How Education Helps in Fighting Modern Slavery

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How Education Helps in Fighting Modern Slavery

Education plays an integral role in every person’s life.

Without it, you can’t make wise decisions or be successful in life.

The world is changing and progressing rapidly.

Therefore, everyone should be educated not just to receive education but also to gain knowledge and keep up with the world.

Every child needs education.

However, there are major challenges in most countries.

The biggest one is modern slavery which is known as child labor.

According to the International Labor Association, child labor is any type of work that deprives children of their potential, dignity, and childhood and harms their physical and mental wellbeing.

It refers to any task that’s:

  • Physically, mentally, morally, and socially harmful to children
  • Affects their schooling or encourages them to drop out of school early or requires them to combine school with long hours of hard work.

The worst form of child labor involves being separated from their loved ones or exposed to health hazards at an early age.

In some cases, others can be left to support themselves in the streets.

Specific types of work can be referred to as child labor depending on the age of the child, the hours they have to put in, and the conditions under which the work is being performed.

Different countries define child labor differently.

The worst thing about child labor is that it prevents children from growing and developing to become successful contributors to society.

To eliminate this problem once and for all, children have to be educated.

According to the World Vision, close to 152 million children in the world are engaged in different forms of child labor.

These jobs interfere with their schooling, harm their development, and deprive them of their vibrant childhood.

It’s up to you and me to fight against modern slavery.

Here are four ways that will help us solve this huge problem.

teaching and education

Education is Our Arsenal

You can use books to educate and help in fighting for the rights of our students.

Most organizations around the world are working hard to raise awareness on this sensitive issue and fight for the rights of children.

There is a specific day that has been set aside to ensure that people become aware of education.

According to UNESCO, education is a public responsibility, a human right, and a public good.

Education provides freedom and options.

This means that people have the opportunity to make wise decisions.

Giving your children options and encouraging them to read allows them to have hope and amazing opportunities.

You need to have a vision of educating them.

Education will help them in different ways and allow them to solve a wide range of problems.

Due to the pandemic, most families across the world are desperate with bo money due to lost jobs.

Therefore, paying for education or thinking beyond tomorrow’s meal is quite difficult.

Therefore, allowing children to work under extreme conditions has become the only alternative for most parents.

Everyone needs to support organizations that providing education to children from such families especially during the pandemic.

Focus on The Need

You need to keep in mind that you are responsible for raising awareness of the importance of educating children.

For example, you can promote it in the workplace, and inform your loved ones and the community that education is essential to freeing children from modern slavery.

You need to use social media platforms by sharing posts and hashtags with your followers.

As we said earlier, education is a public responsibility.

Another advantage of this is that it helps to change peoples’ focus from their problems to other peoples’ problems and how they can help resolve them.

Fundraise to Help Children

To do your work effectively as an advocate of education, you’ll need donations.

Rallying people to donate can be a hectic task.

However, there are several organizations and online resources that you can use to get financial aid.

Don’t be afraid to ask the people you meet every day for gifts and donations.

The funds you’ll receive will help in ending modern slavery.

Participation is Key

Write a blog, make a short video or create infographics on child labor and modern slavery.

Doing this will allow your friends and friends of friends to be aware of the problem.

Post your story on social media platforms and tag your friends.

You can also host events or invite social workers who are working day and night to solve this problem.

Sharing motivational stories with your friends will help them know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

When we work together, we can get rid of this big problem affecting millions of children across the world.


Modern slavery is one of the biggest challenges facing our society today.

Since it breaches our children’s rights, we need to stop it.

We need to do everything we can to end it.

Addressing this issue which affects millions of lives is of utmost importance.

The majority of people especially in third world countries are not aware of their rights.

However, raising awareness about this problem will help in stopping this injustice.

Children who are being subjected to labor are not enjoying their childhood.

We can prevent this by placing books in their hands.

Educating them will ensure that they get the awareness and knowledge that they need to have a bright future.

We all have the responsibility to end modern slavery.

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