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FBI Agent Job Description

The work of an agent is one of the most exciting at the FBI.

It is set in a constantly changing environment with access to some sensitive details.

This job can be perfect for those who work easily under pressure.

In this article, we will go through the duties, salary, and hours of an FBI agent, and more.

What Does an FBI Agent Do?

Only highly qualified individuals can obtain a job as an FBI agent.

First of all, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field as well as experience in law enforcement.

FBI agents deal with the investigation of a wide array of crimes on a federal level.

The employees receive a nice benefits package as well as a good starting salary.

Responsibilities of an FBI Agent

The key responsibility of an FBI agent in the investigation of an array of crimes.

They assist with the investigations, interview people, and build cases.

Usually, FBI agents are assigned to a specific law area and territory to monitor.

The responsibilities of an FBI agent include:

  • Questioning suspects and taking statements from witnesses.
  • Cooperating with local law enforcement to get all the case details.
  • Filing warrants and other legal documents.
  • Ensuring the safety of the bystanders at all times.
  • Fulfilling security duties assigned by the head of the department.

Working Hours

FBI agents work only full-time and their schedule usually includes 40 hours a week.

Working extra hours every week is a regular occurrence in this position.

This happens the most when the agents work difficult cases and require more resources from the department.

In such cases, agents may have to work 50 hours each week.

Besides, in this position, the shifts may vary greatly.

Overnight shifts may be required on a regular basis.

So, the applicants should keep this in mind and ensure that their schedule involves some flexibility.

Work Environment

The work environment of an FBI agent can be quite challenging.

First, it can be a dangerous job, so all applicants should receive the appropriate training and are required to carry a firearm.

Besides, this is a very physically-demanding job, as the FBI agents should be able to pursue suspects on foot.

Another vital factor is that this job is at the high-security level.

FBI agents are forbidden to discuss the details of the case with family or friends.

You should be prepared to work with this kind of confidentiality.

Salary Information

The salary of an FBI agent starts at $64,000 annually.

With prior experience in law enforcement, the payment can be significantly increased.

Besides, the experience in a specific area of criminal law can be another determining factor when it comes to salary.

There are multiple benefits to this position.

Government employees have a good retirement package, paid vacation time, and health insurance.

Also, in many departments, you can get the allowance for job-related expenses, including uniforms.


The work environment and strict requirements of the job require the applicants to be highly qualified.

The FBI agent job comes with multiple benefits, including a high salary, and a great retirement package.

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