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Delta Flight Attendant Job Description

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If you love traveling, you may consider a career as a Delta flight attendant.

These professionals ensure the comfort of the guests during their entire flight.

In the guide below, you will find the essentials about this job, including duties, work environment, and other aspects.

What Does a Delta Flight Attendant Do

Delta flight attendants ensure that customers have a comfortable and pleasant flight every time.

They do a wide range of tasks from providing refreshments to informing customers of safety procedures.

One of the key requirements for a flight attendant is excellent customer service.

The primary responsibility of a Delta flight attendant is ensuring a comfortable and pleasant flight for customers.

They answer customers’ questions, provide refreshments, and other comforts.

Besides, they may have to assist customers with loading their luggage.

The foremost tasks of a Delta flight attendant include:

  • Answer any questions guests may have.
  • Ensure guests are aware of current safety procedures.
  • Help maintain a positive flight experience and lead by example.
  • Provide refreshments to customers during designated times.
  • Help put away and retrieve luggage before takeoff and after landing.

Working Hours

The working hours of flight attendants vary from week to week.

In the beginning, you will have to be on call for a given period to take connecting flights to the plane you are assigned to.

A certain number of working hours is usually guaranteed by the airlines, which range between 65 and 80 hours.

With more time and experience in the company, you may start bidding for set routes with a particular schedule.

With this, you will have a more specific and set schedule with certain hours each week.

The longer your work at the company, the higher your chances of obtaining a set route are.

Work Environment

The work environment of a Delta flight attendant can be hectic.

You should be able and comfortable with adjusting your schedule to accommodate the needs of the airline.

You should also be able to pack quickly between your trips to stay highly efficient.

Additionally, you need to connect with passengers and meet their needs as required.

Another essential skill is to be able to speak in front of a large group of people.

You will also have to lift and fit objects in the compartments overhead.


Delta flight attendants receive a starting pay of $28 per hour.

The pay can be higher if you know other languages and can take a proficiency test.

Besides the base compensation, Delta flight attendants can have free flights when they are available.

In this position, you can also receive such benefits as paid vacation time, 401k, and health insurance.

Sometimes, tuition reimbursement for qualifying programs can also become available.


Even though the job of a Delta flight attendant can be hectic, there are plenty of benefits that make the position attractive.

Flight attendants have to ensure the comfort of passengers during the flight applying their superior customer service skills.

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