8 Best Vocational School Careers for 2020

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It’s always amazing how time moves and we are all now making plans for 2020.

The one thing that you can be assured of in the fast-paced world where technology is changing every day is that vocational careers are also changing.

What this means is that careers that could have been the rage in town on a year ago, may no longer be as fashionable in 2020 due to the changes in technology.

Are you doing your last year in high school in 2020?

Then you certainly want to know what some of the best vocational school careers for 2020 are.

These careers have been hand-picked by their job-satisfaction and average salary.

8 Best Vocational Careers

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#1 Web Developer

  • Average annual salary: $66,130
  • Job Satisfaction: Medium

There is one thing you can be assured of as we go into 2020.

The economy is moving over to the internet more and more each day.

If you still doubt this look at the success of such companies like Google, Uber, Facebook and a lot of other less known start-ups setting up offices every day in Silicon Valley.

The proliferation of such companies is the reason why a vocational school career such as a web developer will be making it into the list of desirable courses for the next few years to come.

Even though you may have to eventually do a bachelor’s degree in order to be a highly paid web developer, you can always start off with a vocational qualification.

Most employers are generally willing to accept shorter qualifications.

They then allow you to further develop your skills through experience.

Web development is gaining popularity in the internet-rich world we live in.

#2 Graphic Designer

  • Average annual salary: $48,256
  • Job Satisfaction: High

It’s no secret that careers in the communication technology sector will continue to dominate best lists for some time.

Graphic designing is about capturing the attention of people through the use of visual ideas communicated graphically and through illustrations.

If you are really talented, career advancement in a field such as this one is a given.

The great thing about this career is that you can work for yourself as a freelancer once you have gained some experience.

This will allow you to work wherever you are in the world.

#3 Network Systems Administrator

  • Average annual salary: $59,462
  • Job Satisfaction: Medium

Every modern organization whether it is a bank or a school requires some form of computer networking.

In this job, you will be responsible for the daily operation of networks.

Your job will involve ensuring that the system is running optimally all the time.

When there are new people that need to be added to the network, you will be facilitating this.

You will also attend to any problems experienced in the network.

While some employers will require you to have a degree before they employ you, there are many others that will accept a postsecondary certificate from a vocational college.

#4 CNC Machining and Manufacturing

  • Average annual salary: $50,675
  • Job Satisfaction: High

Manufacturing is the bedrock of many economies.

However, there is often a shortage of skilled tradesmen who understand how these machines work.

A vocational career in CNC Machining and Manufacturing can allow you to work in different areas ranging from food production, commercial transport, and medical technology, to mining.

This means that you can still be a CNC technician and work in an industry you are passionate about.

In this job, your duties will generally include developing programs that control the CNC machine which processes metal, plastic or wooden parts.

#5 Solar Energy Technology

  • Average annual salary: $40,729
  • Job Satisfaction: High

Whether it is different governments across the world or the United Nations, everybody is now taking climate change seriously.

This is the reason why a career in solar energy technology is the way to go in 2020.

This is a fulfilling career because you know that the job you do has a positive impact on future generations.

The advantage of taking a career in this filed is that it is still young and many people haven’t yet started taking it seriously as a possible career choice.

Speak to any vocational expert and they will tell you that demand for skills in green technology will be on the increase going into the next few years.

#6 Wind Energy Technology

  • Average annual salary: $48,576
  • Job Satisfaction: High

An alternative to solar energy that is also attracting attention is wind technology.

This, just like solar energy is another vocational career that is still new and hence competition for jobs in this area is not as fierce as it is for traditional vocational careers that have been around for ages.

In this career, your basic duties will include monitoring power generation within power plants that generate electricity from wind.

You will also be inspecting the plant to see if everything is going well.

Part of your daily duties will also involve communicating with other operators to ensure that the amount of power being distributed is according to requirements.

As the population grows, we will need more energy produced each year

#7 Electrician

  • Average annual salary: $57,311
  • Job Satisfaction: Medium

There is a reason why vocational colleges which train electricians are always popular:

They are a quick way of getting a qualification for a job that is always in HIGH demand.

Since electricity is such a dangerous thing, only those who are skilled will get jobs in this industry.

This ensures that you don’t have to compete with unqualified people after graduating.

The kind of skills you will learn for electrical trade schools include the process of setting up an electrical connection from the start.

You will also learn how to maintain and repair electrical systems.

Apart from the skills you learn in a trade school, you will get lots more experience in the workplace.

You can also work for yourself on a part-time basis after qualifying.

Read our full guide on how to become an electrician.

#8 Medical Assistants

  • Average annual salary: $33,922
  • Job Satisfaction: High

Year after year, you will see careers linked to medicine making it into almost every list of the best vocational careers.

The reason behind this is that people are living longer and older people generally need more medical care.

This leads to a demand for skilled people in the area expanding every year.

The great thing about this career is that you don’t need to spend years upon years in a university as doctors do.

You can enroll in a vocational college for a one year certificate.

If you want a higher qualification, a two-year associate degree will be good enough.

After the academic qualification, you will learn most of the skills in the job.

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Final Thoughts

Choose the career that’s right for you, not just because of the salary but because you feel interested in it.

Work hard on your training and finish your school with as much knowledge as possible, this will serve you more than you know in the future.

Good luck!

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