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UPS Package Handler Job Description

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A package handler is a great entry-level position is you wish to start a career at UPS.

This position is significant for the continuous success of this business since a package handler is responsible for much more than just loading and unloading packages.

In the article below, we will provide details about the responsibilities and other aspects of the job.

What Does a UPS Package Handler Do

Those who work efficiently in an active environment may find the position a perfect fit.

Package handlers are responsible for making sure that deliveries end up in the right trucks.


The main responsibility of the UPS package handler is loading and unloading packages in the delivery trucks when they arrive and get ready for departure.

These professionals have to adhere to the company’s safety standards.

Besides, they need to know how to operate the equipment to load and move larger packages.

  • Load packages into delivery trucks.
  • Follow the safety standards of the company related to handling packages.
  • Unload the delivery trucks ensuring that all packages are stored correctly.
  • Always follow proper postal routing guidelines.
  • Operate the equipment to move and load larger packages.

Working Hours

The working hours of UPS package handlers usually take place Monday through Friday with ranging shifts from early mornings to early evenings.

The shifts can vary every day because of the constantly evolving business nature.

Every week, a package handler can work from 20 to 40 hours depending on their employment.

Besides, they may have to work overtime in the peak seasons.

Commonly, it includes the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Overtime can be also required when holiday sales events take place, such as Presidents’ Day.

Work Environment

UPS package handlers should be prepared to work in a fast-paced and quickly changing environment.

The work involves a lot of walking and constant repetitive movements.

The employees should be fit as they will have to lift packages up to 70 pounds without assistance.

They should be able to work fast as the job takes place in a busy warehouse.

Additionally, they need to know how to operate various machinery to move large packages every day.

Salary Information

On average, the starting pay of a UPS package handler ranges between $11 and $12 per hour.

Some productivity bonuses can also be available during key operational periods.

Besides the compensation, employees are eligible for additional benefits.

This includes 401k, paid time off, and health insurance.

For certain types of degrees, there are also tuition reimbursement plans available.


If you like to stay active during the workday, you may find the position of a UPS package handler a good fit for you.

The position has shifting schedules and periods of non-stop business happening in a busy work environment.

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  1. Avatar for Package Handler Package Handler

    In my location, some package handlers are tasked with pre-tripping the package cars in the morning, i.e; checking and refilling all fluids and giving a report of any conditions that are abnormal under the hood. When the situation is questioned the reply is:
    1) You get paid an extra 30 mins to come in to complete the task
    2) This is the way it has always been done
    3) If you’re on the clock you are required to do whatever told to do
    4) The all time favorite, you can find something else to do
    I enjoy what I do however when you have a paid mechanic for these tasks I just dont get it.

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