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Foot Locker Sales Associate Job Description

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The position of a Foot Locker sales associate can be suitable for both experienced and inexperienced candidates.

Sales associates work directly with customers, ringing up their purchases and helping them locate the merchandise they are looking for throughout the store.

In this guide, we will explore the career of a Foot Locker sales associate, including responsibilities, work environment, salary, and more.

What Does a Foot Locker Sales Associate Do

A wide range of tasks is associated with this position.

Foot Locker sales associates are responsible for assisting customers, arranging merchandise, and more.

Those who thrive in a revolving work environment will find this position a great fit.


One of the foremost duties of a Foot Locker sales associate is setting up displays and putting away merchandise.

They should be highly organized and detail-oriented.

Also, you will deal with ringing up customer purchases and answering their questions.

You will also have to communicate with customers on the phone to assist them with their orders and respond to requests for merchandise from other stores.

  • Operate cash registers and follow the cash shortage policies.
  • Assist with customer questions over the phone and in-person.
  • Put away merchandise and keep records of product inventory levels correctly.
  • Make recommendations to customers and inform them of current or upcoming sales events.
  • Greet customers upon arrival and thank them for their business in the store.
  • Help customers locate the required merchandise throughout the store.

Working Hours

The positions of a sales associate at Foot Locker are typically part-time.

The workweek lasts from 20 to 30 hours.

Full-time positions may be available at larger locations with a 32- to 40-hour workweek.

When busy periods occur, which is usually the holiday season, some overtime work can be required.

Also, besides the increased hour requirements, often expanded hours open in the positions to meet the extra influx of business.

Work Environment

The first thing to remember is that you will work on your feet for long hours.

You should also be comfortable with crouching and reaching overhead quite often to get merchandise.

You will often use stools or ladders to retrieve the required items.

Additionally, you need a working computer knowledge and be interested in fashion to succeed in this position.

Salary Information

On average, the starting pay of a sales associate at Foot Locker ranges between $8 and $9 per hour.

It can depend on your experience.

If you know a second language, the pay can be higher as well.

There are also benefits available for full-time employees.

The package includes paid time off, 401k, and health insurance.

All employees are eligible for a special employee discount for purchases in the store.


With a strong interest in fashion and a desire to help people, you will find the position of a Foot Locker sales associate a great fit.

You will deal with locating merchandise, answering phone requests, and working directly with customers.

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