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FedEx Package Handler Job Description

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Those who find themselves comfortable working in a bustling environment may find the position of a FedEx package handler a perfect fit.

Both new and experienced warehouse workers will find this position attractive with a wide range of openings and minimal requirements.

In the following article, we will cover the information about the position, including the responsibilities, salary, and other aspects of the job.

What Does a FedEx Package Handler Do

On a regular basis throughout the day, package handlers at FedEx deal with moving packages from one destination to another.

They can also be tasked with additional duties such as scanning packages as they arrive and depart.

It is important to be comfortable working in a physically demanding environment to succeed in this job.


Package handlers at FedEx are directly responsible for ensuring that the packages are delivered to the right destination.

In this position, you will be responsible for sorting and routing packages to the right dock along with other package transportation needs.

The following list includes the primary responsibilities of a FedEx package handler:

  • Sorting packaging and routing them correctly.
  • Loading packages into the FedEx vehicles.
  • Ensuring to handle packages safely at all times.
  • Scanning packages to make sure they are tracked correctly.
  • Working with management to resolve any safety-related issues.

Working Hours

The position of a package handler is either full- or part-time.

The workweek can range from 20 to 40 hours.

Sometimes, overtime work can be involved as well.

It mostly happens during the holiday season and at busier locations, working extra hours can be mandatory.

The shifts can range from early mornings to late nights.

If you hope to work in a full-time position, it’s better to have a flexible schedule to be able to select the widest range of shifts.

Work Environment

The first and foremost to keep in mind about the work environment is that this position is extremely physically demanding.

You should be able and comfortable to lift packages up to 75 pounds multiple times every day.

You will have to make a lot of repetitive movements like reaching overhead or crouching.

Also, you will work mostly on your feet and walk a lot during your shift.

There can also be demanding deadlines involved.

Salary Information

Typically, the starting pay of a FedEx package handler ranges between $11.85 and $12.35 per hour.

With experience, your starting pay can be increased by as much as $1 per hour.

In the time of peak seasons, you can earn productivity-related bonuses.

There are also various benefits in this position in addition to salary.

Full-time employees can get 401k, paid vacation time, and health insurance.

For specific degree types, there is also a tuition reimbursement program.


If you enjoy working in a physically active environment, the position of a FedEx package handler can be a good fit for you.

The position is in high demand at many warehouses across the US.

You will have various responsibilities from sorting packages to scanning and ensuring that the packages reach the right destination.

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