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Walmart Department Manager Job Description

Experienced retail workers may find the position of a Walmart department manager a great fit.

This position is usually filled quickly at most Walmart stores with attractive benefits and a great starting rate it offers.

In this guide, you will find details about the position of a Walmart department manager, including hours, salary, and work environment.

What Does a Walmart Department Manager Do

Walmart Department Manager duties

A Walmart department manager ensures continuous growth and smooth operation of the store.

During your working day, you may engage in onboarding new associates for the department, resolving customer issues, and more.

This position has a lot to offer to the right person with a decent salary and excellent benefits package.


Walmart department managers are responsible for the proper training of the associates in their department.

They also have to ensure that all employees follow the company’s policies at all times.

Besides, you have to meet the sales goals and other performance objectives regularly.

The most common duties of a Walmart department manager include:

  • Ensuring the proper training of associates in current procedures.
  • Maintaining a positive work environment by setting an example.
  • Resolve customer issues and complaints.
  • Increasing sales at the department and meeting other performance goals.
  • Conducting interviews to meet staffing demands for your area.

Working Hours

Walmart department managers work at least 40 hours every week.

Often, department managers have to work 50 hours as a standard workweek.

The number of working hours can increase in busier periods.

Department managers can work split shifts to keep up with extra workload at specific times.

To be considered for the position, you need to have great schedule flexibility.

Work Environment

Walmart Department Manager work environment

Walmart department managers need excellent interpersonal skills.

As a manager, you will constantly work with your subordinate associates and customers directly.

Therefore, superior communication skills are essential for the position.

Besides, you will spend most of your day on your feet.

You need to be comfortable with a lot of walking as well as lifting packages of 50 pounds or more in the restocking periods.

Managers have to analyze various reports, so they need to have some computer knowledge.

Salary Information

Walmart department managers make the same money as assistant managers, but they have better chances for a promotion.

The starting pay will depend on the area in the store you will manage.

More demanding departments, such as electronics, have initial pay at $15 an hour, which will raise to $18 after 5 years of work.

Less demanding departments, like clothing, pay slightly lower, with the rate ranging between $11 and $16.

All department managers at Walmart can receive a benefits package.

The basic one, which is available to all employees, is an in-store discount.

Since this is a full-time position, it comes with additional benefits.

They include a 6% match on 401k, paid time off, and health insurance.

There is also a wide range of performance-based bonuses that depend on store sales and department growth.


Even with the strict starting requirements of this position, it has excellent benefits and high starting pay.

This makes this position an ideal fit for experienced applicants.

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