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AT&T Sales Rep Job Description

The sales rep is one of the most attractive entry-level positions at AT&T.

The workers are responsible for helping customers with various requests in addition to showing the latest phones and accessories.

In this article, you will find useful information about the job of an AT&T sales rep including duties, hours, salary, etc.

What Does an AT&T Sales Rep Do

AT&T sales rep should be able to quickly assess the customers’ need and help them with their requests.

They should be able to multitask and quickly solve problems to be successful in this position.


As a sales rep at AT&T, you are the first person the customers encounter as they enter the store.

You should greet them and ensure they receive the help they need quickly.

Most commonly, customers come to upgrade their phones or change plans.

You should be able to meet sales goals and upsell various packages to the customers to meet their needs.

Besides, you will have to help them with basic inquiries such as billing.

  • Assist customers with basic inquiring such as billing and other small tasks.
  • Help present new products for customers to promote new sales.
  • Greet customers when they arrive and thank them when they leave.
  • Take part in associate role plays and weekly training sessions.
  • Achieve sales quotas for new services and products.
  • Stay updated with the latest phone and tablet models.

Working Hours

In every location, the work schedule of a sales rep is different.

This position can be both full- and part-time with a workweek from 20 to 40 hours.

During peak seasons, additional working hours may be required.

Increased schedule implies overtime and extended work hours.

Working Environment

The primary thing about a work environment is that most of the day you will work on your feet.

You should be comfortable interacting with strangers and being able to start a conversation naturally.

Also, you should know how to deal with upset customers and be able to handle the situation.

Sales are the primary focus of this position, also you should be confident with new technology.

Salary Information

The initial pay of the AT&T sales rep ranges between $12 and $14 on average.

With knowledge of a second language (i.e., Spanish) you can make an additional 0.50 or $1.

When meeting sales quotas for products and services, you can also receive bonuses.

As a plus to the salary, the position often offers additional benefits.

Paid vacation time, health insurance, and 401k are available to full-time employees.

All employees are also eligible for discounts on phones and plans.


The work of an AT&T sales rep is quite dynamic, exciting, and rapidly changing.

Those who enjoy working in a changing environment will find this position ideal with its wide range of tasks from billing to demonstrating new products.

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