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Best Buy Sales Associate Job Description

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If you are really good with technology, the position of a sales associate at Best Buy will be great for you.

You will spend most of the time dealing with customer-related tasks.

With that, you can receive some nice perks on the job.

In this article, we will go through the details on work responsibilities, salary, and more factors related to the job of a Best Buy sales associate.

What Does a Best Buy Sales Associate Do?

Sales associates at Best Buy help customers find everything they are looking for as well as provide consultations on the products.

To be accepted for this position, you need good technical knowledge.

Besides, you should be able to up-sell products.

Duties of a Sales Associate

At this position, you will work with the customers in a designated area at the store.

You need to have a solid knowledge of the up-to-date tech specification of the products in your work area.

Besides, you will have to operate cash registers.

The primary duties of a sales associate at Best Buy include:

  • Helping customers locate the merchandise.
  • When needed, operating the cash register.
  • Promoting store offers and additional warranty to customers.
  • Possess and use technical knowledge related to your work area.
  • Consult the customers answering their questions about the merchandise.

Working Hours

Sales associates at Best Buy usually work part-time.

The workweek, in this case, ranges from 20 to 30 hours.

You can expect full-time work at larger locations with a workweek of up to 40 hours.

As with other retail sector positions, additional hours may be involved during busier periods.

Usually, it’s the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

At some locations, night shifts can be involved during busy periods.

Working Environment of a Best Buy Sales Associate

Sales associates at Best Buy work most of their shifts on their feet.

You should be prepared to approach the customers and be comfortable to offer them your assistance.

Besides, you should be able to offer them additional offers from the store.

Being updated and knowledgeable about the latest technological advances in the area of your work is essential.

Most of all, customers will be shopping for newly-developed goods.

Salary of a Best Buy Sales Associate

Typically, the starting rate of a Best Buy sales associate is $11.

Those who have experience in similar area can count on a higher rate.

Also, if you know a second language, you can earn a higher starting wage.

All Best Buy sales associates get an employee discount for in-store purchases.

In some cases, it can help you save significant amounts on purchases.

Full-time employees also get benefits including 401k, paid time off, and health insurance.


Work at Best Buy as a sales associate can be challenging but it is quite rewarding.

If you like working with people and can be a good team player, you can succeed in this position greatly.

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