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Applebee’s Hostess Job Description

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If you want to start a career at Applebee’s, one of the best positions to consider is the hostess.

Those who recently graduated and like working with people will find this position ideal with minimum requirements and flexible hours.

In this article, we will cover the responsibilities of Applebee’s hostess, pay rate as well as other essential factors.

What Does an Applebee’s Hostess Do?

The hostess is the first person the customers will meet as they enter Applebee’s.

The hostess should be able to quickly fill the available seats and fulfill customer requests.

They play a key role in connecting with customers and communicating with the waiters and waitresses.

Applebee’s Hostess Duties

The main responsibility of a hostess at Applebee’s is greeting customers upon their arrival and accommodating them at available seats.

In the busy hours, the hostess has to keep a list of waiting customers and lead them to their seats when they are available.

The primary hostess responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming customers when they enter the place.
  • Thanking customers when they leave.
  • With no seats available, keeping track of waiting customers.
  • Helping the servers to clean up the tables to free them for waiting customers.
  • When needed, resolving customer concerns.

Working Hours

The position of Applebee’s hostess is mostly part-time.

The workweek usually lasts 20-30 hours.

If the location is busier, full-time positions can be available with a 40-hour workweek.

Overtime can happen but very rarely.

Although, you may have to be available to work in late hours depending on the hours of the restaurants.

Working Environment

The most vital thing in the work of Applebee’s hostess is communication with people.

You are the first person the customers see when they enter, so you should be able to easily connect with people.

Multitasking is also an essential skill.

You will have to keep track of clients as they arrive.

During busy periods, it is significant to avoid skipping waiting customers on the list.

Also, the work shift involves working on your feet for the most part of the day.

Salary of Applebee’s Hostess

Starting salary of the Applebee’s hostess can significantly differ in various states.

Mostly, the rate varies from $7.50 to $9 hourly depending on your experience.

Applebee’s employees can usually benefit from a discount for meals at the store where they work.

Benefits are available for full-time positions including 401k, vacation time, and health insurance.


If you enjoy working with people in a challenging work setting, you can be a perfect fit for Applebee’s hostess position.

A hostess works as a link between a customer and a server and is responsible for a steady flow of people.

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