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McDonald’s Crew Member Job Description

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Many people start earning their work experience at McDonald’s.

The position of a crew member can be a good fit for beginners and part-time job seekers.

Further below, we will cover the essentials of the McDonald’s crew member job and primary responsibilities.

Also, we will explore such details as the starting pay and work environment.

What Does a McDonald’s Crew Member Do

McDonald’s Crew Member job

While working at McDonald’s as a crew member, you will have to quickly adjust to a dynamic environment and be able to process orders promptly.

You should also be able to easily interact with people and be comfortable working in a challenging work environment.


Crew members at McDonald’s are responsible for a variety of different tasks.

One of the first areas to start is the food production line.

Your duties will include preparing various sandwiches while adhering to food safety procedures.

You will also operate cash registers and hand out food and beverages to customers.

The main responsibilities of a crew member at McDonald’s include:

  • Greet customers upon their arrival and thank them as they leave.
  • Follow the food safety regulations and standards.
  • Preparing food in accordance with the chain’s specifications.
  • Clean and maintain the designated area during the shift.
  • Take orders from customers correctly and efficiently.
  • Resolve customers’ complaints when needed.

Working Hours

McDonald’s Crew Member working hours

The working hours can greatly differ.

Part-time employees usually work between 20 and 30 hours per week.

You can ask for a specific number of hours you would like to work each week, ranging from 1 to 35.

The average workweek of full-time employees lasts from 32 to 40 hours.

Usually, It’s not allowed to work over 40 hours per week in most locations.

Sometimes, overtime work may be required.

Typically, this happens when a new store is being opened, and the employees are transferred temporarily to fulfill staffing needs.

It’s not that common for crew members.

Work Environment

McDonald’s Crew Member work environment

As a crew member at McDonald’s, you should be comfortable working in a challenging and changing environment.

Typically, new employees start in the kitchen where it can be cramped and very hot.

While operating cash registers, you will be at the same spot and will have to keep track of multiple groups of people.

You need some computer knowledge to be able to operate the POS system of the store.

Everybody working at McDonald’s is expected to make a lot of repetitive movements, like picking up objects from the ground.

Salary Information

McDonald’s Crew Member salary

For many years, it’s been known that workers at McDonald’s were underpaid all the time.

However, thanks to the Fight for $15 campaign aimed to raise the minimum wage across the country to $15, there have been some changes made.

McDonald’s employees are promised a rate of $1 higher than the minimum wage of the state where the store is located.

The starting pay of a McDonald’s crew member can significantly vary.

This is due to the fact that many locations are franchised and set their own rates.

On average, the starting pay ranges between $8 and $9 per hour.

There are also benefits available to full-time employees.

These include paid time off, a 401k plan, and health insurance.

Besides, employees at franchised restaurants can benefit from the National Employee Meal Discount (30%) offered by McDonald’s.


Those who can be efficient in a bustling work environment will find the position of a McDonald’s crew member a good fit.

Everyday tasks in this position include taking orders and preparing food.

This position is the best-suited for those who like to stay busy in a fast-paced environment.

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