15 Best Jobs for Couples

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Certain professions lend themselves well to couples working as a team.

From custodial work to tandem driving, you have unlimited choices.

However, working together may cause conflict if you spend too much time attached at the hip, so plan for enough separate downtime outside of work hours.

Despite possibly getting tired of seeing one another so often, working as a couple ensures that someone always minds the store.

Fifteen Great Jobs for Couples



Working as a custodial team means one person cleans from the back of the building to the front while the other works from the entrance to the rear exit.

When you meet in the middle, you have completed the job.

Working together gets things done faster, so you have time to clean multiple sites daily.

Since most custodial work happens after hours, expect your nights and weekends to stay committed.

The median pay for janitors and building cleaners runs $29,760 per year.

You do not need formal training, so janitorial work does not require you to go into debt.

Consequently, all of your earnings go into your own pockets instead of having to pay back student loans.

OTR Truck Driving

OTR Truck Driving

Working as a team allows one of you to sleep while the other drives the truck.

This way, the hours in service regulations do not keep you from reaching your destination on time.

In addition, with today’s larger sleeping cabins, you have amenities such as in-cab toilets and shower facilities, making wasting valuable driving time at truck stops unnecessary.

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers earn a median annual salary of $48,310.

Under the Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 391.11, anyone with the relevant experience, training, or both to safely operate a particular type of commercial motor vehicle may do so with a valid commercial driver’s license after taking and passing the relevant road test.

Although highly recommended, you do not have to attend a truck driving school to obtain a commercial learner’s permit or driver’s license.

Driving military vehicles, for example, can provide the necessary driving experience.

Cafe Owners

Cafe Owners

As team cafe owners, you would fall under the Food Service Manager job category.

Food service managers make a median income of $59,440 annually, although expenses and overhead vary.

Whether one of you serves customers while the other brews drinks and prepares food or you share equally in all responsibilities, owning a cafe can provide a decent living.

However, working with the public adds significant stress to your relationship if you do not plan enough downtime.

For simplicity, keep your menu options limited, or you will find yourselves worn to a frazzle.

Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators

If you work as an event coordinator as a couple, it allows you to wear multiple hats without as much pressure.

For example, you can maintain the event’s momentum without chaos when one of you plays host while the other oversees the kitchen.

Moreover, meeting, convention, and event planners earn a median annual salary of $49,470.

You do not have to attend any formal course to begin, although you may need a state food handler’s license if you decide to handle the catering yourself.

Towing Service

Towing Service

Do you have the good fortune to own a tow truck?

If so, running a towing service might appeal to you and your other half.

One of you can serve as the dispatcher while the other operates the tow vehicle.

Among your tasks: performing roadside assistance, removing unwanted cars and trucks from business parking lots, or returning vehicles to auto dealerships for nonpayment.

According to data from Indeed.com based on 2,323 aggregated salaries, tow truck drivers make a median annual income of $95,039.

Interestingly, most auto repossessions will earn you between $150 to $400 or more, depending on whether the person in default has elected to return the vehicle voluntarily or not.

Partner with banks and auto dealerships to do repossessions, serve local businesses and law enforcement agencies for unwanted vehicle removal, or register your towing service with AAA.

Landscaping Service

Landscaping Service

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies landscapers as “Grounds Maintenance Workers.”

Landscapers can earn a median annual income of $35,460.

Moreover, they do not usually need formal credentials unless they apply pesticides and fertilizers.

In that case, some states require licensing and annual safety training.

Some landscapers specialize in tree trimming, while others may install sprinkler systems, artificial turf, or patios and walkways that do not require masonry work.

Mowing and brush removal services also take up a large portion of a landscaper’s day.

Tree and brush removal earns between $448 and $1,379 per job, according to Home Advisor.

Consequently, you could potentially earn as much as $41,370 monthly if you work every day of the week.

Daycare Center Owners

Daycare Center Owners

If you own a home with a large backyard or have access to a suitable commercial space, you can open a childcare center together.

You will need ample, open space for indoor activities, including serving lunches, taking naps, and engaging in large- and small-motor play.

In addition, you’ll want sufficient outdoor space so that children can play in the fresh air and sunlight.

Shade structures, one or more play pods, and several riding toys will keep the children happy and fully engaged.

With two of you, one can teach a small group while the other supervises everyone else.

In many states, having two adults available allows you to serve as many as sixteen children at once, depending on their ages.

Preschool and childcare center directors earn annual median incomes of $47,310.

Usually, center directors have at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in early childhood education.

However, you can hire someone with the appropriate credentials while retaining ownership and oversight.

Parents pay dearly for better-educated staff and lower child-to-provider ratios, so keep that in mind.

Food Truck Owners

Food Truck Owners

When one of you can drive while the other cooks and both serve customers when you stop at a worksite, food truck ownership makes an excellent profession for couples.

Food trucks typically serve a captive audience: construction or factory workers or office tower personnel, for example.

These groups have short eating periods and lack options close enough to return to work on time and finish their food.

Serve foods that take little time to prepare, such as pizza, tacos, or salads, and have plenty of drink options.

One of you takes the orders while the other prepares the food.

Share cleanup responsibilities, but leave the driving to whoever handles the truck best.

Fast food cooks make about $25,490 a year.

Youth Residential Care Providers

Youth Residential Care Providers

If you have a heart for at-risk youth, many organizations hire married couples to serve as residential care providers, houseparents, and youth counselors.

Childcare workers earn a median annual salary between $27,680 and $29,430, depending on their training and the services provided.

Medical or mental health service providers make higher wages than single-shift childcare workers.

Most states require background checks and basic life support training before you can serve children with any special needs.

Pastoral Care Providers

Ministers and Pastoral Care Providers

Clergy members make a mean annual salary of $57,230.

Working as a team, married couples can focus on newly married couples, singles, and either men’s or women’s ministries.

Most pastors’ spouses perform a significant amount of unpaid work for the church, so discuss your intentions and expectations before accepting any pastoral position.

This field typically does not require formal education, although some church bodies expect you to have a background in religious studies.

Apartment Managers

Apartment Managers

Married apartment managers can take turns showing apartments and performing minor maintenance tasks, collecting rent, and running community events.

Each person takes responsibility for whatever jobs suit them best.

Apartment managers can earn a median salary of $59,230 annually, sometimes with a free apartment included.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, apartment managers count as Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers.

Storage Unit Manager

Storage Unit Managers

One of you can patrol the grounds while the other serves customers, reducing the need to hire a security guard.

In addition, some storage unit supervisors live on the premises, reducing your housing costs.

However, this job does not work well for couples with children unless you live off-premises and work opposite shifts.

Expect an annual mean wage of $99,040.

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitting Services

Animal care service workers can expect a median annual income of $28,730.

Walking, entertaining, feeding, and cleaning up after household pets will not usually require a license.

One or both of you can take care of the humans while the other checks each animal, making it feel safe and secure.

You can perform services on your premises or in the animal’s home.

If you have an affinity for animals, this is a great business to run together.

Mom and Pop Grocery

Mom and Pop Grocery

Open a low-price neighborhood grocery or dry goods shop together.

Grocery managers can earn mean annual wages between $27,260 as simple cashiers and $127,490 as sales managers.

You will compete against the box stores, so stand out.

Offer items that your neighborhood patrons request and they will return often.

Second-Hand Shop

Second-Hand and Consignment Shop

Accept consignment items and offer second-hand merchandise for sale.

One spouse can run the register while the other keeps the shelves and racks stocked.

Share cleaning and maintenance, and hire someone to take care of bookkeeping tasks if your shop succeeds.

Consignment store managers can earn between $27,260 as simple cashiers and $127,490 as sales managers, just like mom-and-pop grocery stores do.

Final Advice

Working together as a couple can put significant strain on your relationship.

Decide who will take charge and carry out the necessary actions ahead of time.

Friction between spouses has derailed numerous businesses, so you must agree not to argue in public.

Instead, discuss problems privately, relax, and allow each other some space and time apart daily.

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