line technician and customer service representative.

Full-time employment awaits the completers of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program while a Certificate in Welding paves the way for entry-level jobs in the welding industry.


  • Northern Virginia Community College
  • Address: 5000 Dawes Ave, Alexandria, VA 22311, United States
  • Phone: 703.323.3000
  • Website:

Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage

About the School

The key to a successful massage therapy profession is learning from the best school.

This is where the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage comes in.

It has produced over two thousand massage therapists who are now serving the community.

Fully accredited by NACCAS and approved by the US Department of Education to provide specialized training programs to students and massage practitioners, this massage school is one of the best in the industry.

There is a free introductory class once a month about the Essentials of Massage Therapy where you get basic theories and hands-on instructions.

Courses Offered

The 600-hour Intensive Massage Therapy Program helps students learn the fundamentals of human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, reflexology, massage theory and practice, and other subjects.

There is an option to add 150-hour orthopedic enhancement for those who want to widen their specialty.

For learners’ convenience, there is an all-day massage therapy classes, all-night classes, or all-weekend classes schedules.

Furthermore, the school’s continuing education program is designed to help massage therapists take advantage of advanced courses.

It is for practitioners who want to upskill, learn the newest techniques, and meet the state license renewal requirements.

Continuing Programs:

  • Japanese Zen Facial Massage with Aromatherapy and the Use of Gua Sha Facial Tools
  • Tui–Na – Chinese Medical Massage With Cupping & Gua Sha Tools
  • Lymphatic Massage
  • Prenatal Massage


  • Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage
  • Address: 6402 Arlington Blvd. Suite 840 Falls Church, VA 22042
  • Phone: 703.533.3113
  • Website:

The National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation

About the School

Since 1990, the National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation has been impressing the community with its unique approach to traditional and emerging training on the operation of building properties, both residential and commercial.

The blended classroom and hands-on way of teaching equip the students with the necessary skills to become future building engineers.

Its BEST Program offers multiple sessions with 9-week to 20-week class durations.

For presently employed, an option of one-night weekly classes is the best.

It also offers intensive short courses and specialized onsite courses to private businesses, national government agencies, and NGOs.

Courses Offered

There are multiple programs available at The National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation, all relevant to the learning institution’s core:

  • HVAC
  • Controls
  • SeminarsBoilers
  • License Exam Preparation
  • Electrical

Under the HVAC Program are Air Conditioning I, II, and III. To qualify for the Refrigeration course and Heat Pumps course, students must complete the Air Conditioning I and II.

The Controls 1 course requires completion of Air Conditioning I and Principles of Electricity.

Electrical short-term courses include Principles of Electricity, Electric Motors, Electrical Systems, Code, & Theory, and Schematics.

Some courses help students prepare for license preparation and continuing education like the Virginia Journeyman and Master Mechanical and Maryland 3rd Class Exam Preparation-High Pressure Steam Class.

For skills enhancement and evaluation, seminars are conducted. In the R410-A Refrigerant Seminar, participants need to take the NAPE’s 410-A Certification examination test after the seminar.


  • The National Association of Power Engineers Educational Foundation
  • Address: 5520 Cherokee Avenue, Suite 250, Alexandria, Virginia 22312
  • Phone: 703-845-7055
  • Website:

Global Health Institute

About the School

Popularly known as the Institute, the Global Health Institute is a private nursing school founded by Mariatu Kargbo who is a multi-degree holder in nursing, marketing, and law.

Her passion and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of this healthcare institute that is committed to providing dynamic training and education.

All lessons and clinical training are provided by licensed instructors who have advanced degrees in nursing.

The convenient curriculum allows beginners, experts, and working individuals to work on their busy schedules.

Courses Offered

The Practical Nursing curriculum covers 1,328 clocked hours of lessons in the Fundamentals of Nursing, Pediatrics, Diet & Nutrition, Psychiatry, and other essential subjects.

All Clinical Instructions are done in MD, DC, and VA settings.

There is an option to study part-time or full-time, which is convenient for currently employed people.

Graduates need a PN License to apply for a job.

For those who want to become a Medical Assistant, the MA program curriculum includes 60 hours of Clinical Skills, 60 hours of Electrocardiography, and 80 hours of Phlebotomy, or a total of 200 hours.

Students are prepared by the Institute to sit for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Passers are eligible for MA positions in various healthcare industries.

To apply for the Medication Aide Certification Program which covers 48 hours of lectures and 20 hours of Clinical Training, you should be a Certified Nurse Aide (CAN).


  • Global Health Institute
  • Address: 30 South Quaker Lane Suite 220; Alexandria Virginia 22314
  • Phone: (703) 212-7410
  • Website:

Victory Career College

About the School

The demand for beauty professionals who provide quality services has grown exponentially.

As one of the trusted training schools, Victory Career College thrives on its mission to help graduates pass the licensing examinations after completing either in-person or hybrid distance education training.

The education concept of this school is patterned after a real salon or spa. Students experience hands-on training in the assigned station or room.

The supervised student services are done under the watch of licensed instructors, preventing incidents that may cause discomfort or problems.

Designated spaces are checked after use to ensure proper sanitation and disinfection.

Courses Offered

Here, programs are designed with certain work hours to ensure full maximization of learning:

  • Cosmetology Online 50%– 1000 CLOCK HOURS
  • Skincare online 50% – 600 CLOCK HOURS
  • Nail Care Online 50%– 600 CLOCK HOURS
  • Barbering Online 50% – 1000 CLOCK HOURS
  • Massage Therapy 500 CLOCK HOURS
  • Massage Therapy 720 CLOCK HOURS
  • Cosmetology Crossover Course – 300 CLOCK HOURS
  • Barber Crossover Course  – 200 CLOCK HOURS

Cosmetology students must complete the clocked hours of the curriculum, 30 weeks for full-time students and 50 weeks for part-time students.

The Barber program is also available for those inclined in men’s grooming.

There are crossover courses for both barbers and cosmetologists, which is ideal for beauty care professionals who want to widen their customer base.

Skin Care Program completers can work as Estheticians after passing an industry-recognized examination.

The same thing applies to graduates of the Nail Care Program before they can apply as Nail Technicians.

A strong home WIFI connection is a must to attend online schooling and training.


Spectrum Beauty Academy

About the School

Spectrum Beauty Academy offers onsite and online career training.

The course materials of students who prefer the on-the-go or study-at-home option are delivered to their doorstep.

This is an ideal setup for working people who want to learn the basics of beauty care services, upgrade their skills, or stay abreast with the latest trends.

The school provides a superior education, setting a global standard in the beauty and cosmetics industries.

The accelerated courses are pocket-friendly and financial assistance is offered to qualified students.

Moreover, the Lifetime Job Placement Program ensures an opportunity to find a lucrative job in various settings.

Courses Offered

The Master Esthetics Course is a customized curriculum that provides guided lessons of solid theory and extensive in-depth training in different spectrums of beauty care.

To qualify, one should be a licensed Esthetician.

Cosmetology and Nail Technician course students are taught to perform various phases of associated services as preparation for their entry into the job market.

Passing the state board licensing examination gives more credibility and proof of competency.

The fundamentals and history of professional skin care and esthetics are part of the Esthetics Course.

Students also learn the techniques of massage, make-up application, skincare, facial treatments, and more.

And there’s more!

The Business Boot Camp Class with specialty courses for 3 ½ hours is also available onsite.

Programs and Costs:

  • Master Esthetics Course: $7250
  • Barber Course: $9150
  • Cosmetology Course: $10,050
  • Nail Technology Course: $2850
  • Esthetics Course: $10,575


Titan Healthcare Academy

About the School

Armed with a strong desire to provide advanced healthcare education and world-class training to students and practitioners, the Titan Healthcare Academy is a great choice for your certificate.

Its dynamic and innovative career training curriculum prepares the learners to handle real-world jobs in the chosen industry.

The supportive learning environment of the academy is conducive to learning, allowing students to perform excellently.

Through the guidance of professional instructors, students learn proper patient care.

The actual hands-on experience enhances their clinical performance.

Courses Offered

The academy programs are specially designed to meet the demands of today’s healthcare industries, preparing the students to become effective practitioners after completing the required training hours.

Students who earn a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course certificate are ready to begin their careers in the healthcare industry.

Those who want to enroll in the Medication Aide Program must show a certificate of completion from the Home Health Aide Program or Nurse Aide Training Program.

Home Health Aides provide services to people with disabilities, the elderly, or the sick.

Emergency cases require quick responses, which makes the CPR course very useful because you will be learning the proper way of conducting life-saving methods.


1st CDL Training Center of NOVA

About the School

The CDL Training Center of NOVA helps students earn a permit to drive after completing the required hours of hands-on practice.

It offers Class A, Class B, and Bus Training for residents of Maryland, and DC, Virginia on a full-time or part-time basis under the supervision of instructors with years of trucking experience.

Since its inception in 2011, the school has been producing over 200 completers of CDL courses each year.

It also offers job placement assistance, helping new drivers find opportunities to practice their driving skills and earn a good salary.

Courses Offered

The truck driving classes of this school are designed to equip students with the necessary skills, competency, and confidence while on the road.

The government-sponsored training assistance helps students learn for free.

The tuition fee is affordable and there are no upfront fees.

Class A trains learners to operate a Tractor Trailer, towed vehicles with a minimum GVWR of 10,000 pounds, and a combination of vehicles with over 26,000 pounds GCWR.

Those who prefer to drive dump trucks and vehicles for local work like towing another vehicle can take Class B.

Getting a license paves the way to earning an average monthly wage of $50,340.


  • 1st CDL Training Center of NOVA
  • Address: 5716 Telegraph Road, Alexandria, VA 22303
  • Phone: 703-347-7999
  • Website:

National Personal Training Institute

About the School

The National Personal Training Institute is one of the country’s pioneer and largest schools that offers personal enhancement courses to people who want to turn their fitness interests into a career.

Its Certification (CPT) program assists students in achieving deep-set transformation through practical and hands-on experience.

With a comprehensive curriculum that meets the demands of health, fitness, and wellness clients or industries, graduates of NPTI are better prepared to face the world.

Instructors are keen on helping the students become more aware of their personal power to develop a success-geared mindset.

Courses Offered

The Personal Training Program prepares students to become successful fitness professionals. From day one, you will be trained as a personal fitness coach and trainer.

The world-class instructions, hands-on practical training, and supervised exercises aim to help you achieve a better shape.

Since the demand for high-level professionals is constant as more and more people seek personal trainers, the graduates of NPTI are given 100 hours of Nutrition Education, no-cost Hands-on Personal Training Program, and Lifetime Job Placement Assistance.

These perks yield a better advantage to newbies as they offer their services in the health and fitness markets.


  • National Personal Training Institute
  • Address: 1901 Mt Vernon Avenue, Suite B, Alexandria, VA 22301
  • Phone: 1-800-960-6294
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

The demand for skilled workers is spiraling up in various industries, so there’s no excuse not to find an earning opportunity when you are well-equipped with trade skills.

Keep improving your craft by learning from the best technical school and enjoy the perks when you apply for a new job.

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