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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Lubbock, TX

Some people do not have enough money to afford a four-year college education or are just not interested in spending that long gaining an education.

These are some of the reasons why they rather choose to study at vocational schools and get a degree faster.

If you are trying to pick the best trade school, you are in the right place.

The following article will answer questions as you go through the process of choosing a school.

Lubbock Dental Assistant School

Those of you whose dream is to become dental assistants can now reach that education in 12 weeks if you enroll in Lubbock Dental Assistant School.

There are many reasons why this school is the right choice for you, but one of them is that the school offers programs that allow students to reach degrees in a short period of time.

Enrollment: The enrollment procedure requires that applicants meet the eligibility requirements.

Actually, so as to enroll in this program they must the application process guidelines that are available on the school’s website.

The first thing you need to do is to book an admissions appointment by giving a call to the school admission office and that way you will schedule a meeting with a school representative.

As you will be able to discuss the admission process and curriculum offered with the admission representative you can ask him/her all the questions you have.

Next, you will have a tour of the school and you will be asked to fill out an application, with the help of the representative.

If you happen to be accepted, you will be sent an acceptance email.

Fees: You can either choose to pay the full tuition cost of t$3,350 before the beginning of the first class or you can apply for any of the two payment options available.

Then, the tuition is paid as determined by the plan, but the total cost will be higher.

Courses Offered:

  • Dental Assistant

Contact Information:

Lubbock Medical Assistant School

Enrollment: Lubbock Medical Assistant School is one very attractive educational institution among those who want to get medical education, so the school staff has made an easy enrollment process which consists of four steps.

The first step requires the booking of an admissions appointment by giving the admission representative a call and scheduling the meeting depending on your obligations.

Then, you are supposed to tour the school and fill out your application.

The admission representatives will see if the school is the right fit for you and and whether you are a good match for this school.

The next step consists of the processing of your application.

In case your application is approved, the school will send you an acceptance email in which it is stated that you need to make the payment of tuition or choose a payment plan so as to secure your spot in a class.

Fees: You can choose to pay the total cost of $4,250, or one of three payment plans.

Actually, you can pay a $1,250 deposit prior to the first day of class and then 24 weekly payments of $130.00 but have in mind that there is a $120.00 payment plan fee.

Courses Offered:

  • Medical Assistant Program

Contact Information:

Vista College Lubbock

Vista College takes pride in providing an outstanding education for over 30 years, since its establishment.

What proves the fact that you can only get the best and quality education at Vista College is the accredited of the Council on Occupational Education – COE.

Furthermore, College is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission – TWC, which means that the institution reached the highest standard of performance and that it offers accredited programs.

Enrollment: For those interested in enrolling in Vista College it would be glad to know that the Vista College admissions representatives are available to help them enroll in a program without having too much trouble with the admission process.

They have made it available to all those eager to learn and it all starts with a campus tour, you get the chance to talk to your admissions representative about your career goals and meet instructors and the director of your educational program.

During the tour, they will answer all your questions and help you fill out the enrollment form which will then be processed.

If you are accepted, you will get the notification about it.

Courses Offered:

  • Medical Assisting Program

Contact Information:

Three Star Nurse Aide Training

Choosing which CNA training the most suits your interests and needs is a tough task and people spend hours researching the Internet in a quest for the ideal school.

One of the attractive CNA training in Lubbock is definitely Three Star Nurse Aide Training.

Three Star Nurse Aide Training has a curriculum designed to offer students the clinical knowledge needed to perform compassionate patient care and once you become graduates of this program, you can be sure that you will become health care professional staff, prepared with excellent knowledge, basic nursing skills, and terminology and the elements of basic nutrition, safety and infection control.

Enrollment: But, the question is – How to get enrolled in its CNA training.

You can start your journey towards a new career by calling (806)747-4102 for class schedule dates.

Another way of getting connected with the school admission staff is to find a Three Star Registration Form on the official website.

By filling it out and submitting it, you will get in touch with the Enrollment Department.

Courses Offered:

  • CNA Training

Contact Information:

Wade Gordon Academy - Lubbock

Enrollment: Depending on which course you decide to enroll in, there are certain admission requirements and enrollment procedures set.

If you want to become a cosmetologist, you will need to possess a high school diploma or GED to enroll in the program.

Later on, once you have completed postsecondary training, you can get state licensure with the help of Wade Gordon Hairdressing Academy through the process.

On the other hand, if becoming a barber is your dream, you will need a high school diploma or GED to enroll, which has to be followed by completion of postsecondary training and a state license.

There is also the Instructor course if you have the skills you want to share with your students.

Fees: As you are reading this you are probably interested in how much Barber or Cosmetology course cost.

This also depends on the program and campus, but you can see an itemized list of the Tuition and Fees on the school’s official website.

Courses Offered:

  • Cosmetology Course
  • Barber Course
  • Instructor Course
  • State Board Refresher Course
  • Advanced Education

Contact Information:

South Plains College Lubbock Center

Enrollment: South Plains College Lubbock Center staff does not allow everyone to attend the classes, so they have set some steps to apply for admission, according to which the appropriate candidates for enrollment will be selected.

Students seeking admissions to South Plains College should follow these steps when applying.

They must submit a South Plains College application or ApplyTexas Application for Admission at

Besides completing an Admission Application, you are supposed to provide some supporting documents including the following:

  • Official high school transcript with date of graduation or a certified copy of GED certificate or scores.
  • Official college transcripts from every college attended.
  • TSI Assessment Scores
  • Proof of Meningitis Vaccination for all entering students under the age of 22.
  • Certificate of Residence that is verified based on the information on the admission application.

If you meet these requirements, you are highly encouraged to apply.

Fees: Students applying for scholarships must provide ACT or SAT scores in order to meet scholarship eligibility requirements.

Courses Offered:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • SPCTechnical Programs
  • Health Occupations

Contact Information:

Texas Tech University School of Law

Enrollment: Individuals interested in enrolling at Texas Tech University School of Law should meet the Application Requirements prior to applying.

They are required to sign up for the LSAT and complete the online application here.

The process starts by creating an LSAC account at

Also, it is worth mentioning hat Texas Tech Law requires two letters of

Recommendation from professors and/or employers who can speak about your abilities and professionalism.

Furthermore, you need to prepare a two-page personal statement and a resume to complete your application.

It is very significant not to do this late, as there are application deadlines:

  • Non-binding Early notification: November 1
  • Regular decision: March 1
  • Late decision: July 1

If you need further details about enrollment, you are encouraged to visit the school and you can schedule a visit at

Fees: A good thing to know is that there is no application fee.

The Tuition and Fees that students need to pay are the following: Texas Residents need to pay 26,904, while non-residents will have to pay 38,664.

Courses Offered:

  • Business Law Concentration
  • Criminal Law and Innocence Concentration
  • Law and Science Concentration

Contact Information:

Rawls College of Business

The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools (AACSB).

Enrollment: The application process consists of a few steps and each applicant is supposed to submit the required documents that will help in the selection process.

Besides submitting the ApplyTexas Application, the supporting documents to be provided are Official High School Transcript, including rank and diploma type that has to be submitted using the uploader in RaiderConnect or by US mail (Box 45005, Lubbock, TX 79409).

You can request that your high school send it directly to The Jerry S. Rawls College of Business through TREx.

Also, you must provide Official SAT and/or *ACT Scores which reflect evidence-based reading and writing, and math.

The information that will be used to evaluate a student’s potential for enrollment are

  • Academic Rigor
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Leadership experiences
  • Civic or other service activities
  • Socioeconomic background
  • Family educational background
  • Special talents or awards
  • Diversity of experience and background

Fees: There is a $75 Application Fee or Fee Waiver.

Courses Offered:

  • Accounting
  • Energy Commerce
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

Contact Information:

Trendz Barber Academy

Enrollment: Trendz Barber Academy offers admission to interested individuals and all they need to do is to complete the application for admission available on the website which should be downloaded and submitted with accurate data.

Before applying, you will need to read the admission requirements.

The applicants must be at least 18 years of age prior to the commencement of course study as well as be able to read, write, and speak English.

The applicant is required to turn in the completed application and fee in-person during normal school operating hours.

After the submission of the application, each applicant is supposed to conduct an in-person interview with a school official and the interviews will not be conducted via phone call, text, and/or email.

During the interview, you will discuss course descriptions, tuition and payment information, withdrawal and refund criteria, career opportunities, school requirements, State Exam requirements, and attendance and academic expectations;

Fees: The applicant must provide a non-refundable application fee of $30.

Tuition costs are the following:

  • Class A Barber 1500 Hours – $9,000.00
  • Cosmetology Crossover to Class A Barber 300 Hours – $2,800.00
  • Barber Instructor 500 Hours – $5000

For each course, there is a Registration Fee of $300.

Courses Offered:

  • Class A Barber 1500 Hours
  • Cosmetologist Operator Crossover to Barber 300 Hours
  • Barber Instructor 500 Hours

Contact Information:

Texas College of Cosmetology

Enrollment: Just like any other school, Texas College of Cosmetology has also set some procedures that each applicant has to pass so as to be accepted.

To complete the enrollment process, you will need to bring the following supporting documents at least one week before starting school.

You are supposed to fill out the application if you are interested in becoming a student at Texas College of Cosmetology.

You must provide your driver’s license, state-issued identification card or birth certificate, Social Security card, Alien registration card if you are from a country outside of the United States, and a High school diploma or G.E.D certificate.

Fees: You need to pay $25.00 Money order, cash, or check made out to the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation-Permit fee for registration with TDL and first payment – to Texas College of Cosmetology for tuition amount before the beginning of the classes.

Cosmetology Course (Basic Course) 1500 Clock Hours

  • Tuition: $14,500
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Training Kit: $875
  • Books: $275
  • Scrubs/Name Tag: $75
  •  TOTAL=$15,825

Esthetics Course 750 Clock Hours

  • Tuition: $8,870
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Training Kit: $425
  • Books: $275
  • Scrubs/Name Tag: $75
  • TOTAL= $9,745

Instructor Course 750 Clock Hours

  • Tuition: $6,000
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Books: $275
  • Scrubs/Name Tag: $75
  • TOTAL = $6,450

Manicurist Course (Nail Technician) 600 Clock Hours

  • Tuition: $7,050
  • Application Fee: $100
  • Training Kit: $320
  • Books: $250
  • Scrubs/Name Tag: $75
  • TOTAL= $7,795

Courses Offered:


Contact Information:

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Final Thoughts

We have provided you with information related to some of the most significant features that you should pay attention to you as you consider the choice of a school.

Now it is up to you to go through the selection process and make the right pick that will suit your needs and interests.

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