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IHOP Server Job Description

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If you are looking into a career in the food service industry and wish to work flexible hours, the position of a server at IHOP can be a great fit.

There are only a few basic requirements and a nice benefits package.

In this article, you will find the information on the responsibilities, salary, working hours, and more.

What Does an IHOP Server Do

IHOP servers perform some of the most essential duties.

They greet customers upon their arrival, process payments, prepare some food and beverages.

To succeed in this position, you need to enjoy working with people and be able to make a lasting connection with customers.


IHOP servers ensure that the guests are comfortable throughout their entire visit.

They greet customers and direct them to the seating areas.

Also, they have to get food out for guests in a quick and professional manner.

The primary duties in this position include:

  • Greeting customers upon arrival and quickly seating them.
  • Taking customers’ orders and ensuring that special requests are fulfilled when possible.
  • Quickly getting food and beverages to customers.
  • Process payments and provide the appropriate change.
  • Keeping the tables and your designated work area clean and tidy.

Work Hours

Most often, the position of an IHOP server is part-time with 30 hours per week on average.

Full-time positions may be available at larger locations with a 40-hour workweek.

Overtime work is required very rarely.

The shifts can vary as most of the IHOP locations operate 24 hours a day.

Therefore, the preference is given to applicants with open availability.

Work Environment

The important thing to remember is that you will be moving constantly.

For the entire shift, you will work on your feet and break time isn’t usually allocated specifically.

Besides, because of the work environment, slips and falls can be fairly common.

You will have to lift and carry trays of 20 pounds or so.

Additionally, to succeed in this position, you need a high degree of hand-eye coordination.

As an IHOP server, you should also be comfortable talking with strangers and making them comfortable.


IHOP server is a tipped position.

Therefore, the hourly rate can be different in various states.

The minimum federal rate for tipped employees is $5 per hour.

Besides the rate from the employer, you can make an additional $14K – $16K, with the median salary ranging from $24 to $27 thousand per year.

If the hourly rate and tips together don’t sum up to a minimum wage, the employer will increase the hourly rate to meet the state or federal minimum wage requirements.

Additionally, employees can benefit from an employee discount for meals.

For full-time employees, such benefits as health insurance and vacation time are also available.


If you enjoy connecting and working with people and need a job with flexible hours, the position of an IHOP server can be a good fit.

The position comes with a wide array of perks such as extra money from tips and discounts for meals.

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    I have been a server at ihop for 3 years and other places. I’m a great people person and reliable with transportation

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